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Lenovo Yoga Wireless Optical Mouse $39.50 + Delivery (Free Pickup at Lidcombe, NSW) @ Mwave


Full price is $79.00, $99.00 at Officework and $89.00 at Amazon
The design may not suitable for everyone but if you looking for a recharable mouse/presenter combo with bluetooth to save your laptop's precious usb port then this is just right

This Lenovo Yoga Mouse is a dual-function, wireless mouse that allows you to control your music, entertainment, and presentations. It is rechargeable and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily set up and experience its ultra-slim design
- This mouse has an ultra-slim, lightweight, and comfortable design for left and right handed users.
- It has 1 month of battery life for a 2-hour charge.
- The wireless mouse connects via Bluetooth 4.0 or a 2.4 GHz wireless connection.
- It's compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
- The touch scrolling makes it easy and efficient to use.
- There is a multi-layer adaptive touchpad and a 180-degree rotatable hinge.
- It comes in a sleek black colour to easily match your other technology.
- This mouse can be used normally or flipped over to flat mode, where you can control your music, entertainment, and presentations.
- It measures 13.5 mm

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  • Battery life less than a month!? That will soon get annoying.
    My logitech claims 2 years from a single AA. (also bluetooth + wireless usb)

    • true that but well, at least it is recharable

      • So are Eneloops. Though given a few AA cells may last it a lifetime, the benefit of recharging is little to nothing. Like in Apple TV remotes.

        But perhaps for some reason, this needs far more power than a regular mouse?? Laser?

  • This mouse is terrible. I bought one for work a couple years back and it wouldn't hold charge, and was very uncomfortable. Would recommend splurging for a logitech instead.