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6 Free Meals Delivered ($79.99 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I found they changed the promo from $59.99 OFF to $79.99 OFF, so that new customers can get 6 serves free with free shipping (First box total $0).

Please use the referral randomiser below to participate.

Personally, I enjoy their recipes, and it’s pretty convenient during the hard time of COVID.

Option 1 FREE ($75.93 OFF) – Choose 2 people and 3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $0.

Option 2 Get the full $79.99 OFF – More serves than option 1, but you’ll need to pay extra above $79.99.

NOTE: if you just want a trial or not satisfied with the food, please don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan later.

Offer expires 8 Feb @ 9:59 am

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments.

Referral Links

Referral: random (387)

$68 off First Box, $20 off 2nd & 3rd Box + $9.99 Delivery for Referees, $25 Credit for Referrer.

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  • Clicked referral link and get $59.99?

    • +1

      eh, I just tested and you are right it's $59.99, but my code is $79.99 OFF. Not sure why maybe because I ordered a lot? I think post a personal link is not allowed there. Sorry about this.

      • OP how many boxes have you ordered? I've done 42 boxes and my code is still only $59.99 lol

      • the referrel code has changed, so only people that have changed their code in Ozbargains system will give the higher $79.99 off

    • And discount applied is only $50?

      • +1

        Just keep trying with the referral link, you'll be the lucky one. I tried like 20 times.

    • +2

      Had to re-try random referrals as I was getting a bunch of $44.99's and $59.99's before finally getting the free box.

      • +1

        Great idea. Just try until you get a $79.99 off one

  • Is there a promo code?

    • No promo code, just the referral code. Not sure why the amount is different

      • Do you have to keep the meals frozen?

        • Some ingredients might be frozen but the majority are just refrigerated

  • +19

    As much as I enjoy the convenience, paying $120/week for 2 people and 5 meals makes me want to cry. We just pick out recipes from their website, shop the ingredients ourselves and still end up less than $120/week including extra snacks and stuff that we want to buy.

    • +1

      What’s the average saving?

    • +11

      This, we only got hello fresh once because of the promo, otherwise it is a bit of a rip-off.

    • You pay for convenience, not their recipes.

      All I can say is look at your finances and decide if the time savings is worth the money.
      Also, harder to get exact qty of items so waste has to be factored in as well

      • I agree with you, but I'd also note that the individually wrapped items use a lot of unnecessary packaging.
        Some people (me) have a problem with a single parsley sprig in its own plastic bag. So for some people (me) the convenience is in going to the local shop and cramming as much as I can into my BYO bag.

  • +3

    Did anyone else feel like the quality deceased dramatically during the pandemic? That's why we stopped our subscription.

    • -5

      Yes, quality became a lot more deadly during coronavirus

    • +1

      Yes I noticed the decrease at Oct/Nov, but it seems better now

    • -1

      Does the quality worth a try?

    • +18

      I used to work there. Believe me working conditions are worse there. I started getting back pain because of daily loading tasks. They put one person per one recipe to load all ingredients and there are 5-6 people picking from it. It's nightmare when you're on loading. They delay or skip breaks to achieve goals. 2-3 people leave everyday and they hire new people. They have hired agency named cornerstone hr and they know that there are many unemployed people out there. They even force you to do overtime to complete orders.

      • Have been curious about this.
        Sometimes get moldy veg in my hellofresh deliveries, is that due to someone not spotting it when packing?

        And there seems to be rumours going around (family friends) that the first box is good and fresh but all the rest are just meh quality, but I'm sceptical they come out of different sources

        • +4

          they make all boxes together so it's not possible to say which one has good veggies. However, when they start with new recipes on Tuesday they use fumigated veggies to make boxes for the non-NSW location which is for long transportation reasons. Most of the NSW boxes made later in the week so if you order boxes on Wednesday I guess you will get good quality in NSW. Sometimes it depends on the supplier as well. Anyways, quality control is good in there as they put one quality controller per recipe line and they constantly monitor (size, colour and quantity ) of veggies.

  • +3

    Tanks OP, took me like 20 try to get a $79.99 off code.

    • Congrats

  • Tried 25 times and can’t get anything but 44.99 or 59.99

    • lucky me

  • +1

    Thanks got free meals

  • +7

    Just open like 10 tabs at a time and check/close until you get the free box

  • Cheers

  • +1

    Thank you, got mine, excited to try!

    • Congrats mate

  • +3

    Got my free box after trying 47 times.

  • +1

    Took a while, but eventually got the full $79.99 discount referral. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    429: Too Many Requests

  • just kept clicking till i got free one. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Cheers OP - 12 meals sorted for myself

  • +16

    Not worth the hassle of cancelling.
    Before they used to accept prepaid visa/mastercards, now they blocked them.

    My last subscription, they charged the account (prepaid card had $0) after i cancelled, refused to reverse the charges and referred the account to a debt collection agency. Luckily i used a fake name and random email address and moved house a few months later.

