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12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson $12 (Was $19.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Great book especially with his new one coming soon. Beyond Order is being released on March 2nd, 2021.

If you haven’t read this, maybe now is the time? :)

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    Rule 1 - sign up to ozbargain

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      its ozbargain not ozjudgethebook

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        don't worry, hyperfuzz is just surfing the fourth wave of feminism.

        • +14

          you don't need to be a feminist to know that this is "the secret" for bros

          • +1

            @hyperfuzz: Exactly haha…there's a reason certain groups love him

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            you don't need to be a feminist to know that this is "the secret" for bros

            It is? I assumed it had some practical advice in it - it doesn't?
            I thought heard something about making your bed, that would already be more practical than anything in the secret?

            • -1

              @bargain huntress: "The secret" you invision your bed being made.
              "12 Rules" you make your bed.
              So a couple in a relationship. Woman follows the secret and the man follows 12 rules.
              If the bed gets made, they both can claim it was their ideology that caused it to happen.lol.

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        i've got a bunch of dogshits in my yard you can have for 1c each.

        • +12

          there won't be any left by the time you're done flinging shit

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    Quick Summary for those too lazy to read the book


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      Ironic as (profanity) lmao

      • Answering questions he was asked is criticising the world now.

      • +20

        I ain't no Christian, but all of these types of people simply re-work the Bible into the next century.

        For that one: "Why look at the splinter in your brother's eye, but ignore the beam in your own eye?" (or something like that).

        Nothing new at all there really.

        • +1

          A beam to the eye would really hurt.

        • +2

          Even the Bible wasn't new, and lifted major portions from Gilgamesh. It is the way of humans.

      • Name me one person who has set their house in order? By whose standards, exactly? I don't know anyone who doesn't have problems and never makes mistakes.

        The rule might as well be shut up and don't dare to ever criticize anyone.

        And by the way he fails his own rule.

        • +2

          That's the point of my comment.

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    This is great. Thank you.

  • +23

    This gonna be fun… Popcorn

    • +1

      Yep. lol.

  • +31

    Another white, entitled male (Canadian, no less, so super-ahead of everyone else in the game re: healthcare, free education, etc), spends his life disputing the actual lifetimes & experiences of less fortunate people. It's been done so many times.

    I recall another similar person stating that if you worked hard enough, you have no excuse for your lot in life. I replied that those woman in Africa/S.America, who collect wood into baskets, which they must carrying on their heads, as they breastfeed children they likely wouldn't have if not for their male partner…work harder than ANYONE and yet are poor.

    I don't ascribe to people who start ahead due to entitlement and then use that to push forward their entitled opinions onto others whose lives are not at all like theirs.


    • +22

      The trick to Petersen is that he is a decent psychologist…. and I have no doubt he is worth his PhD.

      However in this case he should stay in his lane. What he does is that he uses his psychology training to then expound his right wing views…. for money.

      In the same way that someone like Ben Carson is a world renown cardiologist but he believes some odd things about Egyptian pyramids.

      • +4

        Nothing wrong with being right-wing - and making money from it - just as many on the left do the same - TYT for instance.

        • -1

          A right winger who supports a free market? Crazy huh?

      • -2

        In all due respect, fellow random internet person, who in the actual (profanity) are you to judge if Dr J. Peterson is worth his PhD?

        That is my only question, because it is you're only argument.

        • +2

          In all due respect, who are you to question someone having thoughts and opinions? Something left wing nutjobs believe only they have the right to.

    • +16

      what would you suggest then, i'm sincerely curious. life has never been fair, what would one do with the cards handed to them, if such cards are shit and one suffers every day because of it?

      • Cultivate ataraxia.

      • +12

        I think you’ve missed his point. People who have been dealt shi*t cards should continue to strive to get out of their circumstances and better themselves, but that doesn’t mean those who are not should continue to disregard their strifes. At the end of the day its about whether we want to give people in an unfortunate situation a helping hand. Some say yes, others say no. Depends on your political preference I suppose

        • +6

          if that was their point, then i think they didnt read this book. i would say peterson never used his priviliged viewpoint to disregard the sufferings and strifes of others.

    • +14

      Its a basic self help book with this weird anti political correctness branding that he has embraced to sell books. I think he has realised without framing this as some secret knowledge no one would care.

      • +27

        There's something weird about being against political correctness?

        • -12

          In the sense that "I'm against political correctness" is just a thoughtless and gutless way of saying "I reckon I should be able to tell jokes about rape and Abos without consequences", yes.

          • +11

            @GrueHunter: I don't want to live in a world where you CAN'T joke about those things in the right setting.

          • @GrueHunter: I used to heard about on a weekly basic at my work place, mind you none of them have a PhD

          • +3

            @GrueHunter: No it's not. Wtf?

