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Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD $85 + Shipping (Free NSW Pickup) @ Mwave


Part of the group deal sale from MWave.
Please note this is the regular 970 Evo , not 970 Evo Plus

Free C&C from showroom in Lidcombe

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  • Is the Plus worth the price difference?

    • For gaming? You wouldn't even notice it

      • Most people cant even tell/see a difference between a regular SATA SSD and any NVME drive when gaming.

        I've got a crappy Crucial P1 1TB QVO NVME SSD that I got for cheap and a 2TB ADATA SX8200 Pro (with the faster controller) and I can barely tell them apart in day to day usage apart from benchmarks (and price - the Adata was nearly 4x the price)

        • the biggest difference I notice is less cables needed :)
          Which is totally worth it to me.

          • @bunnybash: Yeah but the SATA drives are dirt cheap if you want something with a little more capacity without breaking the bank etc NVME is great, just so few ports on the mainboard (usually 1-2, sometimes 3) so makes expanding a little hard if you run out of space.

    • The only difference with the Plus model is the write speed (3,200 MB/s vs 2,500 MB/s)
      I don't think anyone can notice the difference from regular day to day usage

    • Tiny bit faster, same TBW. Probably wouldn't notice much difference in real world usage.

    • Nope don't bother unless you just want to see a bleeding fast number.

    • Its only worth the difference if you do large file transfers very often.

  • I have a 250gb version of this drive and was wondering if this is compatible with running RAID 0 together.

    • You can, but it would reduce this drive's available capacity to 250gb (since both drives need to match in capacity).

      I would strongly recommend against this idea.

      • I see. However I wonder if the drive can be partitioned and only dedicate half the drive towards RAID.

        • Don't bother, if you're going to have 2 separate drives in your system then you may as well just keep them both as is. If you're expecting any noticeable performance improvements by RAID 0-ing your 2 NVMe drives you're going to be pretty disappointed.

          Larger SSD drives are normally faster out of the box than their smaller counterparts. You'd almost be reducing your performance by doing an awkward RAID configuration with partitioned drives.

          Just grab a WD Blue SN550 1TB and call it a day you won't be disappointed at $139 from Amazon.

    • Is RAID really worth it? You’d lose both drives if either one fails, why not go with PCIE-4.0 drives(if system supports) if you really want top speed?

  • Sad :( no store in Brisbane

  • very tempted

  • Will this fit in the PS5?

    • PlayStation Station has listed 0 compatible drives so far. Nothing on market today meets their standards. So don’t buy anything for ps5 until they confirm compatibility.

  • Was going to get this as a main gaming drive, but Modern Warfare and Red Dead Redemption 2 alone filled up half. 500GB is a little too little in 2021, but this is still a great deal

  • I own this as my boot drive on the latest Windows all singing all dancing 20H2.

    When steam had verified the Control Ultimate Edition 20 GB game installation I noticed the Disk speed in task manager was only 500 MB/sec.

    Running latest nvme controller driver, you can do this experiment for yourself, they are scamming us and getting away with it!

    No wonder Sony demand to certify these devices for use on their PS5 's from these scheisters.

    • Just run a benchmark yourself and see if there is anything actually limiting your drive.

      Verification of a game is not a pure disk based activity. Steam is computing checksums of the files on your local system, comparing against the manifest on the steam servers and downloading files where the checksums don't match - all the while competing with other processes for resources etc. So it could be a large number of things limiting throughput - how fast is the CPU, Internet connection, other intensive programmes running on an already heavily utilised CPU etc.

  • Offer over? Site lists the product at $98 right now