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Dell 27" QHD 144hz (165hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $498.40 ($485.94 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dell eBay


OzBargain's favourite Dell monitor is back in stock with prices almost the same as Black Friday. Get in quick :)

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    Technically not in stock as estimated delivery is between Wed. 24 Feb. and Fri. 5 Mar. (And probably longer)

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    Anyone received theirs yet from the Black Friday deal?

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      Based on comments, some users started receiving their Dell S2721DGF last week.

      Unfortunately another month of waiting for me (Order was cancelled so had to re-order).

      • Got mine last week ordered 25/12/2020

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      Most would have received their orders by now.
      ETA was 14 Jan and I think everyone got them on 18 Jan onwards. It was a 1.5 months wait

      • Still waiting here. :(

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      ETA was 29/01, received last week

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        that ETA was provided by Dell, Limaa's ETA was 18 Dec - 14 Jan.
        Dell's ETA is very inaccurate. Some people even got an email saying that their orders were delayed till late Feb, my friend got that email as well but he still received the monitor on 18/01 regardless.
        Just be warned that ordering from ebay will take longer than doing it from Dell's website
        Also, not sure how accurate Dell ebay's ETA is since it was totally off the mark from BF's deal

        • True, I received the delayed notification and it arrived 20/01/2020

    • I ordered within first 30 seconds of the deal on BF, it literally arrived on Monday, after receiving a message saying ‘delayed till 20th of Feb.

    • Ordered mine from the Dell website on Boxing Day, received it on 22/1.

      • Can we do a price match as it's not 30 days from order and they mentioned on the product that it's eligible for price match

        • I don't think so, they say they don't do marketplace sites to even though it's Dell, it's in the fine print as always. Try and let us know.

    • I received my order done on 28th dec. I received on 13 jan. It was showing deliver on 26th feb

    • Got mine from the Black Friday deal delivered last week.

    • I ordered mine a few weeks after the Black Friday deal and it arrived right around New Years day (maybe a couple days before, I can't remember exactly)

    • Ordered mine on the 27/11/2020 and it arrived on 07/01/2021.

    • ordered end of Dec, got it a week back.

    • Got it couple of weeks ago and its beautiful!

    • I bought mine at the boxing day sale, received it 2 weeks ago.

      I don't think the wait is half as bad as people think.

  • Delivery time is over a month

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    Highly recommended. Got one myself from the BF deal and honestly impressed with the monitor quality.
    This is me coming from U2715H and this gaming monitor has more vibrant colors

    • Hey Danny. got my DGF last week but the colours seems washed out. Have you calibrated the display or tweaked the settings? if yes, could you please share the configs?

      • Not really, I am still running at stock setting

        • damn. the colours dont look a bit yellowish?

          • @kazer: not to my eyes. But my U2715h is brighter

            • @Danny N: Thanks. Do you have auto hdr turned on or off?

          • @kazer: Turn down the Red and Green gain. My unit looks great at 90% R 94% G

            • @guvna: Thanks. Will try this setting out. Do you have auto hdr turned on or off?

          • @kazer: Try changing gain settings to R95 G94 B100. I've got Brightness 75 Contrast 75 but adjust brightness to preference i guess.

            • @F-22: Thanks. Will try this setting out. Do you have auto hdr turned on or off?

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                @kazer: I turned off HDR on mine. The HDR capabilities on this monitor is crap anyway so I wouldn't bother.

                • @ironpaw: cool thanks :) turning off the auto hdr does make the whites better for me. just wanted to know if i'd be losing out on anything. you answered my question :D

              • @kazer: I've got HDR set to Game so i guess it's up to you if you can notice any difference. As reviews and others have mentioned it doesn't add much but i think it's worth having on.

    • Same upgrade path as me, ordered S2721DGF 2 days ago

    • Are you doing Price Match request

  • Just got mine last week from the Black Friday deal.

    Good monitor - for this sub $500 price it's even better.

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    I got mine within a week after Black Friday…. and my friends who also ordered were about a week later (I did get my order complete within the first minute of the deal being live).

  • how does this compare to s2721q apart from 4k and lower refresh rate?

    • Wider gamut, a bit brighter in HDR and has rudimentary locally dimming. Stand is way better than the S2721Q.

      • oic so a much better panel. thanks

      • Also $150 more vs S2721Q. There was a sale a few weeks ago for $340s. So the real advantage in favour to this monitor is wider gamut.

        • and higher refresh rate

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    Purchased for $520 end of Dec, waiting to get it delivered the first week of Feb.

    This is even a better deal, just another month of wait. Jump on it quick if you can wait!

    • Hey, I bought mine in November for $590. When I saw the deal that you bought yours on I just emailed them and they were happy to refund me the $70.

      I hadn't yet received the monitor which is probably a key piece of info. Worth a shot for $20 I guess

  • I was literally looking to buy this one last weekend, good find OP. Ordered mine.

  • If I don't really play games etc am I better off with the S2721DS for $200 less?

    • i chose the s2721q for 4k

    • +1

      For normal internet browsing, it is more than enough

    • That’s what I ended up doing as I don’t game, pretty happy with it especially for the price.

