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10% off Storewide @ PackMyProduct


10% off all in-stock items for one of Australia's largest packaging company selling, bottles, jars, just to name a few.
Sale starts jan 23rd 2021 and must end jan 26th 2021.

Use coupon code PACKAUS21 at checkout.

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Pack My Product
Pack My Product


  • Do you sell cardboard mailing tubes?


      Sorry, we do not sell mailing tubes. As our business grows, we may look at this, so thank you..

  • For anyone buying, shipping costs (to Brisbane) added $20-$30 to the cost, for packs of 24 jars. Tried a few jar sizes. So probably only worthwhile for large orders.

    If you're just after a small quantity of jars to store things in, like nuts and bolts, probably cheaper to go to Coles/Woolies and buy cheap food in jars, eat the food, and re-use the jar. For example, 445g of olives in a jar at $1.95/jar: https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/coles-smart-buy...

    Some jams are even cheaper, $1.40/jar: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/314407/

  • Postage may be a bit of a killer, but the prices and range are much better than my local $2 shop (where I was buying them before).

    Question: When descriptions say "this is a decorated amber colour" does it mean the colour is only applied to the surface of the glass?

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      Yes, that is correct. Like all of our products, we recommend, purchasing samples to correctly test with your product. Thanks!