[QLD] Switch to Suncorp CTP Insurance before Renewing Your Rego and Get a $50 Gift Card


Stolen from this previous deal, which has now increased to $50 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474652

CTP pricing is similar across all providers, due to Queensland legislation, so if you are not with Suncorp, switch to them and get a $50 Eftpos gift card sent to you (or you can also choose to have the $50 donated to a charity). Better yet, if you are with QBE, switch between these 2 and keep getting gift cards!!!

You just need to fill the form in the link and that’s it.

When I switched over, it said “Please allow 28 days for delivery“ which I imagine start from the day of renewal.

Anyway, the nitty gritty according to the promo page:

CTP Insurance and Driver Protection Cover (DPC) are issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as Suncorp Insurance. DPC is available on Class 1 & 6 vehicles only. DPC is not available to drivers under the age of 25. Read the DPC policy terms and conditions for full details, available at www.suncorp.com.au


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  • Check if you have to do the full 12 months with them. They only gave me half the amount last time because I did 6 months rego.

  • Great - thanks - Rego is up for renewal - so great timing!

  • has now increased to $50

    No. This Suncorp $50 offer has been a Long Running Deal for a long time.
    Have been swapping CTP policies between insurers for the gift cards for years.

  • CTP insurance is privatised in QLD? Has it been cheaper than before? Here in WA is around $800 for a 12 months rego renewal for an average sedan.

    • Price is regulated by MAIC, but the differential is the at-fault driver's coverage and vouchers offered upon changing

    • Yeah it has been privatised for quite some time. There are debates as to whether it is profitable or not.

    • It's privatised, but state controlled. The worst of all scenarios.

  • I've been under suncorp CTP for awhile, nothing for me? Well it's time to change CTP insurance next month!

    • unfortunately, this Suncorp deal is not applicable for any existing customers.you can however switch to QBE and get a up to $50 gift card like this deal here.the amount of gift card that you’ll be eligible for depends on your suburb that’s on the address on you license.In almost all of the brisbane metropolitan suburbs this amount is $25 whereas bit further out e.g. in Toowoomba it’s $50.change it to QBE this year and next year switch back to Suncorp and get $50.They had this deal running for years and hopefully will continue to do so in future.

  • I was literally just about to search for the previous deal - Thanks OP, saved me 15 seconds 🤪

  • How much is CTP in Qld? Out of curiosity, just renewed 1 for my own car and its $437 (QBE). Price can vary based on suburb, driving records, age and car (weight?).

  • Sweet, wasn’t aware of this.
    Question 1: Is all you need to do to change it to fill in the form in the link? No need to change ctp with TMR first?

    2: Does this work if you have joint owners? I only see the option to add 1 owner’s details in the form.

    • Question 1: Is all you need to do to change it to fill in the form in the link? No need to change ctp with TMR first?

      You don't have to even contact the insurer, the MAIC website says you can make the change through the website of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. See "Step 3" on this page:

      2: Does this work if you have joint owners? I only see the option to add 1 owner’s details in the form.

      Don't know. But the webpage I linked has phone options too, perhaps call them to clarify.

  • Is there an easy way to see who your current CTP is with? From memory it shows on TMR site when completing the renewal but is there any other way in advance.

  • My $50 gift card never arrived!
    I switched to suncorp about 7 months ago and I have called them to ask if I am eligible and they said yes, but they never send any gift card!

    I think I need to call them!

  • I’m really curious as to why CTP differs so much in NSW. For me, AAMI was ~$790, but QBE ~$440.

    Both 12 month

    Is that pretty normal?

  • Note, the four CTP providers in QLD all provide the same base legislated service at the same price, but also offer differing benefits above that. From memory, RACQ offers some basic benefits for an at-fault driver and a $10 discount on roadside membership, while QBE offers further benefits for an at-fault driver. I picked QBE as the better option for me.

    • CTP through RACQ may also get you access to their discounted gift cards.

      I opened a bank account with them, deposited $10, and I got access to discounted gift cards through that. Note this is only eligible to people living in QLD.

      As having a bank account gives access to their discounted gift cards, it seems possible that having CTP with them could also give you access. Can anyone confirm?

      Edit: I should have checked first. Having roadside assist and/or having a bank account means you get sent a membership card. I doubt that happens if you only have CTP with them. No card = no membership = no benefits.

  • I changed back in December, received confirmation of the change via post.

    Still haven't received the $50 voucher…

    • Usually takes over a month when I've done it with Suncorp. I recently received mine. So expect it soon.

