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Xiaomi Wellsmart Desk Misting Fan (Rechargeable Fan + Humidifier + Nightlight) $14.99 + Delivery/Free with Kogan First @ Kogan


Came across this - doesn't look too bad for a portable USB-rechargeable fan with nightlight. It may be helpful for those suffering from hot Perth weather right now.
Normal price seems to be more like $30.


  • Strong, powerful DC motor
  • 5 wind speeds
  • 2 spray functions
  • Soft night light
  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • 350ml water tank capacity
  • Removable front cover
  • Micro-USB Rechargeable with 2000mAh battery
  • Portable

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    sydney is hot too today!

    • +5

      It's a five day heat wave iirc

      • +2

        Damn if I leave my windows closed for the next 5 days…well my apartment is just going to smell like sweaty balls to be honest

        • +5

          username checks out

  • +1

    seems to be portable and battery powered. can be brought anywhere.


    Battery Capacity
    Battery Type
    Built-in Rechargeable Battery
    Charging Method
    Input Voltage
    5V DC / 800mA

  • +2
    • +5

      bugger, is there a Hylian language version?

    • +16

      were can we find the english.srt file?

  • +1

    Will it make everything wet if put it on my work desktop?

    • Nopes … its mist, not vapours, will take it ages to settle inside electronics and do some damage. Rarely any chance.

    • +1

      Fill it with isopropyl alcohol?

  • Bought one. Cheapest it’s been from what I can see.

  • +1

    Thanks got one.

  • How many hours run time roughly 3

  • Got one! Cheers! :D

  • +2

    hot Perth weather right now

    Fer So

  • +1

    Just bought the other fan listed yesterday from Kogan for Perth nights, even paid for 1 day shipping cause… dammmmmn it's hot right now!

  • I have 2 of those and I paid $30 for them.

    At this price it's by far the best small desk fan ever.

    • How long does the mist last with that capacity?

      • To be honest I've never bothered checking I don't use the mist option must.

        Mostly because when the mist is on, the fan stops spinning every 30 seconds or so.

        I use it to keep cool, and the 5 speed and quiet (ish) fan makes it great.

        The option to use it on battery is pretty convenient too

        • The fan doesn't work with the mist function on? Is that a defect with your fan?

          • @MeesusEff: The fan works, it just pauses for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so

            • +1

              @Nuclearvodka: yup confirmed by the youtube review i posted above.

      • Mist says 40-60ml per hour according to specs on product page.
        5.5 to 8.5 hours at that amount.

    • Can I use it without put in water?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one!

  • Pretty innovative

  • Can I get Kogan first trial with my existing account?

    • yes.

      • Do I need to cancel Kogan first before trial expired? Will it auto charge the C.C. I used for payment?

        BTW, I assume I won't be able to trial again after expired, right?

        • I think you can cancel it and get the whole month without being charged for it.

          Not sure about using the trial again (but I think it's going to be a no)

          • @Nuclearvodka: They put Kogan first in the cart together with the stuff I ordered. That is a trick they use to charge people after trial.

  • Signed up to Kogan First trial, but checkout isn't recognising the membership existence. Maybe they won't free ship to SA.

    • +1

      move sydney we welcome you

      • +4

        Thanks, but I think the cost of living would sting me more than the $13 delivery fee :D

    • +2

      I’m in SA. Free shipping for me.

      • Metro?
        (I'm in Adelaide Hills)

        • Adelaide foothills. I think that’s metro. What’s your post code? I can try and let you know.

    • +1

      Just signed up for the free trial and got free shipping (SA).

    • +1

      Not free shipping for me, as regional

    • -1

      I can confirm it has to do with metro/regional. When I tried a metro address the "First" option appeared.

  • As per youtube video, it doesn't oscillate but the fan can be tilted to a certain angle. Two modes of mist, constant and pulses. I don't like the clumsy buttons at the back of the fan though.

  • +1

    bought one thanks OP

  • +1

    Does Kogan look at the the credit card for Kogan First sign ups? tried to sign up on a new account and it said I've already had a trial.

    • +1

      yes must use diff. CC but can be under same name (and diff email i supposed)

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought x2 w/ free shipping kogan first, selling fast

  • +1

    Misting Fan….
    If you swap the First Letter of each word… It becomes ???

    Sorry, I've got dirty mind syndrome

    • username checks out

    • Haha..hilarious. Just bought one as well.

      • please dont attempt that idea at home…..

    • ಠ◡ಠ

  • Thanks Op. Just got one.

  • Bought two, cheers OP.

  • +2

    bought one thanks op. Why? I dont know..

    • +1

      because you are a Rich Daddy ???
      but if you keep doing that, your Son will become Poor…

      • username checks out…..mine that is

  • sounds like this might be good for camping & tent use. - anyone have any insight?

  • +1

    Nice, got one with free shipping via Kogan First trial.

  • Running out of cards to do free kogan first trials 😬

    • might as well sign up for kogan credit card. its great value imho.

      • Agreed, a great card.

      • How so?

        • +1

          $500 Kogan credit for signing up, 1% return on all expenditure in Kogan credit, no annual fee, free Kogan First membership. Can’t beat that value for a credit card IMO.

          • @povertytrap: Really? No Catch? How come so generous and no one posting it as deal

            • @ChiMot: Already been posted. People had bad experiences applying for it, customer service etc. I have only had it for a month but been great so far. Took 3 weeks to get approval.

  • +1

    Thanks Op got one!

  • +1

    Bought 2 lalala. Thx OP.

  • Missed out - sold out :(

  • Sold Out
    Sorry, this item has just sold out and could not be added to your cart

  • +1

    Just what I need, more humidity in my house.


  • -1

    You know humidity + heat can kill right :P
    Humidity messes with the body's ability to cool itself through sweating

    Even that instachill crap automatically stops the evaporative function if the device senses humidity over 75%

  • Thank god this is sold out. I would have wasted $15

    • Dont worry move to next thread

  • -2

    how to get new trial ? i have used new email and new credit card and they still know?

    • new name, phone number, email, credit card. delivery address can be same but you can also make amendments to be safe (like changing street -> st or str)

      • i see… let me try to edit the existing new account

        • that won’t work. Once they’ve detected it’s a dupe account, it’ll forever be a dupe and will remember it

          • @skido: new credit card under different name as well? so i need to use my brother for example cant use my cc from diff. bank ?

            • @ChiMot: I think their system also detects name for CC, but doesn’t matter about which bank it is as long as it’s different. you can just put your brothers name for ur cc if u wanted to be extra safe too.

              • @skido: ok so what if create new gmail, then sign up with that, use my brother name, address, phone number, and my cc but with his name to get trial.
                after that i edit everything back to my name address and pay with paypal for example
                or maybe just when i am about to buy something i edit everything ?