Australian Native Flower Seed Pack (6 Varieties) $15 + Free Shipping @ Veggie Garden Seeds (Excludes WA/NT)


Australian Native Flower Seed Value Pack (6 varieties):

• 1 x Packet of Brachysome Splender Blue Flower x 300 Seeds

• 1 x Packet of Strawflower Tom Thumb Mixed Flower x 100 Seeds

• 1 x Packet of Patersonia Occidentalis ‘Purple Flag’ Flower x 30 Seeds

• 1 x Packet of Rottnest Island Daisy Flower x 40 Seeds

• 1 x Packet of Swainsona Galegifolia ‘Darling Pea’ Flower x 25 Seeds

• 1 x Packet of Aotus Ericoides Golden Pea Flower x 15 Seeds

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We are unable to ship to WA/NT.

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  • Hi OP. I purchased the Strawflower Seed Pack from you guys a whole ago and the seedling popped up quickly but are now growing very slowly. I live in Brisbane and I use worm juice and castings on the flowers as fertiliser, any other recommendations to speed up their growth?

    • OP - If your site provided some tips and best-practices on how to grow and manage these Australian natives/flowers you would potentially get a lot more sales from novices in communities like Ozbargain. Same thing with your vegetables.

      What regions are they best suited?
      Can they be grown in other regions - and if so, what special steps should be taken?
      What type of soil and acidity?
      How much watering is required and frequency?
      When to plant?
      What to fertilize with?
      What type of ongoing fertilizing and maintenance should be performed?
      Shade/sun requirements and min and max temperatures?

      In terms of regions - I'd take the main cities in Australia first which is probably 70% of the population.

  • When should these varieties be planted?

  • Pity there's no shipping to WA. Where can I get Rottnest Island Daisy Flower in WA?