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Dell Inspiron 15 7506 2-in-1 Laptop 11th Gen i7-1165G7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD $1140 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great specs for a great price.

100% SRGB screen with 300 nits brightness. 11th gen i7. Wifi 6. Thunderbolt 4. Can't go wrong.

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  • Nice. Apart from the 1.8kg part :)

    • Any suggestion for an alternative around 1kg?

      • There are few laptops at 1.1, not sure the ones you’d be looking at to get lower.

        Acer Swift 5 I think comes in at 1kg. Similarly specced (but with 14” screen, no folding and no touchscreen) is 2299 rrp.

        • I'm currently looking to upgrade my Yoga 330 which i paid around $1000 for and it hovers just over 1kg. Want something similar with touchscreen and folding.

          • @5ilver: I purchased the Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 for $870 for a decent weigh 14" touch. Only use it for gestures and drawing formulas and a bit of writing. Can't go wrong with the price. I had a Surface Pro 3 and can't really tell the difference between the two with writing. From what I studied, the flex is just a more plastic version of the new yoga. The problem with the new yoga's is they are not plastic and therefore weigh more

    • For a 15" hybrid, 1.8kg is pretty light. Some will be a bit lighter but use composite materials and be very expensive.

      • Yes, I'm just observing that if you want a true "laptop", rather than a portable desktop, you'll have to sacrifice something. Like that 15" screen.

        As a 2-in-1, you might expect to be able to use it as a tablet. But this is desktop-only.

        • Definitely an over exaggeration. Plenty of laptops are ~1.5kg including the new 13 inch macbook air and macbook pro which are 1.3 and 1.4kg. A couple hundred extra grams aren't gonna change it from being light and portable to a unwieldly beast.

  • Nice deal, how does it compare to that expired Lenovo deal?


  • Shame no graphics card

    • The Xe GPU is actually pretty damn good. I play D3 without any issues at all with decent graphics. Played airborne Kingdom (admittedly on low) and a few others too. I'd only recommend the Intel over the 4700/4800U if you wanted a slightly punchier GPU.

  • In need of a new laptop. This price seems unbeatable or am I wrong?

    • Same here, as for as I understand…it comes with 1080p…no 4k/qhd.

      • Should I pull the trigger? Good people of OzBargain, give me a direction.

        • For officework, sure why not. You can get 22% off and save an extra 28 ish dollars if you have ebay plus.

          Hits the mark everywhere thats needed, and could be argued as slight overkill. i7, nvme 512gb, 16gb ram, 15", touchscreen. Only issue could be if you needed graphics card, and it is a single stick of 16gb so you can plod a second one in there, but then 32gb is likely way too much.

  • Is the pen included with the price? Can anyone please confirm? Thank you.

  • Insipirons are quite basic machines, don't just value them based on config.

    • What do you mean?

      • Dell have multiple lineups, from chrome books being their cheapest, Inspiron being budget friendly general purpose range, XPS are premium consumer, Alienware are gaming focused, latitude being corporate/business and precision being workhorse. This being an Inspiron 7000 is on the high end of the general purpose machine.

        • Very helpful comment!
          Being a budget conscious individual I've bought the inspiron range and it does ok. It is good value. The problems start to come up about 18-24 months. These are the ones I've experienced:

          • Plastic is a bit cheap and does crack
          • the touch pad is great initially but is a bit faulty either through turning off entirely after sleep or only recognises touch for the bottom half or (now) very inconsistent or leads to sporadic mouse cursor movements
          • hinges aren't built that well (could be due to the cheap plastic and the hinge coming together) so misalignment can occur between the left and right hinge, not a big deal but a bit of a nuisance.
          • battery life now (after the 24+ month) is terrible and needs to stay permanently attached to adapter. The worst part about this is it sounds like (or is as loud as) a fire alarm when it tries to warn you that it's low battery and about to turn off.
          • touch screen is not bad but now that I've compared to the lenovo flex seriously lacks precision
          • laptop sometimes doesn't know too sleep when you shut the lid, so in the morning, the battery is dead
          • similar to the above, but in reverse, laptop doesn't know to awake from sleep mode after opening or pressing key. You have to do a hard power off (hold down power button 4+ secs) and then turn back on again
            *some issues with the software for display rotation and touch pad recognition. I don't know what is causing this but I've found the easiest way to fix this is open the computer 180+ degrees to trick it into going into tablet mode and then rotating it back to 90 degrees into laptop mode

