Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh Wi-Fi 3 Pack $99 with Free Delivery @ PC Byte


Was looking into a mesh wifi system for home and this came up and I think it's a good price.

Can anyone with it comment on how many devices it supports?

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  • How many nova nodes can be used together to establish a network? A2: Up to 6 nodes.

    One nova unit can stably serve 30- 35 clients.

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    OP, search other deals on Ozbargain for the MW3 and you'll see the security concerns others have with this particular model.

    • & 100Mbps Ethernet ports.

    • If I'm rural, and security is less of a concern are they a decent buy?

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        I think so, as long as primarily for Internet access and don't want NBN faster than 100mbit.

        I use one in a holiday house and turn it off when not there, so happy with that balance of security vs. risk. I used to have a Unifi AP Lite there but the coverage of the MW3 was superior when testing both side by side.

        Despite that, however, I won't buy Tenda wifi again due to the way the company handled this issue. I have some other Tenda gear which I'm happy with.

      • Not sure if mine is a faulty unit, but it struggled as the router for nbn. Was getting erratic speed sometimes as low as 2mbps. When I switched it to bridge mode, I was then getting consistent 45mbps

    • I'm not sure about the MW3 but the MW6 was updated to resolve the TKIP security issue.

    • Some people say to use fast roaming, would you recommend it?

  • Are these any good to add better connection to Xbox's in a few kids rooms?

  • Had the two pack, all the sudden kept getting disconnected.

  • Love mine , drop outs are rare, maybe once every few months but could be router, helped increase wifi speed for xbox & ps4 & everything else in all corners of a 4 bedroom else, would have 10ish connections used at same time.

  • They are very lacking in processing power and ram. Problematic for an AP, devastating for a router. You can add a MW6 as the router, which is slightly better.

    OR go the TP-Link route with the E3/4 or M4/M5 devices, all of which are interchangeable. But more but drastically higher performance.