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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 7 Days $1.89 / 1 Month (28 Days) $5.94 / 2 Months $9.14 (New / Existing Members) @ Eneba


Service fees apply (shown) at checkout. Add more units at checkout to increase the length of your subscription (1 unit - 7 days).

Here is the full price list with fees included:

7 days: $1.89

14 days: $3.24

21 days: $4.58

28 days (1 month): $5.94

35 days: $7.28

42 days: $8.63

49 days: $9.97

56 days (2 months): $11.32

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  • Good price but ebay has some cheaper one months ones - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333862638775

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      New accounts only.

      • right, thanks

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      That's for new accounts only. This is a better deal for new accounts any way. 3 Months Game Pass Ultimate $1

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    Use code GAMEPLAY for small discount.

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      Yep this worked. Brought down the 8 weeks total to $8.92 paying via PayPal

  • just tried to redeem and my code has already been used.

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      check your sub expiry date. I had the same message but my expiry date increased by 7 days

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      Said that for me too but it sometimes glitches. Check your Microsoft purchase history.

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      yeh, i just redeemed ten and about half of mine said that but they all applied fine.

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      Open a tab to https://account.microsoft.com/services/ and refresh when you get the error. For me it showed an extra 7 days every refresh even after getting the same error you got.

    • that's a xbox glitch . check your dates

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    Someone bought a lot of Pringles to get all these codes.

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    Looks like 10 weeks is the maximum in one order, but nothing stops you from ordering more than once.

  • Can't find the links for the rest of them that much up to the prices listed?

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      Instructions in OP say "Add more units at checkout to increase the length of your subscription (1 unit - 7 days)."

      You're just getting multiple 7 day keys effectively. Can confirm it works, just keep adding them at checkout and you'll see the price adjust.

      • +1

        Thanks, figured it out. Few extra cents than what is in the OP but I figure it changes on the fly like similar websites. All good!

  • Does “Expiration date: 08/10/2021” mean that the code has to be activated before 08/10/2021 or that the cumulative subscription period cannot extend beyond 08/10/2021?

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      Code activated, I think. My subscription is already at Dec 2021 and extending fine with these 7 day codes.

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      That would be code activated by date. The date is in US format - it's 10th August 2021.

  • Price is good but if I buy a years worth I have to active 52 individualcodes?

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    Bought 10 but its too slow, each code taking ages to redeem, often errors and you have try again, so wont buy anymore as cbf'd


  • Tried to add to a 3 month $1 deal but it just canceled my 3 months and only added 7 days for one code. So don't try to add on top of the $1 deal

    ** Edit, I may be wrong. The wrong date format is confusing me.

    *** Double edit, I was wrong. You can stack with $1 3 month deal

  • How about PSN Plus

    • Sony hasn't given it away with cans of Pringles yet, have to wait and see if they run a promo.

      • Has Sony even did this kinda promotion before?

  • Mine is almost expired so mose well buy than

  • Tried purchasing one, but it doesn't get redeemed. Xbox says, "Try that again. Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help."

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      give it a minute and try again. all the ones i bought eventually worked. keep refreshing https://account.microsoft.com/services/ to check if the date has extended too

      • Thanks, even though it showed error it extended the date.

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      Just try again, does the error maybe 15% of the time it seems, have redeemed 20 weeks.

  • Damn good deal!!

  • it also works for PC, right? just want to double check….

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      Yeah it does. Sometimes takes a couple of goes to get the code to work

    • +1

      Yep! Both the Xbox and PC.

  • second time I tried it told me the payment had been stopped. After putting in 10 codes, I honestly cbf trying to progress it any more anyway.

  • I redeemed 20 codes successfully, just tried to buy another 10, and it is now saying payment stopped due to potential security breach. :(

    • Me too, I guess we all broke their system. I thought it would be harder than that.

    • +2

      Yeah same, my 28degrees got flagged haha

    • Just tired again and it worked :)

  • Bought 3 codes using a Prepaid VISA card. All the codes have expiry of 08/10/2021. (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • Stuff up twice for me. Took about 15 mins to redeem 10 codes.

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    Store rep I just tried to complete two checkouts via PayPal, was charged twice, redirected to the eneba site and then the order failed twice. Can you please help

    • +2

      Without a doubt. Sounds like your order was cancelled by our system and this information hasn't reached PayPal yet.
      They issue a refund quite quick usually, but double-checking won't hurt anyone.
      Could you send over your e-mail address which you used to try to buy from us to this OzBargain account's DM?

      A guy from Eneba

  • +1

    Recently completed fire hydrant captcha. Didn't think much of the the traffic lights. Any xbox pass recommendations

    • Forza Horizon 4 is a hoot if you like racing games and have a controller!

  • paypal payment was stopped after two purchases of 10 codes…

    • +1

      Try using the card method. That is what I did when it gave me the security alert after the 3rd purchase through PayPal. Switched over to card and bought two more sets of 10

  • +1

    Just going to do 10, cbf waiting for each one on the Microsoft site.

  • +1

    Great great deal. Thanks OP. Max purchase is now 3 for me, after redeeming 2 lots of 10 already.
    Edit - 3 in cart failed. Sold out now.

