[VIC] Free RACV Bike Assist over Summer (1 Free Call-out in Metro Melbourne)


Free RACV Bike Assist over summer

Now that the weather has warmed up, it's time to dust off your bike, get outdoors and enjoy some cycling!

For a limited time only, RACV is offering free Summer Bike Assist to support Melbournians jumping on their bikes. Whether you are a novice or experienced bike rider, it's reassuring to know RACV will be there to help you.

With Summer Bike Assist:

RACV will come to your aid if for any reason your bike can't be ridden no matter if it's a mechanical problem, puncture or even exhaustion!

If we can't fix it - we'll arrange for a taxi to take you and your bike to a destination of your choice - up to the value of $50.

This covers you for 1 free callout within metropolitan Melbourne between 8 January 2021 - 18 April 2021.

There is no better time to ride! Sign up for Summer Bike Assist for free today.

RACV Summer Bike Assist is a limited time promotional version of RACV Bike Assist, providing one (1) call-out in metropolitan Melbourne during the promotion period, which ends on 18 April 2021.

RACV Summer Bike Assist is subject to the general conditions, exclusions, limitations of the RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance terms and conditions, available at https://www.racv.com.au/content/dam/racv/documents/on-the-ro....

To be eligible, you must complete the form at https://events.racv.com.au/summer-bike-assist during the promotion period. Excludes RACV Members with an existing RACV Bike Assist or RACV Total Care subscription.

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  • +1 vote

    Roadside assist offering bike services? I had no idea this existed. Good initiative that I hope spreads to other areas.

    • This product has been around since at least 2008. I mentioned this to my wife who worked for them for many years. She nodded and rolled her eyes, because it shows how poor their marketing is.

      • +2 votes

        Wow, 2008?!

        They really need to improve their marketing then. I'm not a regular cyclist by any stretch, but even I'd consider it as a backup on longer rides I go on every now and again.

        • It's probably a cost/benefit thing. I'm a keen cyclist but there's no way on Earth I'd ever pay for this. I can't imagine the market is very big at all, so there's no point spending millions advertising it.

    • It's been around for ages, $55/year (cheaper if you are a RACV member).

      I considered getting it back when I did ride my bike because I have no knowledge on how to do anything with my bike but decided against it because I don't rude far, I ride on a bike track, if something did happen I would walk back home with my bike or if it's too far I'd call and get someone to give me a lift and there's a bike shop within 15 minutes walking distance of my house so if I did need to get something done I would go see them instead.

    • Roadside assist offering bike services?

      Nice. Most people just call Uber when bike or rider fails.

  • Great initiative if it's at a low ongoing price.

    If you have exhaustion, what will they do? In that text, it refers to a up to $50 taxi if they can't fix it but how can they fix exhaustion?

    A confusing bit of content.

  • I'm not sure if this covers injury to the rider though, i.e., you have a crash and can't continue riding, but the bike is usable.

    If you're riding relatively far from a train station (or worse, far from any shops or houses), this is a really good thing. Even though it's limited to one usage, that's likely enough.

    • +10 votes

      Well yes. But the same also applies to a car. Just leave it there and walk if it breaks down.

  • I used to have RACV Total Care and the only thing they are good at is weaseling out of any claim you try to make.

    Total Care includes this Bike Assist and I once tried to use it after getting a puncture. I was told various stories like "sorry I never heard of it" followed by "sorry there is no-one available" eventually wound up fixing it myself - so this "service" is absolutely useless and a load of rubbish in my personal experience.

    I would not bother signing up for it for free.

    • Sounds like their service is as bad as their marketing.

      • Given that the picture shows a road bike with road clipless pedals, but the lady in the picture is wearing flat soled, runner type shoes - yeah, their marketing is pretty bad.

        • Maybe she changed into the more comfortable sneakers in her backpack while she was waiting for the them to arrive ;-)

    • No experience with their bike insurance but had to use their car breakdown 3 times in a year when i owned a shitbox and it was really good

  • I don't get the point of this. Unlike a car with many parts that can break, pretty much the only thing that is likely to go wrong on a bike is a puncture. And if you don't know how to change a tube on a push bike, maybe you shouldn't be riding one.