          These aren't deal breakers because the laptop does still function, but over time it becomes more and more irritable to use

          • @SillySorjai: Good clear comment and helpful info. Thanks! I did some digging into reviews I found for this specific model:

            *Metal chassis on plastic frame so won't show cracks through normal wear. Confirmed improved vs older inspirons
            *Hinge is apparently excellent on this, and appears to be solid metal now. Assumed improved vs older Inspirons.
            *Battery drain issue you have sounds annoying. Can't comment but it is a different battery now. 53wh vs 56wh older models. Capacity loss offset by efficiency gains
            *I didn't find any good reviews on touch accuracy so can't comment
            *I know config causes for the last 3 issues but without seeing your specific machine issues I can't comment

            Ebay dell store contact team honour the 3y for 2y price promo on extended on site warranty from main web store ($158.85 pre eBay code) so if problems arise hopefully it's covered.

    • I have the 13" version of this (7306) and the build quality itself is exceptional. Very good materials, very solid. A few software quirks, but dell is good at resolving them.

  • I managed to get this laptop with 3yr warranty included earlier today for about $100 more but that sold out. PLUSDELL code get 22% off for eBay Plus members.
    I still never worked out for sure if pen is included but it doesn't say it is in the specs so am guessing it is not.

  • PLUSDELL coupon is still active for 22% off, for those with ebay plus. Brings price to $1111.50

    • No cashback on ebay for CashRewards currently, Shopback cancels cashback with any coupon code, and GoCashback seems like they'll payout a whole $1.67. Still… covers nearly two 7-eleven coffees for those who can be bothered signing up another site

  • Great specs for the price, esp if you're looking for 15 inch. Can anyone comment on build quality? Have been looking at the more premium Lenovo Yoga and HP Envy lines with aluminium chassis (which seem to be on par with the Dell XPS line), but they're all a few hundred extra $

    • IMHO this is pitched to compete with Lenovo Yoga 5 series and HP Envy. Top premium would be Yoga 7 or 9, HP Spectre, and Dell XPS

  • Single heatpipe, gets bad temps. The build is all plastic. You get what you pay for.

    • Not sure you're checking the same machine? It's an all aluminium case, and while it does have a single heat pipe and does get hot in stress tests it doesn't step down the CPU as much as some others I've seen

      • It's not all aluminium. The outside might be, but it's not CNC out of a single block. It's more like a plastic laptop with a metal skin, which is more for looks rather than structure rigidity. If you drop it, it will most likely break some of the plastic inside.

        See here for a review (look for the interior shots, you can see the black plastic).

        • I checked out a few more reviews. You are right in that it is not a solid aluminium block cnc machined like some other high end laptops use such as the XPS. It does have a full metal/aluminium outer shell and a plastic inner frame which makes it lighter and cheaper. They talk about it in the follow up review on notebookcheck for the black model.

          Where other inspiron models had a plastic shell that showed cracks this won't have that issue. It won't 'feel' as solid as fully machined aluminium but full metal chassis is better than most laptops offer at this price which use plastic bases etc. I agree it won't be as strong if dropped though, and may flex more than premium machines too.

          I just bought one using PLUSDELL via ebay store chat with extended warranty even though out of stock on listing. Confirmed shipping from stock on hand (i.e. not 4 week build to order as the listing says). If anyone missed out and wants this it is worth contacting ebay chat.

          TL;DR confirmed it's a full metal outer case attached to a plastic internal frame

          • @TheLurker: By ebay chat do you mean "contact seller" feature on listing or some other type of chat?

            • @prxy: Yes. Their website chat team is different to the ebay store team so that's the only way I could reach them

              • @TheLurker: Just to confirm if this is the link you used:


                Which is the contact link on their ebay store profile page?

                Or do you mean chat on the dell australia website not ebay?

                • @prxy: I used the contact seller link from the product listing page which is the link for this deal post. They can this machine even though it's marked as out of stock, which is probably easier than trying to make a chat operator track down a listing that isn't active currently.

                  Note it's showing OOS on ebay only, and still shows overstocked and on sale at Dell's site). Say you want a quote for extended warranty, they'll give you a price, and if you take it or leave it you can still ask them to create a custom ebay item listing for the machine with your ebay ID in the title and post in the shop for you to buy. Better chance with extended warranty buy, or software as those weren't listed in shop anytime.