  • +1

    Sold out now. Bought 23 and redeemed all. Pain to redeem but if you keep trying it gets through eventually. Extended my sub to 3 weeks short of 3 years, I'm happy with that. Bargain.

  • I put it in my checkout and then when i did the payment i got a "Price changed It appears that the price changed while the item was sitting in your cart. Please try again"

    Checked my credit card and it got charged so not sure if it went through? Still waiting for my code though.

    edit: charge disappeared from cc. I guess I missed out oh well…

  • Paid with PayPal and it seemed to charge a tad more, but worth it to see the transaction actually go through unlike it was iffy on card. Immediately was able to access code.

    Thanks OP

  • Great deal thanks OP

  • @OP can you let me know when I am getting blocked from buying?

    • Hey there,

      I could double-check with our support team – would need a reference to your purchase attempt(s), though.
      Could you send over the e-mail address you used when trying to buy via a direct message here on OzBargain?

      A guy from Eneba, a.k.a., OP

  • Out of stock. Are they getting more?

    • Try the "other sellers" option

  • Just worked for me. Although I was charged in Euros using Paypal for some reason

    • Same.

  • It went out of stock as I was paying ):
    Anyone got a spare code?

    • Try "other sellers"
      Lots of options there at similar prices.

      I have successfully purchased from:
      - BZ.STORE
      - Top Gun Games
      - Gamepilot

  • I just activated 9 of them, so 2-months for $6.10 per month after PayPal fees * discount code GAMEPLAY.

  • Out of 18 I bought. 2-3 didn’t work

    • It may say that, but it added the 7-days for me each time.

      • Nah. Those ones worked, I got an error saying soemthing about the code not being right, contact the seller or try again later. Tried 12 hours later, didn’t work still

    • Yeah, I had a lot that errored with 'code already used', but if you keep your services & subscription open in another tab you can keep refreshing to see it increase.

      I entered 32 codes last night and my subscription extended by 224 days.

  • Keep getting security breach error messages after the first lot of 10 I purchased

    • Same, I went back for more and they locked me out from using the PayPal.

      • I got this and used incognito to redeem a second batch successfully

  • I can't get these as cheap as the op after service fees and stuff…

    • Yeah there are price variations for transactions depending on which seller it goes through. PayPal also has a surcharge it seems?

      When I did it last night the cheapest I had was $9.33, most expensive $9.89. Averaged out that I'm paying about $5 a month for Ultimate.

      Just tried again then and it's around $10.00 per 8 codes.

  • Didn't work for me because I forgot my Xbox was bought through Telstra..

  • I code out of seven showed as redeemed but the 7 days was added.Thank you great deal.

  • So this does stack with the 3 months $1 deal?

    • It does, I have 5 months now that cost $13.20

  • Worked perfectly for me. Redeemed 20 codes. Now topped up until end of jan 2024.

  • Hey rep, is the expiration date in US or Regular format? Is expiry Aug or October? TIA

    • USA format. August. I would redeem asap though.

  • I redeemed 2 lots of 10 codes, but now I'm getting a security breach error that is stopping payment.

    Oh well. Great deal otherwise!

    • I had this happen last night. Waiting a while and switching to credit card instead of PayPal worked. Others also say incognito mode in their browser worked, but multiple transactions over a set time period must flag a scam thing on their end.

      • Thanks. Incognito mode doesn't work.

        I'll try later. Thanks for your help.

  • +1

    Worked perfect for me. Topped up until January 2024.
    I also purchased an additional 20 keys = 140 days of extra keys for the future.

    Use promo code GAMEPLAY for small discount.

    Hot Tip

    Login to your MS account in an extra browser tab displaying your GamePass expiration date.
    Each time I activate a key, I refresh to check the date changes.
    Even when I receive an error, or code has been redeemed, I refresh and the date has indeed increased by 7 days.

  • I just added 8 and it adds up to $10.55 not $9.14

    • There are multiple sellers it seems, like Amazon marketplace? The original priced keys have sold out so they're costing a little bit more. Also use code GAMEPLAY for a small discount

      • Should this be marked out of stock then.
        Also I think OP should mention which seller is promoting the deal then at least it users will know which one to add. Right now it can be misinterpreted and is acting as click bait

        • Probably. It looks like it out of stock now regardless of seller.

    • Yeah best price im getting on 10 is around $14 now

  • These are not the prices M$ wants you to pay :P

  • Sold out while I was in the middle or ordering.

    • +1

      Just go down to the next reseller for $1.32 and use the promo code.
      it's still a steal.

  • Thanks OP, got bored after entering 15 codes. Good deal, either way.

  • Wish I could have bought more, but 28 degrees still haven't unblocked my card even after confirming it was authorised.

  • I've tried multiple sellers and multiple payment methods - error out every time. I give up.

  • Still working with some codes I got, but interestingly now asking me to turn on recurring subscrpition each time. Dates update fine though.

  • Great deal, thanks OP.

  • after redeemed 5 codes, my account went back to 8/2/21 despites it was 12/07/21. Anyone knows what this issue is?

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