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    I wonder if V1 Interactive paid much for Disintigration to be the "on-screen image" for Dell…

    Awkward considering the game was such a flop that the studio already turned off online multiplayer.

  • Is this any good for XSX?

    • nope. get a 4k

    • Sort of a yes for the currently very limited library of games that support 120Hz. But in the foreseeable future, most FPS games' online modes should support this feature. If you are into these games then this monitor will surely give you some advantages.

  • +5

    Why does that android need a jacket? Is it cold or something?

  • -2

    History low? Not bad

  • Ordered mine 18th Dec last year with ETA of early Feb but ended up receiving it on the 6th of Jan.

    Great monitor at $500; white uniformity was only average on my unit but black is great I couldn't see any light bleeds or glow when displaying a black screen so I am very happy.

  • Mine (delivered in oct) died after about 60 days with about 20 or so days of actual powered on usage.

    Panel backlight comes on but nothing displays, not even the osd… I'm waiting on a replacement now and had to request brand new to avoid being given a refurb… I reported the defect on the 11th. Thankfully I've got if the DS models to use for work but if this was my only work monitor I'd be disappointed with the turnaround time.

    If this work critical for you, have a backup or consider their same day replacement warranty plan.

  • Oh man, the price is so good for this, it's ridiculous. But My dumb ass still hesitate because it's not a 32" screen. It's not even like I will be able to find a 32" ips alternative, the pg329q hasn't even come to Australia yet.

    Edit: ok, bought it. I'm not even the type of gamer who cares are fps games. But like, doom though. And samsho suggests that SNK might be pushing fighting games away from the arcade cabinet and into 120hz standard.

    Thanks op

  • this looks very good.

  • Is this good for xbox series x?

    • It'll work but you'll want 4k, HDR, HDMI 2.1 to get the absolute most out of your X.

    • +1

      Absolutely perfect for it, if 27" is enough.

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      I read the One X and Series X will render 4k then downsample to 1440p

  • Has anyone calibrated it hdr permanently on, as opposed to off and using HDR on an individual games/use basis?

    I've calibrated it with SDR with an ICC and a few RGB changes. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    • +1

      I dont think you can get good HDR on a monitor this cheap - if anything I think HDR on monitors is not a thing - nothing under 1000

      • I've been playing with it heaps. Some titles still absolutely benefit from HDR on this, despite it being entry level HDR 400. (nits)


        Don't believe everything out there.

        Having said that, would you want to waste the amount of time that I have optimising everything? Probably not!

        • +1

          i'll take your word for it :)
          windows hdr is horrible - cant imagine it being any decent in games…but again…I turn off all AA so im not that picky :)

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    Shopback have ebay gift cards at 3% off, gets the price down $15.

  • I rfinally eceived mine from black friday deal last week… ;D

    • I missed a black Friday deal last week?

      • Week/time

        • Grammarly

  • I'd be all over these as I really need a second screen, but taking too long to deliver it seems.

  • does anyone knows if multiple code works? I have eBay code which i received spend $500 get $50 off

    • nope. only 1 allowed

    • Older graphics cards can't run the S2721QS's 4K

        • The QS (2160p) has much higher resolution (pixel density) for more clarity up close than the DS (1440p). The DS is still above average, you can't go wrong with either.

  • Can you connect to HP (Omen) Gaming Computer ?

  • Any G-Sync support

    • Yes it's G-Sync compatible. (AMD Freesync Premium Pro)

    • FreeSync Premium Pro (48-165Hz) and G-SYNC Compatible (48-165Hz)

      Check if your PC/Console can support the features on the monitor and you have to unlock higher refresh rate through the monitor settings. My gpu is limited to 120hz.

  • Mine finally arrived from the black Friday deals but I am still waiting for a 3080 for my new build. Does anyone know if an ancient GTX670 would run this monitor in the mean time to at least test the screen or should I wait?

    From my research it may do 120hz @1440 but thought I would ask here before attempting.

    I mostly want to make sure it is not DOA or any other major flaw, would people wait to test it with my new build (3080 is ETA 11 Feb) or test on the 670 card?

    • +1

      I'm running it OK with my work laptop which I would imagine is not too much more amazing versus a 670.

      It should do the job to make sure it's not DOA.

  • If you don't mind the possibly 6-8 week wait, this monitor is extremely good.

  • +2

    I ordered one of these on the 23 Oct… After seeing this and reading some people receiving their much later orders, decided to cancel today…

    Good deal if you can tolerate the DELLays.

    • Did you order on eBay or Dell website?

      • I ordered from the Dell website

        • +3

          Wow that's bad

        • I ordered from Dell website on Saturday, it's likely arriving today (Thursday) already. ETA was mid Feb.

  • Yea to add to everyone else's comments - ordered mine on black friday & it arrived last week

    Great monitor, long as wait

  • How do you get the ebay plus pricing? I have ebay plus but when I get to checkout, it's just still the same price.

    • Apply the code PLUSDELL at checkout

      • Aah thank you!

  • does it work with the Ebay Store cards purchased from one of those gift card sites, e.g. Redeem Your Giftcard?

  • oos i think

  • This is tempting but I find 27“ is a bit small for gaming. 32-34” is the sweet spot.

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