                  • @TheLurker: Thanks for confirming.

                    I did the "contact seller" option from the ebay product listing linked from this deal as wel.

                  • @TheLurker: Thanks for your help but just got message back from dell ebay team that no stock left but are working on internal re-resupply.

                    • @prxy: That's disappointing. If you wanted to push for it, they do have stock at Dell of this machine. The link is above and their stock code is smhni7506n02au as it was on the listing when active. Otherwise hold out for the next deal if not worth your time.

                      • @TheLurker: Dont think i could justify paying over $1700 on dell store when i could have gotten it for $1100 on ebay.

                        Especially as on ebay you would get a further discount on the already discounted warranty using the code.


                        • @prxy: I agree, though what I meant was I used that stock code to prove it wasn't sold out. You could try the same while the ebay code is active. Dell ebay store is no different to most online stores where they've probably outsourced the agents and they give the easiest answer. You'll need to convince the agent to check with Dell on stock so it's more a test of your patience and negotiation skills than facts.

                          • @TheLurker: Can't hurt to give it another try.

                            I'll let you know how it goes.

                          • @TheLurker: From the rep:

                            "The Dell.com.au and the Dell eBay store are two separate sales channels which sell different product range, prices and promotions. At the moment, we are already sold out of the alloted stocks for us to sell in our Dell eBay Store………….."

                            Hopefully better luck next time.

                            • @prxy: What they've said is correct, and fairly generic. I bought mine after it was sold out, and they also contacted Dell to confirm allocation of local stock rather than a build to order. I had sent them a message while the listing was active though so easier to motivate them to respond. I reckon the deal could come back if they get another shipment in.

                              I also bought the Lenovo Flex 5 from Amazon US (via AU store) before I got this deal but will return it. That is a great deal too and is still active. Warranty can be converted to local if that's a concern. From your eGPU thread I suspect you may be better served spending a bit more and getting a 30x0 gaming laptop, or 1660ti and 20x0 gaming laptops that will soon be on sales. Mwave emailed a list of Gigabyte 30x0 machines out yesterday starting from $1799. Downside is no touchscreen and shorter battery life vs machines like the Dell. Otherwise, I guess you can chalk this one up to the same fate as so many other OzBargain 'snooze and lose' regrets we all have.

                              It's been an epic thread here probably spamming everyone else too much so we'll wrap this up. Feel free to PM anytime and all the best mate

                              • @TheLurker: Sorry for late reply but thanks for your valuable input and recommendations.

                                Will definately keep an eye out especialky re upcoming laptops with 3000 series gpus.

                                All the best.

  • And it's out of stock. How have Dell been in the past with restocking?

  • 300 nits is a lil low

    • Not ideal at all, but anything I found with a 15" touchscreen any brighter than this was all over $2k, and closer to $3k for equivalent system specs to this. Guess we get what we pay for, and reviews on this one say it's pretty good.

  • I noticed some people commenting on limitations of included hdmi 1.4 port but couldn't you use The Thunderbolt 4 port to drive dual 4K displays or a single 8K display or even for egpu support?

    • I haven't tested it of course, but if it's thunderbolt 4 then any modern egpu would work providing it has a usb c connection and thunderbolt 3 or 4. If you got a housing you could get your own pcie card like a 2070 and put it in to up the graphics performance.

      Some good info at egpu.io and this was in stock for $2000 a few days back but now sold out and $2200 so you'd need to be pretty serious about wanting an egpu to warrant the cost.


      Or check the preorder post a few days ago for the gigabyte Gaming laptop with rtx 3060 for $1800

      Finally, the iris igpu in the i7-1165g7 is nearly twice the graphics performance of 10th gen equivalent so might be good enough for basic gaming.

      • Thanx.

        I heard because of the minimum requirements for TB4 they'd ironed out a lot of the issues for eMonitor and eGPU support that plagued TB3.

        But don't know of anyone personally who's tried it out.

        • I considered it seriously last year but issues I read about had me concerned too. If on a budget the razer core x (two models and I can't remember which was better) housing seemed to have the best reputation and I've seen a few around used for around $300

          If you don't have a GPU card to use already, given the overpricing and availability issues it might be more economical to buy a gaming laptop as new 30x0 units are launching in coming months

  • hope they will restock.

    • I got one with extended warranty today on this deal by messaging Dell ebay seller profile. Worth a try

  • Tried, but no luck :-(