    • +35

      If only he was a underprivileged coloured female with the exact same message. Would add a lot more credibility!

      • -1

        He can easily forfeited his dignities and tweet it out. Helicopter is a good start

    • +31

      Find it somewhat amusing that your talking about entitlement when you embody the very nature of entitlement living in the west and live a far better life than the was majority of people around the world. You have access to support, medicine, education, security and freedom that most can only dream about.

      But hey, maybe you can share how you contribute to trying to help people and make the world a better place other than attacking someone who can't defend themselves on a bargain website comment section that that you have never met 👍

      • +19

        Lmao. One of their post is asking for help about getting a recorder to proof some dog barking. Like wtf.

        Apple iPhone, lots of TV, multiple brands of phones being discussed in their posts. Lol the amount of hypocrisy wow. They probably haven't read the book and already bad mouthing people.

        Someone has a phd and on the other hand there's this type of person…shake my heqd

      • +9

        Yea that's not as much of a gotcha as you probably think. The guy you are replying to was claiming that Petersons publicised advice doesn't align with his own background. Nothing against the background itself, so you aren't scoring any zingers by simply attacking theirs. It's just a lazy ad hominem response.

        attacking someone who can't defend themselves on a bargain website

        Come on dude this is some limp sauce here geez.
        Won't somebody think of the children public figures!

        • +14

          Its irony.. nothing more, nothing less.

          So you think the use of the terms white, entitled male was not supposed to be insulting or used in a derogatory basis?

          This site isn't readit.. at least make the effort to post on "the deal" and not just a personal attack on how you"feel" about someone. If this was a face-to-face interaction I highly doubt the person who posted would conduct themselves in the same manner.

          • +1

            @vash5: It’s ironic in the same way as rain on your wedding day.

          • +4


            So you think the use of the terms white, entitled male was not supposed to be insulting or used in a derogatory basis?

            Yea kinda, but not that simply. They weren't just insulting him for being a white entitled male. They were also saying that they don't think a white entitled male is reasonably able to advise people in vastly different circumstances.

            That's their point, and the thing that you should be disagreeing with. Calling them a white entitled male doesn't mean anything, because they aren't trying to do what Peterson does.

            It's like if your friend said they don't think Chinese people can't make good pizza because they only eat noodles and don't understand other cuisines, so they won't eat at a pizza place run by a Chinese guy.

            Saying that your friend is wrong because they themselves are Chinese and eat noodles every single meal doesn't matter, because they aren't trying to make any pizza.
            And, ironically, it's even more focused on race and background than they were in the first place. Because while they see a conflict between cuisines from different backgrounds, your argument is simply a criticism of their own background.
            And you're not telling them that of course any chef can learn to cook any dish, or that their background doesn't restrict them or offers perspective or something.

            Seriously, go back and look at your reply.
            They said: "I think wealthy white people are too sheltered to have opinions on poor non-white stuff".
            You replied: "lol you're white and wealthy and sheltered so you shouldn't say that"

            To be very clear, I don't agree with them. I just think you made a dumb argument when you could have made a better one

            • @crentist: It was actually a rhetorical question but, I can see it may have not come across that way due to the limitations of text response. I knew fully well the intended use of the poster.

              You replied: "lol you're white and wealthy and sheltered so you shouldn't say that"

              Oh no not at all, they are very welcome to say whatever they like. The comment is akin to the old saying.. the pot calling the kettle black with a woke twist and nothing to do with the deal. It was pretty much a redundant comment.

    • agreed! no one so privileged to get a PhD should be taken seriously, especially white males!

      • lol
        How has this got down votes?
        Maybe it is to true to some people's thinking.

        • +1

          "white males" trigger alot of people it seems.

    • +41

      What do you have against white people, males and what country they come from? You already sound like a racist and a bigot.

      I can't wait to read your number one best seller.

    • +1

      Well said.

    • +12

      That isn't Peterson's view though, he is very much of the opinion success accumulates and then snowballs for individuals. If you start with nothing then its extremely brutal to escape destitution and personal failures. The distribution of talent, intelligence, advantageous personality traits and starting capital across the population in combination with chance ensures there's never going to be wealth equality and its no ones fault. What tends to emerge from human organizations is the 80/20 principle, 20% of the people create 80% of the value and the curve becomes more aggressive as you go up. It doesn't mean every single rich person deserves everything they've gained, it simply means like a habit their successes continuously bred more success like an investment gaining value. Worse Peterson expects in the future economy there simply won't be good jobs for less intelligent people no matter how hard they work.

      Personally I think he talks a lot without saying much but he's is not some prosperity gospel wing nut.

    • +7

      How familiar are you with Petersons stuff? I'm not so much, just saw a few older clips (he seems a little softer in those) and I'm not sure he was quite as black and white in the way you might think. His main thing seemed to be about what a persons goals should be (eg family, contentment) and how to go about trying to achieve them (eg hard work).

