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Free - 1,000 Microsoft Rewards Points When You Join Xbox Community Game Club @ Microsoft


Edit - received code this morning and successfully redeemed.

Easy 1000 points.

The first 10,000 new members to sign-up for the Xbox Community Game Club by February 21, 2021 will score 1,000 Microsoft Rewards Points, which you can redeem for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, nonprofit donations, and more!

T&Cs -

You will typically receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your code and how to redeem your Microsoft Rewards Points by the end of the week in which you signed up, though please give it up to 2 weeks to show up.

Credit to Slickdeals

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    $5 gift card = 6750 points which makes 1000 points equivelent to 74ยข

    • +3

      $5 MS gift card is 4750 points or less on auto-redeem

    • +3

      Eh it's 74 cents. Plus the reward programme is pretty complex to navigate.

  • +5

    Thanks for posting!

    This may sound trivial, but it adds up. I can currently redeem over a year of game pass with the points I've accumulated.

    • Read it works out better to redeem gold and convert. Have been doing so.

      • I only buy game pass with points when discounted. Last time, which was some time back, it was 28k points for 3 months. Not sure how that compares?

        I have about 33 months of game pass on my account still as it is.

        • +1

          Can't recall full figures, but it's 15k or so 3 months gold or 12k for GPU one month.
          Gold converts to 6-7 weeks. Worked out a fraction better.

          If GPU is discounted, may make a difference.

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    I get to "Loading…" and then it doesn't go any further.

    • It worked really simply for me so maybe try another browser? Make sure you are signed in too.

      • I'm using Edge. If that doesn't work then that's on them, don't you think?

        • Haha yeah very good point. All i can say is when i was logged in in firefox it worked immediately for me so i guess they are advocating not using their own browser ;)

          • +1

            @Iggemo: Losers. I'm not installing another browser for 1000 points. They can keep em.

            • @Dogstar: Fair enough hey. It is ridiculous if their own browser can't use their own applets and such!

              • @Iggemo: I disabled extensions and everything and it didn't work. Got it to go thru in private mode tho for some reason.

                • @Dogstar: I'm not surprised. It's amazing how bad some xbox stuff is on the web. Every trailer in the MS Xbox store lags like hell and barely works for example. You would think, given this is MS Corp, they should be on top of this but apparently not. Anyway glad it worked in the end for you : ).

  • Legend.. i just got the 10,000 for 10,000 gamerscore too so nearly up to 70K which is 6 months of game pass now!

    • +2

      As above, redeem gold membership not GPU. It works out better.

      • Negged for stating facts.

        Screw helping out anyone here.

  • -1

    Need Xbox live account

    • +1

      well duh

  • whats the use of these points especially to buy microsoft logo t shirt etc? Can this be redemed? I am not into gaming or games but into technologies

    • free game pass, free MS store credit, JB hifi vouchers etc

      • sorry I am absolutely not into games or gaming, never played or never like to play the app games etc or xbox or whatever. I am a programmer, I wanna know if I can buy free microsoft logo t shirts online in microsoft shop through these points? They cost like 20-30$ can I buy it free using these points? How many points equals dollars?

        • not with 1000 points that's for sure. I'm nearly at 70,000 points which is 6 months of game pass. 1 month of game pass is about $17AU so feel free to work that out haha.

          • @Iggemo: good on ya bro haha, I don't want it for 5$ or few cents lol. TA

            • +2

              @DisabledUser359554: You can get JB credits / vouchers or Coles or Myer and buy non-Microsoft products.

              • @netsurfer: Ah I see, still 5$ or so, I dont wanna singup lol. If it was like 50 bucks, I would have done haha, thanks again, really appreciate your generous intention to help

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser359554: If you are not into gaming, especially not in the Microsoft ecosystem, you cannot accumulate points fast enough. I've got 3 JB $5 vouchers (and a bunch of Microsoft vouchers) so far and I never max out on daily points (lazy / slack). The non-Microsoft redemptions are not as good points wise (and that's understandable).

                  There are also cashback deals, so when GamePass Ultimate is on fo $1, you get more back from CashRewards (even if you are not into gaming) and all it takes is a few extra clicks.

                  Is it really worth your time to accumulate Microsoft reward points?….. Honestly, probably not. You would be better off buying AfterPay shares last year (or even early this year).

                  • @netsurfer: I accumulate pts faster then my subscription as I'm digital only.

                    I don't bother with daily searches. Just the usual quiz and easy tasks on the xbox app.

                  • @netsurfer: Thank you brother. Yes I am not singing up here and for offers less than 5 or 10 bucks lol. If I get a t shirt or stuff I am happy to sign up haha

        • Once you've enough points you can redeem Xbox/MS store gift card, and you can use that to buy from store.

  • Don't forget to use the Rewards Automator app to accumulate free points each day semi automatically.

    • the link is dead for me?

    • +1

      Won't using automators like these get you banned?

  • +1

    If you don't have atleast 1500gs you won't be able to join the ambassador program.

    Receiver email already, so if you are new, ain't gonna work.

    • +1

      but is it the ambassador program or game club? Cos i think they are two different things..

      • That's the emails you get. Already had 4 or so.

  • Just received the code.

    • Also received my code yesterday. Thanks OP!

  • Cheers!

  • worked on firefox, thanks OP

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