ibright Music System with DAB+ Radio $24.95 Delivered (Was $59) @ Australia Post


Another price drop from Aus Post but Guessing prob very limited stock

Ibright Stylish Music System with DAB+ Radio $24.95 (Was $59)

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  • This looks appealing too for the wireless charging but bit more expensive:

    • and also looking less hipster

    • Is it a DAB+ radio?

      • Yes.
        The perfect clock radio that charges your compatable phone with QI charging while playing your favorite digital radio station or track from your bluetooth compatable device.

        Smaller than this Deal's radio.

    • Thanks Trent86 for the original post but I went with the one Eyetie linked, hard to get an accurate description of any of them but the wireless charging one has two USB ports if a part eBay description is to be believed…..

    • Thanks, grabbed one of these. Worth a post of its own

      • When you get your iProwess, could you please tell us if it has a 3.5mm audio out? Thanks :-)

        • Arrived 15 minutes ago. No 3.5mm out sorry.

          Sound quality is what you'd expect of a no name clock radio but it seems to have a lot feature wise and is easy to use. I'm happy with it for the price

  • Useless unless you live in the Capital cities or holes like Canberra.

      • No DAB+ reception outside major cities!

        But does work as Bluetooth speaker (2 x 5W)

        • At least it has 2 speakers for stereo. Unlike most of the other table top DAB+ radios that only have one mono speaker.

          • @g12345567: I think we might have discussed this issue 5 years ago in the $9 Kmart DAB+ radio😄

            Pity there is so little information like output to amp / headphones.

            • @the INFIDEL: The Kmart one from years ago was crap. Poorly designed, fiddly buttons, terrible sound, volume jumping all over the place when adjusting and annoying bright blue rear charging led that can bee seen on both sides lighting up the room at night.

              • @g12345567: I modified it & easily solved those problems in minutes. Outlined in that Deal.

                Still use the Kmart radio fed into old amp. Not a bad stereo sound for the low price.

                From experience with other DAB+ radios, the cheap modules used don't sound as good as well designed DAB+ radios from specialist brands.

                • @the INFIDEL: Mine is just sitting boxed and unused in the garage. Only good thing is it came with a 5v micro USB charger, Not that I trust using it on any more expensive devices that use this connection. Like the NES & NES mini or Playstation classic that don't come supplied with power adapters..

                  • @g12345567: Was considering buying this but…

                    Haven't used the Kmart one connected to scrounged stereo amp & speakers for a while. Also has cheap Bluetooth receiver from Deal added. Turned it on - doubt this Deal's unit would sound as good & rich.

                    Also have a Target $10 DAB+ radio plugged into aux of head unit in car - works great.

                  • @g12345567: 5 Minute Mods on Kmart DAB+ by opening case…

                    Removing the volume knob gives you 2 volume up / down buttons. Solves problem of knob randomly putting volume down when you want it up - stupid design.
                    I feed the output to amps, so don't bother with volume control on radio. Improves volume & sound quality.

                    Blutack or tape along the sides of the LED on the back circuit board stops the annoying light bleeding.

                    Unplugged the 18650 battery (handy for other use) as radio would only be used on plug pack. Means radio turns off when turn power pack off.

                    Most annoying issue (common in a few DAB+ portable radios that use the same amp / power supply board on the rear) is the micro-USB is poorly made & has a short life span. Soldered in a USB cable.

                    Based on the major faults with the model (fixed in next model), I got a full price refund on 1. So 3 I kept were effectively free.

                  • @g12345567: Have been using a $9 Kmart DAB+ radio almost daily for 5 years in bathroom. Volume is rarely changed, & the limited level suits a small room. Sounds good.

                    Swapped it over today for one that was used in the car until over 2 years ago - in storage since. No problems - works great.

                    Haven't had the problems with buttons you report, but I did comment on faults & poor quality control in the Deal. The controls are similar & fiddly in most cheap DAB+ radios. Recommended swapping radio if problems were found. Returned a few until I got ones that worked well

                    For $9, those are good radios. But the poor sampling rate of broadcasts & poor reception at my location are limiting factors in sound quality for all DAB+ radios I've tried. Bought a good quality $125 Sangean DAB+ DPR-65 (reduced to $13) - similar issues.