    • maybe you dont have one with you mate seruiously…

      knowing how to change a tube is great use if you dont have a toolkit on you to remove the wheel, a spare tube and a pump to reinflate. thanks for your comment very insightful.

      • I've been riding bikes for decades, ever since I was a kid I had a little bag under my seat with everything needed to do this. Maybe I've overestimated the capabilities of kids these days, who can't get by without an on-call mechanic to just ride a bike…

        • Shut up old man. Kids these days don't have money for this shit. This is for middle aged farts who can't be bothered to fix it themselves. A kid would google how to fix it themself.

        • you think kids out of all people are taking out bike insurance? How out of touch are you?!

          It's pathetic to see people shit on the next generation out of nowhere just to feel better about themselves. It's desperate and sad.

    • Last time I had a random flat (luckily it was at home before I left), the first spare tube, new in the box, was leaking too, the second spare tube was fine, but then the tyre sidewall split when inflating it. You can't always have an endless list of spares with you…

    • Hah, that's hilarious!

      Oh, you're serious?

      I've had friends that have had a stick go into there wheel, foul their rear mech and bust it - I managed to jury-rig them into a single speed, but it's not an easy task.

      I've also had someone have a chain break under load - replaced one link and away we went.

      Then there's the times when I've been out riding and a gear cable has frayed and snapped inside the brifter - that was another jury-rigged single speed scenario, but a bit different, involving cutting and knotting the remaining cable to hold one gear on the rear mech.

      Punctures may be the most common problem that cyclists face, but they are by no means the only one.

    • +5 votes

      Heyoooo comedians of OzBargain are out again.

      Personally I have never even seen a cyclist run a red light. Running stop signs though? All the time. It's pretty dumb and a waste of time to come to a complete stop (having to put a foot down and unclip) if you can avoid it. You're going slower than a car and have better vision with less blind spots. Completely stopping is unnecessary in most situations as a cyclist.

      • -1 vote

        It's the law for road users regardless of the mode of transport. Deal with it or get off the road

        • +1 vote

          If people paid attention to cars bending the road rules like they do with cars…

      • Im a cyclist who was a CBD commuter betore covid. I would be daily embarrassed by cyclists flying through red pedestrian crossings on St Kilda Rd without a care in the world.

        Had a legend one morning flying across a pedestrian crossing abusing a car driver for turning across his path when it was illegal for him to be cycling across the pedestrian crossing (on the wrong side of the road for bonus points) in the first place.

        I told him people like you are the reason cyclists are hated. He didnt like that at all, being the giant flaming self entitled tosspot that he was.

        • I leant out the window when driving once and told a guy who had run a stop sign that he was the reason that all motorists were hated - he didn't seem to pay any attention tho.

          Seriously, if your biggest issue is cyclists taking low-consequence risks that break laws that have primarily been formed with motor vehicles in mind, your life is easy.

        • I told him people like you are the reason cyclists are hated.

          Actually the reason that cyclists* are hated is because a lot of people can't work out that one person doing something bad does not equate to everyone in that arbitrarily assigned group identity also being bad. Identity politics is a crazy idea, but a lot of people buy into it for some reason.

          • insert any group identity of anything here
      • "I have never even seen a cyclist run a red light"
        Sorry… That's utter BS. I say that as a cyclist.
        I am a stickler for stopping at lights, but almost daily I'll call out some clown for running a red because it's "too inconvenient for them to stop"….

        • I am a stickler for stopping at lights, but almost daily I'll call out some clown for running a red because it's "too inconvenient for them to stop"….

          Meh, Red lights only exist because of cars. If there were no cars there would be no traffic lights.

  • Oh..this could help me out. I tried to assemble my bike but failed to do a good job, wonder if they could could fix my bike.

  • Take a one way bike ride to the beach, have a nice day, suffer "exhaustion" and get a RACV to drive you home..