    I still get letters drom debt collection agency to that email address which i gladly ignore

    Also note that produce is not always fresh.

    My neg is just to warn people as you may get a default on your credit file or be charged full amount on credit card

    • This is pretty bad - is this a common experience? How can they get away with this kind of practice?

      I've signed up and plan on cancelling after the first delivery. I hope this doesn't happen to me…

    • +8

      I always "suspend" the weeks directly after the free one, then cancel in those suspended weeks - gives you more time and flexibility

    • I used paypal, and then cancelled the reoccurring in paypal after I ordered, do you think i will get charged?

      • They can charge your account and then refer to debt collection agency if you refuse to pay the amount owing

        • Seems like Hello Fresh follow age old petty ways to make money. They could instead simply send notifications if the payment is not cleared and not send the box. I know that I won't be giving any business to Hello Fresh.

        • This is incorrect (or maybe a one-off).
          The only scenario where debt collectors are involved is as follows
          - you cancel your credit card but continue your subscription service
          - they attempt to bill your card a few times but it keeps failing
          - meanwhile food gets delivered
          - therefore they’ll send you an invoice asking to make payment using alternative payment method
          - if you don’t, then they may refer to debt collectors

        • They can charge your account and then refer to debt collection agency

          Yes, this is part of their business model globally…. Appalling.

      • I think they will just send you the box regardless of if the payment has been processed successfully. If it is unsuccessful, you will be referred to debt collectors. So if you only cancelled on the Paypal side, most likely you will still get the next box along with a debt.

    • How did they charge you after you cancelled? Did you cancel after the order cut off period? Wrong and unethical on their part if u cancelled before cut off.

    • +2

      I find it interesting when reading the comments, no one has actual experience signing up and cancelling from Hellofresh?

      Here is mine, I signed up few weeks ago using a referral with a 'free' week of groceries. The box came this morning.

      When it arrived, I immediately went to cancel, only to find Hellofresh already charged my card $75.93 for 'next weeks' order.

      When trying to seek a refund via chat, I was offered a 50% refund, that was it. Their excuse was cancelations require to be done the Tuesday before the delivery.

      At the time of signing up, only Wednesday deliveries were available. Cancelling your order by Tuesday, will mean they will cancel the delivery for Wednesday.

      After a few hours of complaining via chat, they conceded and arranged a refund.

      In the end, it's still a hassle, even if the first boxes were 'free'.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you know how this might have fared if the subsequent orders were set to 'skip' rather than 'cancel' before the first one was delivered?

        • +2

          Always skip/suspend future weeks immediately after placing an order, then cancel the plan entirely after receiving the first box. This avoids the cancellation window BS.

    • To all who have confusion. you can change your order till certain day - Tuesday. so If you cancel Plan after that day you will get your FREE BOX and they won't send another one. If it is immediate like delivery on Wednesday then please skip the week so you will get time to cancel after your first box. They won't charge until the delivery week.

    • I ordered the food last time using prepaid mastercard with $0 balance sucessfully, now they emailed me for outstanding balance on my account and I've cancelled the account, they have my name and contact number, if I ignoring it, will they send it to debt colletion agency?

      • Most likely. This is how you get a bad credit rating. We are moving more and more to a system like in the US where if you have a poor rating you will not be able to get a loan or will have to pay a higher rate of interest. Depending on your age and circumstances that could cost you a lot more than a few meals.

      • Did you get a free box last time or do you actually owe them money?

        • no, i didn't aware of the extra cost, so I owe them money

  • +1

    Worked like a charm! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Used their other company, everyplate. The quality was a joke. all the long sexy vegetables (carrots, cucumbers) and whatever were always broken. Meat wouldnt even last a week. Brought this up to them and they said it should last a week? Like is the date printed on it wrong or..?

    Easier to shop on your own. Least it doesnt get hauled at your front door at 1am.

    • Everyplate is crap - I completely agree. Meals were super budget and I think I could have come up with better recipes. Hello fresh is better, but still too expensive.

  • Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.

  • +1

    Did anyone else get charged $1?

    • Yeah I did.

    • +1

      Just for authentication.

      • Thanks for the info, I was wondering why

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Discount varied from $44.99 to $59. On the 12th try, got $79. Delivered 10th Feb.

  • I paid through Paypal ($1) and I want to ensure that I don't pay for anything else. Do I just press 'cancel meal plan' after I've received my 3 deliveries?

    I cancelled the recurring payment through Paypal.

    • I believe so. Bit worried now since a comment above said they still charged him despite cancelling the subscription.

      Apparently we get the $1 back as it was just an authentication.

      • Same. A bit strange to be charged if we've cancelled the subscription.

        Under my 'My Deliveries' tab it shows five dates (02 Feb, 09 Feb, 16 Feb, 23 Feb, 02 March).I'm a bit confused as to how many meals I'm actually receiving for free… and when I should be cancelling the subscription.

