TP-Link Deco M9 Plus (2-Pack) Mesh Wi-Fi System $276.25, TP-Link Archer AX50 Wi-Fi 6 Router $211.65 Delivered @ Wireless 1


Best price on the Deco M9 Plus for those without TGG Commercial access. Tapo C100 camera redemption

$211.65 TP-Link Archer AX50 Wi-Fi 6 Router

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  • Any discount on TP-Link AX20?

  • Not really any reason to not have a commercial account…

    • I just join the TGG commercial site and I am interested in the AX50
      However I cannot find how much the shipping will cost.
      Can you tell me? I am in Sydney.
      Many thanks.

      addit: I finally find it. It is $8.

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        Go for the AX73 (AX5400). Only $212 on TGGC….. that is awesome value

        • Thank you for your advise.
          Someone said I should wait for Wifi 6E router, as the standard has just been approved. What do you thank?

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            @seniordoc: I think you will be waiting a while for a large number of devices to support WI-Fi 6E……most don't even make full use of Wi-Fi 6 at the moment. If you are looking at spending around $200 or less I would go ahead now. If you wanted to outlay a lot more then I would suggest you wait for Wi-Fi 6E

          • @seniordoc: Wi-Fi 6E was approved for use in America. Australia is looking into Wi-Fi 6E and no approval date has been set. Wi-Fi 6E routers announced at CES 2021 are $800 to $1550.

            There is always something new around the corner. Wait for Wi-Fi 7 ;-)

  • I currently have a couple of deco m9 ,would getting this archer wifi6 router help improve my mesh system even more over the generic telstra smart 2 router ,cheers thanks in advance