      When I didn't receive the card from QBE, rang - they said they weren't notified by authorities of the change in CTP. Was quickly checked & received card.

      Ring them rather than neg the Deal!

  • Can you only change CTP if your rego is up for renewal?
    As my CTP is already with Suncorp so could I change to someone else and then switch back? My rego is not up for renewal for a few months though

    • QBE offer $50 on the basis that you register your wish to change to them, on their website. Apparently when your rego is renewed, you get switched and the gift card is then sent to you. I wait in hope.

    • Ha, got my renewal today … has QBE on it, was RACQ. Now awaiting gift card. I requested the change maybe 6 months ago

    • Changing twice before the renewal will mean only the last change will be acted on. The CTP insurer should be notified of any change.

      So changing to say QBE & then back to Suncorp before the renewal date means there will be no change at renewal date. You will stay with Suncorp.

      Consider just changing to QBE this time & Suncorp the following renewal… (Go with the best offer for you.) And so on.
      Been getting these visa cards for years.

  • Suncorp's position is unless your car is brand new straight off the lot, they're not covering you. They fought aggressively not to cover a significant amount of people.

    They use a new bullshit tribunal that's full of PM Scotty's mates to deny you a claim. if there is any tread missing from tyres. ANY tread missing they can and have denied coverage.

    • You must be very new to the insurance game to believe avoiding payouts only applies to Suncorp!

      Probably as long as there has been insurance, insurance companies have tried to avoid making payments where they consider a policy does not cover a claim, which includes driving an "unroadworthy" vehicle.

      CTP insurance is only for claims against an at fault driver, by others injured in the accident.

      It is Compulsory so the Government does not have to pay the high costs of road accident injury costs. (In hospital you are asked if there will likely be a compensation claim.) So I can't see any Government allowing a CTP insurer to avoid valid claims - it's in their best interest.

      So you have proof of your allegation that Suncorp has failed to pay any CTP claim if the vehicle is not brand new & the tyres have absolutely no wear??
      That would mean no vehicles ever could be driven insured with Suncorp CTP cover! That's a huge number of vehicles in QLD!

      If it hasn't been driven - how could there be any CTP insurance claim (to pay compensation claims from people injured in a motor vehicle accident)??

      I doubt it. It makes no sense.
      Awaiting any proof of your allegations.

    • This is CTP not comprehensive vehicle insurance.

      It does make for an interesting scene when you think about it.

      Police: Sir, can you explain why you didn't brake before the accident? We see no tyre marks on the road that we would expect in an accident like this.

      harveb: Officer… I didn't want Suncorp to deny my claim. I knew that if I applied the brakes hard it would wear off the little knobs that are on brand new tyres.

      Police: So, you're going for the insanity defence then.

  • Just an additional notes for people who are interested in discount store cards still.

    Suncorp Benefit is one of the "better" reward program to get a decent discount for store cards these days. (Some would argue MQ Bank's rewards program is better, but I don't have access to it to compare)

    CTP may not gain you access to this but if you are buying other car insurance (even fire and theft) in QBE/ AMMI / GIO will give you access to.

    All my store cards are purchase thru them these day. Their e-gift card are mostly instant, meaning I can stand in front of a EB Games store, order a $20.5 (random amount as an example) EB Games gift card (6% off) with my Suncorp phone app before bringing my purchase to the counter.

    • Just set up their free bank account to access Suncorp Benefits. That's what I did.

      That way you can change CTP companies when you want for best benefit & keep the Rewards. Came back from QBE for the $50 end of last year.

      • +2 votes

        People living in QLD can do the same with RACQ. Open an account at RACQ bank, deposit maybe $10 so it stays open, and you get access to RACQ's discounted gift cards. And 4c/litre petrol discount at Puma service stations as well.

        Note that RACQ seem very slow at sending cards out. It was about 6 weeks between signing up and receiving my card in the mail. I recall that I was able to access my account online much faster, and there was a webpage where I could print out a barcode to get fuel discounts. When my card arrived, it had the same barcode.

        If anyone does this, they will also be sent RACQ's "The Road Ahead" magazine, four times a year. This costs them money. Please go into your account and set "digital delivery only" for the magazine. Wouldn't want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

        • Good idea.
          Only have ordered the digital gift cards.
          As a RACQ member, I stopped the mag I was not reading. I didn't know about the digital option.
          Thanks for the info.

  • Nice, arrived today.

  • So, rego is due today have just filled the form to switch, can I just renew the registration straight away?