        • +1

          You receive the first order for free. You will get charged for the reoccurring weekly deliveries.

          Suspend those orders in the following weeks now otherwise you will get charged. I believe you need to cancel once you receive your first delivery

          • @bigchunguss: Oh I see, so the '6 free meals' on the title of this page refers to the 6 servings provided in the first delivered box. Cheers.

          • @bigchunguss: Also btw, when you say to suspend those orders, did you do that by pressing the 'skip week' button?

            • +1

              @Aidan0098: Yup, but make sure you select the actual week to skip first.

  • Got $79 on 2dn try, they charged me $1 for the order. I used paypal.

  • +1

    is it advisable to cancel after you receive your first box, if you wish to no longer continue?
    was wondering if I cancel straight away would the first free box also get cancelled?

    • Cancel tomorrow I think as cut off date is 26th.

    • as soon as my hellofresh box arrived today, i was charged immediately for 'next week's order - i didn't even get a chance to cancel

    • +1

      Yes, if you cancel straight away you'll cancel your free box (they give you a refund automatically and you lose the voucher - what's more is that your address will be registered in the database as having used hellofresh already and ineligible for any future orders). Cancel after cutoff date ( a tuesday) for the coming delivery but before the Tuesday for the next week's deliveries.

      • what's more is that your address will be registered in the database as having used hellofresh already and ineligible for any future orders

        No, you can still use the same address under different accounts.

        Cancel after cutoff date ( a tuesday) for the coming delivery but before the Tuesday for the next week's deliveries.

        The cancellation window BS is easily avoided by skipping the future weeks deliveries. Then you can cancel after receiving the first box, regardless of what day it is.

        • My housemate has made about 4-5 calls to hellofresh about 9 months ago after he had issues trying to sign up to hellofresh despite never having used it (and other acquaintances facing the same error message after trying to sign up), basically they told him on the phone they have a system that automatically flags the same address. According to them, in the terms and conditions it is one subscription per household, unless you call up (after the system prompts an error message) to let operators know that you live in a share house.
          In his particular case he did tell them it was a share house but it was never fixed up on the system end, i.e. he could not sign up despite making 4-5 phone calls.

          • @p1723: Correct. Hello fresh does address authentication for freeboxes. If system dint pick up address then big win

            • @denubunny: Not in my experience. I and others I know have done it multiple times. The system did not pick up anything.

          • @p1723: Unfortunate that your housemate encountered an unwarranted block. As I posted previously I don't know if there is an upper limit. But I do know that it is possible to use the same address under different accounts because I have done it multiple times. Other people I know have done it multiple times also.

            • @the splingee: hehe it was easy to get more than once to the same address … looks like we're all big winners, thanks HF

          • +1

            @p1723: really sucks trying to get help over the phone these days … but if you do it on social media where it's public and they may get bad publicity then they often change their tune!

    • Thanks all - got my free box this morning and cancelled the subs
      As advised I had paused my futures deliveries and cancelled the sub only after receiving the box

  • +1

    Thanks. Got the box at 4th attempt. Hopefully easy to cancel after 1st delivery.

  • Clicked like 40 times. Didnt get $79.99 and $49.99 and $59.99 vouchers have expired.

  • +1

    Thanks got one

  • On the FAQ it reads:

    "HelloFresh is a subscription service, so every week you will receive a box unless you decide to skip a week or cancel.
    Payments are made the Wednesday before the delivery date, for all states.

    There's no minimum term and you can cancel anytime. Just make sure you do so by 11:59PM AEST on Tuesday the week prior to delivery."

    So just ensure that you cancel before midnight on the Tuesday that you receive the first box.

    • Assuming it's 10:59PM AEST, do we cancel it now (and potentially not get the first free order batch?), or wait couple hours into Wednesday morning to cancel the paid orders?

      • +1

        I'm going to receive my first (free) box on the 2nd of Feb. The next one (but paid) is supposed to be on the 9th of Feb (a week later), but because I don't want to pay anything (and hence receive no more boxes) I will cancel my 'Meal Plan' before midnight on the day that I receive the first box (2nd of Feb).

        Assuming I cancel the Meal Plan before midnight on the 2nd of Feb, I should never be charged anything.

        • Thanks.

          So in my case, my first delivery would be on 30th of January. Do I cancel a) now (before midnight 26th of January); b) or any time between 27th of January to prior my first delivery (30th of January); c) or after my first delivery (30th of January), but prior to the cut-off date 2nd of February midnight?

          Sorry to specific, but after seeing one of the comments regarding cancellation issues I want to be sure.

          • @chmod: That's okay.

            As per the FAQ, my understanding is that it is (c). Receive your first box on the 30th of Jan, then ensure that you cancel your Meal Plan by 11:59pm 30th of Jan.

            • @Aidan0098: Thanks again. And I assume you meant by 11:59pm on 2nd of February, otherwise I will just have few hours to cancel it prior to my first delivery.

              • @chmod: When is your second delivery? I'm curious if it's a week after.

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