    • Which, unsurprisingly, a majority of the population does

      • It's a very valid warning!
        (But maybe not about Canberra)

        Digital radio reception only covers a few percent of the area of Australia.

        Some will waste their money expecting DAB+ reception when there is none where they live. That's been commented on in other DAB+ Deals.
        No refund according to AustPost.

        People in major cities like Sydney comment on no or patchy DAB+ reception in areas.

        It's a known problem of topography. If there is a hill between you and the transmission tower - there may have no reception.

        Moving DAB+ radios between rooms in my house (on other side of hill to transmitter) can mean no reception. Next door (further down hill), they have no reception at all.

  • How do they sound though??

  • Are people just checking the clearance page daily? I see the other 40” tv has gone down in price a bit.

  • Tiny DAB+ display module in these looks same as many cheap DAB+ radios in Deals here in past for $9-10. Fiddly & a bit hard to set alarms.

    Volume in those was not great, but this seems to have larger speakers (2 x 5W) & stronger amp.

    Really depends on how it sounds

    Refund policy is mainly for fault or not as specified issues, not for "change of mind".

  • Note: low sampling rate of broadcasts limits the sound quality of most DAB+ broadcasts.

  • Does it have am band can't find any details.

  • Any idea if it has an aux input?

  • From this Ebay listing is all I could find on this radio. The manufacturers website is useless for product info.

    Introducing the iBright Digital Clock Radio with Bluetooth and DAB+. Stream from your bluetooth compatible devices or listen to the huge range of digital FM radio stations. There is no doubt the iBright digital clock radio will cover all your music and audio needs.


    • Superior sound with 2 x 5W speakers (10W RMS)
    • DAB+ digital FM radio
    • Stylish design
    • Digital display
    • Portable and compact
    • Bluetooth connectivity for enabled devices
    • 3.5mm Aux jack input
    • Alarm clock
    • Telescopic Aerial
    • Save up to 20 Preset FM stations
    • Dimensions: 230 x 140 x 157mm
    • AC 240V OR battery powered (6 x C Type Batteries not included)

    Box Contents:

    • iBright Digital Clock Radio x1
    • Instruction Manual x1
    • AC Adaptor (DC 9V, 1A) x1
    Tech Specs
    Power 6x C Type Batteries or: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, DC 9V, 1A
    Operation temperature 0°C to + 40°C
    Speakers 2 x 3" speakers
    Speaker output 2 x 5W=10W RMS
    Line-in 3.5mm Aux jack
    Unpacked Weight Approx. 1.2Kgs
    Dimensions (Approx.) Approx. 230x157x140mm
    FM Frequency range 87.5-108MHz
    DAB Frequency range 87.5-108MHz
    Bluetooth Frequency 2402-2480MHz
    Bluetooth Transmission power ≦-3.325dBm
    • Saw that. Quite a few on eBay up to $109 or so. But I doubt the specs.

      Looks the same, but dimensions are smaller than given in AustPost ad - 33 x 19 x 18 cm (maybe box size).

      2 x 3" speakers - assume at ends (not best for stereo sound).
      Don't expect a great sound. Doesn't seem to have output to headphones or amp. So that's the sound you're stuck with.

      digital FM radio stations - yeah sure!
      Those FM frequencies (87.5-108MHz) are not used in for DAB+ in Australia!
      we use VHF channels 9A (202.928Mhz), 9B (204.64Mhz) and 9C (206.352Mhz) for DAB+
      I wonder what else isn't correct??

      Wow - 6x C Type Batteries
      Haven't seen those in years!!
      But if you want it portable, can use plastic spacers on AA Eneloops etc.

      • A couple of 18650 li-ion cells would be better. Voltage is near enough.

        • Wouldn't suggest use with non-rechargeable batteries!

          Could add a charging circuit (case will be pretty empty), or remove those batteries or AA for charging.

          But it's more a mantle radio, than a portable. Will likely drain batteries fast, like other DAB+ radios. Uses a 9V, 1A plug pack.

  • Great for kinderling radio in the kids room. They broke the last radio so time for a new one!!

  • I received it today. It’s pretty good looking and very easy to setup. Decent sound and BT works fine too.

  • This thing is great !!

    I bought one, and yeah all good, so i ordered another two :)

    For $24 wow