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[Back Order] Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine $418.50, Dream Machine Pro $539.10 Delivered @ Wireless 1


Great prices on these Ubiquiti routers.

Back order on the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro $539.10

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  • Damn.. paid $100 more for the udmpro a month ago.

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      What do you use it for? Heard these are highly rated but from all I've read and seen it's just billed as a glorified network switch with decent software to manage WiFi and security cameras. There must be more to it than that? Any ongoing subscription costs?

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        Mine controls my gigabit internet connection and 3 access points. Previous router would max out at 300mbps.

        I've added a 3tb sata drive so i can use it as an nvr as well.. still selecting the right cameras.

        Its billed as a prosumer product that has lots of advanced settings.

        No ongoing costs. Has a decent mobile app to view it remotely as well as viewing the nvr.

        • -4

          Gigabit internet? Are you not using IDS/IPS features of your UDM Pro then? If so, then surely you're not getting your full gigabit speeds anymore

          • +8

            @M8y: I still get 1gbps with IPS on security level 4.

            DPI is also enabled.

            See no speed issues and i test it regularly with downloads from epic, origin and steam.

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            @M8y: From what i've researched apparently not much of a performance hit with IDS/IPS

        • Thanks, will keep researching for new home network.

          • @Hybroid: What are you looking for?

            • @Twix: Not entirely sure yet. Mix of 2-storey WiFi coverage + outdoors, security cameras setup and 100TB NAS.

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                @Hybroid: I definitely recommend Ubiquiti gear for the network.

                I got a UAP to replace the crappy wifi in my ISP modem, then got a USG when we switched to NBN. Been solid the whole time. Next will be getting a switch - trying to use the LAN1 and LAN2 ports on the USG as a common network can be a pain at times (it works, but they're not intended for that)

                For your place, a UDM + UAP should be all you need network wise.

                NAS I suggest roll your own (see serverbuilds.net). Haven't done it myself yet, but makes it easier to resolve hardware or software issues and any upgrades in the future.

                Cameras I haven't done nearly enough research yet, but Arlo and Eufy get a good rap, as does Ubiquiti. Wyze gets a good rap for the price, but they recently canned some features without paying their new subscription (you could DIY their firmware to avoid this)

              • +1

                @Hybroid: You could go all in Ubiquiti or a mesh kit to take care of the networking side of things.

                For cams it comes down to what features you need and if you want to pay subscription fees or not. I like Unifi Protect for cams. Straight forward setup and slick app and web interface. If your in a high traffic area 4K res cams are worth it. Jump on YouTube and watch the day and night cam comparisons.

                Purchase NAS HDDs that are CMR.100TB with RAID or JBOD? Are you keen on a DIY FreeNAS or Unraid machine or do you want to go with Synology or QNAP NAS?

                • +1

                  @Twix: Thanks, I'm definitely doing research as not in a rush. Currently use a HP Microserver (5x internals and dozen external drives) running WHS2011 with Plex Media Server (yes, yes, I know…). It works flawlessly to be honest but time for a cleaner combined upgrade for sure. I would probably go 8-bay Synology over DIY.

      • Also curious. How many are using its NVR capability. I'm still on USG and and neither the UDM or UDM Pro are a straight up replacement for my situation which is its located in a garage and built-in wifi is a wasted feature. Going up one model and no need for the NVR as have that already covered, but there is no other real product in there lineup.

        • There is nothing upcoming yet that is the same small form factor as the USG. If you don't mind a 1RU there is the upcoming UXG Pro

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    Such a great piece of Hardware! - UDM
    In a busy apartment block, no network issues!

  • +1

    After watching this Youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA9ZIeRhKXU, I am going to pass, especially since I already have USG gateway and cloud key gen 2.

  • I give the Pro my tick of approval now finally after months of bugs and cable pulling its all stable now

  • Any news on when UDM Wifi 6 version will release?

    • +1

      No details about a UDM with Wi-Fi 6.

    • +1

      There is the Amplifi Alien, although a bit more expensive.

      • +1

        Amplifi Alien is a sweet Wi-Fi 6 kit. It doesn't have all the custom settings from the Unifi lineup which can be a deal breaker for some.

        • +1

          Where out thou rumours of wifi 6e release dates

          • +2

            @SenatorDC: ACMA are looking into Wi-Fi 6E and no date is set. No details about Ubiquiti Wi-Fi 6E products.

      • I try to avoid mesh if possible. Got the house wired up already. Guess I wait for more announcements.

        • You can wire up two or more Amplifi Alien together.

    • Well, you can get UDM now, and get a Wifi-6 AP later. Would integrate to the UDM controller quite well.

      • I was contemplating the following options:
        1. Buy UDM-Pro then buying 3~ Wifi 6 Lite APs (or yet to be released wall APs) for around the house
        2. Buy UDM then buying 2~ Wifi 6 Lite APs (or yet to be released wall APs) for around the house
        3. Buy Amplifi Alien then buying 2~ Wifi 6 Lite APs (or yet to be released wall APs) for around the house
        4. Buy Amplifi Alien then buying 2~ Mesh units

        Thoughts on best option?

