Creative Outlier Air True Wireless Earbuds $59.95 Delivered @ Creative


Cheapest price I've seen for a pair of earbuds that has received a lot of good reviews. Getting quality earbuds for $60 delivered is good going.

Also on sale is the Creative Outlier Gold, which is the same product but with longer battery life and an upgraded audio codec.

"Boasting a playtime of up to 30 hours, a 5.6mm superior graphene driver diaphragm and Bluetooth® 5.0 with aptX and AAC audio, the Outlier Air impresses with detailed and immersive audio reproduction. It is also certified IPX5 water-resistant with a comfortable fit for all-day wear — perfect for work, gym sessions, or even while travelling!

In pursuit of audio excellence, Outlier Air carries the true spirit of endurance and true performance"

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    You will never regret the purchase, as mine was running strong for months (Gold version)

  • Thanks OP, I've wanted to buy a set of Jabra 75t but these were top of my reasonably priced but still good quality ones.
    If the gold version came in black I would've bought those ones but 10hrs is plenty per charge so hopefully the standard 'air' versions will do the trick.
    Good Find :) tx

  • Lot of options around this price - Soundpeats, Taotronics - so I wonder how these compare? I have owned some good Creative audio products over the years so I am a fan of the brand.

    • I was about to say these look like the TaoTronics that are for sale all the time on OZB.i bought a pair of TaoTronics 18 months ago (maybe longer now) and they have been a great choice for something under $50-60 delivered. The new models are probably even better. I would say, that my expectations were very low and I am sure the sounds quality will not suit people that listen to their FLAC backups 24/7.

    • Definitely, and reviews on Amazon AU or US really are not good (3.8 stars out of 5).

    • I just bought soundpeats sonic for 50$ and after comparing with this there is nothing to regret

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but I dont quite understand what it means by 30 hours play time but also up to 10 hours per charge. Can someone please clarify for me?

    • You get 10 hours battery in the buds and 20 hours in the case

    • It's just bait trick there's companies are following…
      I like creative products and this is too late for this company to make these earphones available for this price in Australia.
      I saw them long back and admired their innovation but
      Available in US and
      -not available in Australia
      -Later available but expensive
      -Not available and reasonable price but to late
      Always wrong timing but great innovation.

      Soundpeats Sonic is far advanced

  • Reading reddit seems to have a fair bit of negative feedback in regards to these such as intermittent dropouts, charging stops working etc.

    Anyone here with a recent purchase of these can provide some feedback/impressions?

    • I bought these around a year ago for $100, and these are overall really great for the price in terms of sound, battery life etc.

      Personally I didn't have much of an issue with intermittent dropouts or charging, it's quite easy to check if these are charging because the lights on the earphones change colour (from blue to red) when you put them in the case.

      The only real big issue with these for me is that the glue holding the cover of the right earbud to the earphone came off over time (around 4-5 months). However, there is a 1 year warranty on these and so I could easily contact them to get the earphones shipped back to them and replaced (just be prepared to wait around 1-2 weeks for the whole process to occur). I had to replace these twice over the last year, so it's probably a manufacturing issue. However, this is likely to have happened because I used this frequently while running, which probably led to sweat wearing away at the glue.

      $60 is a great deal for these and I would definitely recommend them.

  • had the gold version for about 9mths. i find the dropouts occur with interference eg microwave nearby . no touch control on the buds can be a plus or a minus for some ppl. has a glowing ring blue light on use which might be annoying in the dark. can be used individually ie L or R alone. just recently the R ear bud seems to remaing charging in the charge unit. (normally the light goes out on the charging case when battery of the bud is full but lately led staying on draining the charging case) sound quality decent. noise isolation is good. (i use them mowing the lawn and whippersnipping and dont have to increase the voulme too much to compensate). buds seems tough enough surviving a few drops.

  • According to the product description, Gold version's Super X-Fi® only works on local MP3 files and not Spotify or other streaming service. So for someone like me who mainly listens to streaming music, the Gold version's only advantage seems to be extra battery time, not sure that's worth $25 or ~40% premium over the Air version.

    • Yep that was my conclusion, too… the battery life of the Air seems good enough for my purposes, so I couldn't justify the 40% premium at all. I bought the Airs on the weekend - haven't yet received/tested them.

      • There is an air V2 (that's the reason they're clearing these) with the super x-fi, longer battery life and touch buttons which some may find better than the physical buttons on these (feels like you're ramming it into your ear to just press a button). I found I got dropouts with the outlier golds when my phone was in my pocket, but I didn't have the same issue with the edifier tws nb. That being said, the Edifier don't sound as good as these, not did I find the Edifier to be as comfortable as these.

  • How does this compare with Jabra 75t aside from price?

  • ooo this or the soundpeats sonic?

  • Got these for about $80 and at the time they were a good purchase. Battery does not last the full 10 hours, maybe 6? Have no issues with drop outs. Sometimes they don't disconnect from the phone when you put them away into their case. Case is big. The buttons are very stiff, no fun to press and poke them into your ear further. I never liked their look and it hasn't grown on me, could be any old Chinese product. With sweat they fall out my ears, but I use the smallest ear times so maybe with bigger ones it wont be a problem. Sound quality is good I suppose. So much choice out there these days. They are not a bad buy, but not outstanding either.

  • Didn’t know Creative were still around. Soundblaster sound cards ftw!

    • My thoughts too. I remember the Creative MP3 players way back when, I think maybe around 2004 or so. God I feel so old, and I’m not even that old.

  • Are the microphones good on these?

  • Wish these had multisync would be an instant buy if so. I just want a pair for using a standalone mic with them on PC at home as well as when out on phone (to bloody hot having headphones all the time)

    • It can't sync with multiple devices at the same time if that's what you mean, but you can connect it to your PC at home and to your phone when you're out. Mine switches between my tablet and my phone without issues as soon as I turn on Bluetooth on either one.

  • soundpeats sonic is $51. wouldn't that be a better option?

    • I have a pair. Contrary to most reviews on Amazon I think the sound is mediocre. Maybe I'm used to wired headphones and I have too much expectation. But the battery is insane. The buds alone last around 12-13hrs

  • looks like version 2 is the super version
    I myself use the realme cheek buds it was $70 something and now reduced to like nothing. Music is perfect but not conversations.
    I also have the Oppo free ones with phone purchase - good but no indicator when fully charged.

  • Just to throw my experience in the ring, I purchased the outlier air golds sometime last year, which are very similar but was not really happy with them. They dropped out a fair amount even with the phone in my pocket, are fairly big and the quality was not as good as I expected for the price. At this price, they seem like a better deal but just be aware that they do have some issues.

  • Have had my pair for a year ($99) and I love mine, albiet there is the occasional millisecond drop out depending on other BT/microwaves nearby. I think that's just to be expected. I use them for gym, running, and commute in the train and have dropped them a few times without any scratches/issues. For the price, it's a steal and I've always been a fan of Creative from way back when. Do it.

  • I am always fascinated that these days they always put TRUE with wireless. But then what is false wireless?

  • I like creative products and this is too late for this company to make these earphones available for this price in Australia.
    I saw them long back and admired their innovation but
    Available in US and
    -not available in Australia
    -Later available but expensive
    -Not available and reasonable price but to late
    Always wrong timing but great innovation.

    Soundpeats Sonic is far advanced

  • Massive win for me is the physical (non-touch) button.

    IMO, touch buttons are a horrible feature as I’m constantly pressing by mistake/don’t get feedback to know if a button is pressed

  • Great pair of buds. Works great for my daily commute and the battery lasts long enough that I only need to charge it once a week.