      It wasn't necessarily that you'll be rewarded for doing what he says, more that a lack of personal goals and effort, whether because of massive entitlement or hopelessness, are just a shitty way to live, in his view.

    • +24

      " Another white, entitled male "

      Instantly racist and sexist.

      "spends his life time ….. "

      Literally misrepresenting him, or too limited to understand his points of view.

      Pick one.

    • +31

      You seem resentful of white males? Will bringing white males down a notch or two make everyone else better off, or will it just bring white males down? Would we be better off getting rid of white males altogether? Do successful people make you angry? Why be angry that you live in a country with a significant white male population - you could move away from white males? Would you rather be a woman born in Canada or somewhere in Africa?

      OR is it better not to pigeonhole people as a gender and race and evaluate individuals on merit?

      • +4

        @ath Very well said.

      • +1

        Well said. Often people gaslight to gain an upper hand. I am not a white, but i think jp is by far one of the most intellectual thinkers out there. He is a bit too verbose to my liking but he does think deeply about a lot of things

    • +9

      How rude being a white male.

      What a sexist misandrist you are

    • +16

      Who cares if he's white, his messages are relevant to his target audience (western society). You live in Australia, you have no excuse.

      • This is incredibly naive. Not everyone has the same opportunities in life, not even in Australia.

        • +10

          Correct, which is why JP is all about making the most of what you have, not complaining about it.

          There is no such thing as equality, in anything. So grab what you have with both hands and do your best with it!

          • +2

            @falcc: That’s not the point cobrakai is making, which is plainly obvious throughout this thread.

            People who want to help dedicate some of their life to try reducing inequality are derided loudly as social justice warriors, as if wanting equality for everybody is something terrible to strive for in society.

            For many against “SJW’s”, it’s about protecting their own patch, as if them and only them led to their successes in life.

            • +4

              @Randolph Duke: All these people who claim to care so much about reducing inequality and advocating social justice issues are (in most cases) the real privileged ones who are simply looking for ways to improve their own conscious state of mind or lessen the guilt they feel (likely have been told to feel this way). For many hiding behind the "SJW" veil, it is just a convenient way for them to ignore their own issue/problems by diverting their attention to someone or something else.

    • +9

      And if he was coloured and poor would that make him more credible in your eyes? Your very statement is racist itself.

    • +1

      Another black, welfare funded woman having a whinge online instead of cleaning her room.

    • +2

      lol look at this racist sexist person here

    • +3

      Constructed victimhood is as boring as it is effective.

    • +3

      Another white

      Oh please don't normalise the american colour coding of people. It's awful. I cringe anytime I see an australian use colours to describe race (unless you're using the aboriginal terms of white fella and black fella).

      No colours please, life is so much more complicated.

    • +3

      I don't ascribe to people who start ahead due to entitlement and then use that to push forward their entitled opinions onto others whose lives are not at all like theirs.

      I know right. How dare someone with years of specialist training even try to offer professional advice to other people.. Pffttt!

    • Agree I find him a bit like a swimming instructor who can’t swim. He’s no Kahlil Gibran.

  • +16

    $1 per rule

    • Everybody knows the rules, Frankie

  • +14

    Still find it hilarious he got a hair plugs and lied about it lol.. Alpha male right there.

    • nah he just adopted the lion diet and reversed his balding

  • +14

    After reading this book, I realised I'm a fan of Jordan's interviews and debates, but not a fan of his authorship. Honestly this book is long on personal experience and stories but short on wisdom. I was expecting a bit more. His writing style is hard to follow.

    • -2

      I quite like the talk with Matt Dillahunty. I learnt that without religion there would be no art, poetry, drama, narratives themselves as a concept.

      But I agree that it's still better than his book…


      • +14

        I learnt that without religion there would be no art, poetry, drama, narratives themselves as a concept.


        • -4

          Maybe there wouldn't have been but that's what happened - whether you like/agree with it or not

          Fact - The Christian religion is a cornerstone of western civilisation

          Ta da

          • +2


            Maybe there wouldn't have been but that's what happened - whether you like/agree with it or not

            Perfect example of confusing correlation and causation.

            • @crentist: Nope, just historical fact. Western civilisation may have developed without Christianity, but it didn't

            • @crentist:

              Perfect example of confusing correlation and causation.


              Do you even know what those words mean? Religion shaped the world, that is fact. Using silly catchphrases out of context doesn't change that.

      • +10

        Probably the dumbest thing I have EVER read on Ozbargain, and thats a pretty big deal.

        • I woukd ignore these types.
          they will get am awakening one day.

          just like the Qanon crowd

        • +1

          You realise he is being sarcastic right?

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