        • +2

          If you are ready to invest in AP, I would recommend UDM Pro. Pro is a bit faster in routing, and a bit more versatile. UDM is a great all round solution.
          Amplfi Alien, while good is nowhere in terms of versatility of UDM / Pro kit. Also, beauty of a modular network like UDM / Pro is its upgradability.

          AFAIK, you cannot use Wifi6 APs with Alien. Another point to note, UDM / UDM Pro + all most all APs support mesh networking. So unless you are a complete IT noob, I would recommend UDM over Alien.

        • +2

          Option 1, 2 and 4 are all suitable. The thing you might not like with option 2 is that the UDM AP is only Wi-Fi 5. Take option 3 off the list.

          Unifi and Amplifi are two different platforms by Ubiquiti. Choose only one platform. With Unifi you can go to town on setting up a dynamic DNS, IoT VLAN, DPI and so on. About the most you can change on Amplifi is IPv6 and port forwarding.

        • if you don't want to go the Ubiquiti route,
          then you can get 2 x Asus WiFi routers
          with a mesh set up (wired routers connected by)

          You don't get the management visibility of Ubiquiti,
          but you still get solid WiFi performance for a similar budget.

  • is that the best price for a UDM non-pro to date? wow. I bought mine for $550.

    • +1

      No, has been 380 something few months back

      • +2

        I believe you need eBay plus for that

        • +2

          Yeah I got my non-pro for $388 in October with a 20% off eBay (plus) sale. Has been working flawlessly since then.

    • $388 eBay Plus deal was the best price. This is the best price for non eBay Plus.

  • Anyone know where you can get a cheap cloud key gen 2 plus?

    Needed since unify video went eol

    • $295 @ Shopping Express.

  • Hmm, grab a pro, or wait for the uxg. I don't need protect or the controller.

    • Wait for the UXG.

      • Yeah I've gone with that decision every other time a deal has come up.

        Just feeling that the uxg is going to be even more then the udm Pro in this deal.

        • $499 USD. Quick math $645 or more AUD.

          • @Twix: Yeah, plus GST and normal mark up means at least $750rrp. Big discount down this sale udm pro.

  • +2

    Very happy with the non-pro version. I remote in to my home machine a lot, for weeks at a time - it just hasn't missed a beat. Uptime is currently about 6 months - the same as ownership time. In the past a respected Nighthawk modem/router would rarely be up for more than a few weeks.

    Only issue is that because of fair use, I like to hide how many Linux ISOs I download - and torrenting locks up with PIA's VPN. Few guides on a how to configure it (known problem) - just hate wasting time like this.

    Beautiful design and feel too - Apple-esc.

    • The founder of Ubiquiti used to work for Apple and an ex Apple employee designs the Ubiquiti retail packaging.

  • watch out for the Dream Machine (nonpro). I've had 2 of them now and they both electrocute me when i touch the back panel. huge pain to RMA

  • @Twix - where did you see the discount code advertised? I might do a Shoppers Protection insurance claim on the $418.50 price, but because that's not shown until payment stage, it might be hard to give proof of the reduced price.

    • +1

      I just opened the networking section and sorted by brand. Ubiquiti networking

      • +1

        Oh, I simply didn't see the 10% discount code on the DreamMachine's page (web blindness from ad banners or something) - but was obvious on your above link. Thanks and sorry for wasting your time.

        • It's cool. Hopefully that claim goes through :-)

          • +1

            @Twix: I bought for $559 in August - claimed a drop to $499, then $445, now $418.50.

            Just noticed too why I didn't see the discount code on the Go to Deal link above - it's the last thing to display, noticeably after page load (at least on mum's Dodo connection) - I'd already added to cart and moved on before it came up.

  • +3

    Note these require an online Ubiquiti account for setup - not necessarily obvious prior to purchase unless you specifically search that question (I found out by chance, after having a UDM Pro on my shopping list for months). Apparently been an unpleasant surprise for some coming from more conventional routers or older Ubiquiti stuff where it's been the norm to be able to set up and manage things autonomously and/or offline.

  • Can anyone let me know what HDD they've put in their Dream Machine Pro? I'm not sure what we can get over here in Aus that will work with it.

    • +1

      UniFi Protect HDD comptatiblity

      I found these available in AU.

      Western Digital WD Red NAS 1TB HDD WD10EFRX
      Western Digital WD Red NAS 8TB HDD WD80EFAX
      Western Digital WD Red Pro NAS 10TB HDD WD101KFBX
      Western Digital WD Purple 8TB HDD WD82PURZ

  • Any tips on rack/cabinet for the UDMPro?

    • +1

      Used 4cables units for years. No issues with them and decent prices

  • +1

    Looks like UDM is back in stock

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