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DAB+ Digital Radio with FM and Alarm Clock DS548+ $10 @ Target


There were 10 of these at the Edwardstown Store, but they don't appear to be listed on the target page. This:


deal suggested it was a mono, but it is a stereo unit [ 2 2W speakers ]taking either AA batteries or the supplied 5V 1000mA wall-wart.

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Target Australia

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  • looks like they're clearing what's left of these…

    • wait a week and it could go down to 5

      two weeks and they will be paying us to take it off them!

    • Maybe not - this has the same model number with a "+". That one was reported as a mono unit, while this is stereo, which makes one heck of a difference for fidelity. It is "clear the stock before the Christmas junk" time tho and the store i was in appeared to be transforming a large section at the northern end they had walled off..

  • Classy product. Can pick up the BBC.

  • Excellent find OP.

    • Lucky as well - they are doing a mass refit in the store, and I only noticed the yellow tag as it had fallen off and was lying just under the shelves…

      • I only noticed the yellow tag as it had fallen off and was lying just under the shelves…

        Were you… alarmed?

  • +1 vote

    Great deal! I will dab on the haters who say otherwise.

  • Just picked one up from Newton SA, 2 left on the shelf. No $10 tag, just a yellow $29 one and behind that $39.

    • If it's scanning @ $10 then we have an Ozbargain advantage over other shoppers then :-)

  • found heap at bullcreek wa @$10

  • Is it possible to buy these online? Or click and collect?

  • Doesn't have wireless charging = no deal

  • Bargain at $10 …. Iffy at $29

  • Quite a few available at Camberwell (VIC)

  • Confirmed scan at Macquarie centre target.not advertised either.

  • The discount might not apply at all stores. I phoned Bondi a while ago and they quoted the full $39 price.

  • None at Chaddy, heaps at Knox apparently.

  • Replaced by new model @$39 with change in style, but similar box.
    Checked QLD Carindale store - No stock.

    (Still have 3 of 4 $9 Kmart DAB+ from a few years ago. In daily use. Returned 1 & got $39 back - so $1 profit
    on each😀)

    • Good result!

    • I have one of those $9 beauties- I use it for charging the lume on my desk diver. They were't to bad if you patched them out to a decent pair of speakers, but that bloody blue light…

      • Blue light issue (lights up case) - as I commented in deal: open up, black electrical tape or similar partly over LED. Next model (swapped over free) solved that & other issues like volume control. Model after that has minor changes.

        All plugged into amp & good speakers in house & car.

        As all are in use plugged in, scavenged the 18650 1500mA batteries (unplugs). That way, when USB power turns off, radio switches off. Press Power button to turn on after powered.

        • "scavenged the 18650 "

          Aha - one torch battery to the better, I never even considered that [ have wind-up AM for real emergencies]

    • $9 Kmart ones were crap. At least the onoes with the dodgy volume control, bright blue led in standby, stiff buttons and poor sound. Still have one but never used it. Although it has a useful 5v 1 Amp micro USB AC adapter but even thats probably not the best quality either.

      Are these any better?

      • I exchanged 3 of mine free for the next model (no bright light, volume control issue, etc) & got refund on 4th as didn't need it. Output audio to amps with good speakers in house & car.

        Another bonus - 18650 1500mA batteries are easily unplugged if not using battery powered.

    • how did you get $39 back…

      • Long ago… Exchanged for new $39 model under 1 year warranty - due to major faults with product. Later asked same friendly staff member for refund ($39 store credit). Tried at another store but staff wouldn't cooperate.

        Had bought more than I wanted, expecting to return faulty units.

  • +1 vote

    do kids still DAB?

  • Does it have an aux port?

  • Dab has been a complete failure and the radio industry is currently considering turning off the Dab transmitters

  • 9 left at Doncaster Vic.

  • No Stock @ Airport West (VIC)

  • All gone now at Northland, Vic.
    Very well featured radio…you can even set the alarm volume..and it fades in…and you can have a different station for the two alarms….and choose how long it lasts…and differentiate between days, weekdays and weekends!
    Reasonable sound and good sensitivity (reception).

  • Went to Target Macarthur square, but it still scanned $39. So Ill wait..

  • None at Target Innaloo, just lots of the $39 version.

  • does this just do digital radio and alarms
    Doesn't do wifi/internet radio right?
    Can anyone recomend something that does for an office lunchroom environment or should I just get a bluetooth speaker

  • Purchased one today from Mawson Lakes, SA

    Still 10 or so on the shelf. Wasn't ticketed at all but scanned at $10

    • Cheers, a bunch at the local target, all hiding under a $29 price tag, but scanning at $10.

  • 6 left at Hornsby NSW. $29 price tag, scans @ $10

  • Heaps left at Chatswood Westfield NSW. No markdown but scans at $10. Thanks OP.

  • Picked one up today from Wetherill Park Stocklands.
    ABC Kids is awesome.

  • Does digital radio take a lot of power? I got one of these, and have 4 fully charged batteries in it. If I try to put the volume much higher than half way the station cuts in and out. No problems with it plugged in with the adaptor.

    This radio still has a problem with the blue led. It's so bright I had to turn the display completely off, otherwise it would have kept me awake at night.

    • Yes, DAB+ radios consume lots of power. So best to use rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately this radio doesn't have internal battery.

      "blue led" problem (in Kmart units) was from a LED indicating charging state - making white case glow blue. That was on top of display light.

    • Display setting is under (hold down Menu) System > Backlight settings (as you've found). Dimming brightness, & time display is on can be set. Pressing a button (including volume) brings display back on.

  • it is a stereo unit [ 2 2W speakers ]

    Unfortunately 2 speakers are no assurance that it is a stereo unit (may be stereo or wired together in parallel / series to mono amp). Best way is to open up, check if speakers are wired together & search amplifier chip number for specs. But no easy way to access.

    Locating the Select / Snooze button inside the volume control (away from other buttons) seems poor design. As volume control is likely digital it could have been better achieved by up/down buttons.

    Sound quality isn't that great. It does produce a better sound (from often low quality DAB+ transmissions) than the $9 Kmart DAB+ radios. Volume would be limited to use in a small room. Could be improved if fed into amp & speakers.

    This one lacks built in rechargeable batteries for portable use, although 4 rechargeable AA or a Powerbank with suitable cable & plug solves that. Designed as a mantle radio to be plugged in.

    Note 5V plug pack comes with fixed cable & round barrel plug (so not of much use for other devices).

    Bought 1 today in holiday in Sydney. Plenty of stock.