Do You Own a Dog?

Today marks the first anniversary of COVID-19 arriving on our shores. Since then, our lives have changed in so many ways. One obvious change has been the increase in pet adoption. I've seen many more puppies and adult dogs in parks and around my neighborhood. Australia has always had a high dog ownership as a percentage of the population but i'm keen to see how what the % is now via an OzBargain survey.

So please vote and comment below on what dog breed you have!

Fun Fact: Poll results are very similar to another recent post on OzB on dog poo:

Poll Options

  • 407
    Yes, I own a dog
  • 229
    No, I don't own a dog but would like to
  • 186
    No, I don't own or want a dog


  • Three small dogs, all owned before Covid. Havanese, Toy Poodle and Chihuahua.🤷🏻‍♂️

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    I don't own a dog but have noticed an increased number around with a corresponding increase in dog crap and dogs off leashes in areas where they are meant to be on leashes.

    People, read the signs and clean up after your dogs!!!!!!

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    I love the smell of my dog :D

  • I'm dog step-dad to a 16yo Maltese rescue dog (my GFs) and an 11yo std poodle (daughter's). They are both great dogs.

    We've had the Maltese for 4 years. He has a lot of issues but we are giving him his best life in the final years. He loves a walk and has no problems doing a 5km trek but I have to carry him up hills.

    The poodle has been with us since 12 weeks. He's amazingly healthy and active but starting to slow down.

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    Our hostel host in Hochi Minh tried hard to get us to eat some. Then one dog showed a sad face so we declined!

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    how do change answer? misclicked

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    No, I don't own a dog but would like to

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    I don't have a dog but I've been looking after a puppy and that is making me think if I'm ever gonna get a dog, it would be an adult unless I'm prepared to spend a lot of time with it and financially be in a good spot as puppies are not easy to look after.

    • Frankly most young animals are a handful. We’ve lost several cables to kittens chewing through them. As the shelters have more trouble with housing adult animals it is a win/win picking one.

  • Definitely want a dog, unfortunately renting makes that extremely difficult

    • Not as hard in Victoria, now.

    • Where can you rent a Dog ? :)))

  • My Beagle will be with us in just over 2 weeks. You should add a poll option - My dog is on its way.

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    4 year old Samoyed. Not recommended if you don't have time for them

    • Was hoping to get one in near future. Care to elaborate?

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        Lots of grooming and needs 2 walks a day (doesn't need to be long but I walk mine about 70-90 mins total a day)
        Wet weather is an issue for them as they can get soaked and takes quite long for them to dry off so you may need to get a dog dryer (not often but from time to time when it's need).
        During summer, mine gets hot spots randomly due to the double coat and not easy to identify. May lose fur in the affected area so need to get on top of that.
        Being a larger breed, they are not easy to pick up and take somewhere but they do get them an incredible amount of attention when they are out.
        They are family orientated dogs so they crave attention each day and should not be ignored otherwise they may get destructive.
        Relatively speaking to standard dogs, Samoyeds require extra attention for grooming and walking and require additional time spent on them depending if they are to be an inside dog.
        Also, forget about the family wardrobe as samoyed fur gets everywhere in your clothes and food.
        That being said, we love our boy and just seeing his face melts our hearts.

  • 2 dogs. One 12 year old (Golden Retriever), the other 6 year old (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). COVID has allowed me to spend more time with them than I normal would (due to working from home), which has been enjoyable from that perspective.

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    Found my dog 6 years ago, starving and bloody under a car. Fostered her for a month then adopted her when no one claimed her (they think it was a breeder that dumped her). Best freebie I ever found. Shes my #1

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    Love dogs, but lost mine 18 months ago. Not sure I'm ready for another yet.

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    Pom x Maltese. A bit yappy but the sweetest little dog ever. All the dog owners I know think they have the best dog in the world and I believe they are all telling the truth.

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    I have 12 dogs and i save up all there poops to put in my neighbors bins.

    • this one have potential.

  • Since covid, the backyard dogs in our neighbourhood have never been happier, over-walked/fed/cuddled everyday, less barking too as most dogs are indoors these days on somebody's lap.

  • 2 Cavalier, 1 tricolour 1 Blenheim

  • Yes
    2 Jack Russels

  • 1 cavoodle and a pom. Not generally a dog person, but I rate them higher than pretty much any human, except when they do sneaky poos in the house.

  • Finnish Lapphund - a breed which herds reindeer and can sleep in the snow.

  • Yes, I have a six month old Cairn Terrier who keeps me on my toes.

  • Remember to always please adopt - dont buy

  • does aibo count?

  • I don't own one. Would like one, but don't intend to get one. I intend to travel a lot when it is possible to again. Which means I'd have to find someone to care for the dog while we're away.

    Also, caring for it is just a big responsibility.

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    Have 2 gorgeous Bull Arabs - a 1y3m old which we got just before covid started and a 7 month old which we got 4 months ago. Dog prices on average had tripled between getting the 2.

    Covid had nothing to do with getting them but did provide a nice training and bonding period with them.
    Unfortunately i think that there is a rise in people selling 6-12 month old dogs (mostly the bigger breeds/working breeds and most seem to mention lack of training and lack of time for them). So im also guessing a lack of socialization is likely. I presume that these people likely wanted something to fill there time and as demand for pups was high they went for a breed that wasnt ideal for them without thinking what would be required of them to keep the dogs stimulated and happy.

    They have effectively given these dogs the worst start in life, as they are far less likely to be taken in/be passed around to multiple owners. It sickens me.

    I even saw an ad for a 9 month old st.bernard, and there reason for reselling this untrained pup was that they didn't realise it would get so big. I mean wtf!!

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      That was a first for me. I've never seen the words 'gorgeous' and 'arab' used in the same sentence.

  • Two golden retrievers.

    Hair everywhere, all the time! Great dogs though, lovely temperament and excellent with kids.

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    No and will never own any pets!

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      You must have a reason ?

      • When you're forced to look after pets after not asking for them, you get a bit jaded.

        The jumping spider in my door and the wild rabbit that hangs around are all my unofficial pets as I don't have to do anything for them :)

  • Dachshund, lovely dog with strong character.
    Lucky enough to get him before covid. Now he is great companion while we are at home most time.

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    I have two Beagles, both will soon turn 10.

    COVID wouldn't have made a difference in our house, that said any puppy is hard work, especially the first 2 years of growth and development.

  • I want one, been on a lookout for a berndoodle but can't find any yet

  • Own one but still comtemplating of getting another as companion for him while I am away for work…not sure I have enough energy to care for two dogs

  • We did obtain a dog during covid but we have been planning over the last 4 years

    We did extensive research and even had the floors to our house changed to cater for her and make it easier to clean up the mess

    The breed was also the hardest to find being hypoallergic.

    That being said make sure you have enough time to look after the little one as its a lot of responsibility

    I will never get over the excitement they have when you come on, the love is unconditional and anyone who owns a doggy knows what i mean

  • Missing the dogecoin train today

  • These Ozb surveys suffer from huge selection bias. Most people who own a dog are going to click on this post and vote yes. Many who don't own a dog will probably ignore the post. Look at the results already, half of the population own a dog, really?

  • I have a vegan dog :) (jks, it's a rabbit but he's heavier than a chihuahua so that counts :) ). House is too small for a dog unless its a small boy.

  • I've had an e-dog for a week now. Just recharge the batteries once a week and a lot of fun. Does all sorts of tricks like headstand, shake hand, yoga, dances to a few tumes, sings barkingly, understands quite a few voice commands etc. Low cost and easy maintenance.