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  • What's better for phone calls, trueair2 or trueshift2?

    • I asked this question to the OP in the last Soundpeats deal here, and they said the Trueair 2 was better.
      I cant compare the two, cause I only have Trueair 2. It works very well for me on calls/online meetings.

      • Thanks, and how would the earbuds compare.

  • Would these or any other work with PS4??

  • are the wireless earbuds any good for active sports like soccer and basketball? I'm interested but am worried they may easily fall out when playing/practising sports

    • -1

      Lol, I'm sure your team mates works be over the moon knowing your listening to some music while playing a team sport.

  • Of the ones on special, which would you guys recommend for a runner? Im not interested in any other work out just out ob the road logging KMs.

    I had some TOZOs but the fit was terrible and they were always slipping out and needed readjusting. Eventually the left bud stopped holding a charge after three months. Looking to not make a second mistake.

    • Hi there, similar story here. I'm probably not leaning towards a semi in-ear ones like the TrueAir 2, my suspicion is that they're going to let in too much of the environment's sounds eg. traffic. Something like the Sonic in-air ones seem better fitted with active users. Just my 2c worth of gut feel!

  • +1

    bought the true air 2 last deal and they are great, but the true engine 3 I find not so good as they lack any real bass and sound slightly tinny to me

  • I love my Galaxy Buds Live because they don't have that (IMO) gross in-ear feeling, but they don't get loud enough for me to listen to podcasts while mowing. Does anyone know if the TrueAir 2s (or another recommendation) would have a louder maximum volume?

    • +1

      Haven't tried Galaxy Buds but I just turned the True Air2 up to full and hurt my ears while playing Portishead - Strangers, I can't do that on my Bose QC30s nor on most headphones (How am I to destroy my hearing with all these safe levels?!)

  • +1

    I bought the soundpeats from Amazon a while ago, audio quality was OK but the microphone was terrible, ended up returning it to Amazon.
    I've tried a couple of those "cheap" earbuds, wireless and true wireless, some of them simply fell off my ears while others had a very poor bass, my feeling is that if you want quality you have to spend more.
    I gave up "trying" affordable products and ended up buying a Jabra Elite 65t, it's a premium price but it does have a great microphone, premium audio quality and does not fall off my ears so easily, got a slight discount at JB when I bought them but I am very happy with the Jabra (they also have a USB adapter you plug on your computer and you can use with two devices simultaneously).

    • I've got Jabra Elite 75t and mic sucks balls. I've even recorded my voice outside the house and listened back to it, couldn't hear myself. Paid $270

      • wow, have you tried to upgrade the firmware or contacting Jabra? If they can't fix it I would return it too, no point paying this price if it's junk.

  • How is the trueair 2 compared to Apple AirPod ?

  • There are two many of them and can't even decide which one to buy.

    • Sonic

    • haha yah same, end up getting q35 hd instead :/

  • Sonic or 3SE?

    • Main difference:
      Sonic: latest Bluetooth v5.2, QCC chipset 3040, button control, 35hrs playing time
      3SE: Bluetooth v5.0, QCC3020, touch control, 30hrs playing time

      In real life use you prob won't hear much difference, soundwise

      • So the sonic has the new tech but has button press which I have heard is rather stiff

        • Button control is much better than touch, which has a vague feel, and can be activated accidentally

  • Bought truengine 3s last sale. They are okay, sound quality is good, fitting in ear is not great though. And it has a surprising amount of static background noise, and sometimes one just refuses to connect properly, requiring you to hard reset them to get them both working together.

    Altogether not sure if I can recommend them over a cheaper pair of something like QCYs

  • I wish someone made decent earphones in a nude colour 😬

    • Lol. What's exactly a nude color?

      • As in skin colour? It's classed as nude I believe

        • hmmm considering humans come in a variety of skin shades, how would this work?

  • Is there anywhere to get a summary of the soundpeats product line? Looked at the facebook link without much luck. Ideally something that would explain the difference between the products in the same lines, and the differences between the line.

    There are a few older lines mixed in and ive assume trueshift —> trueshift+ —> trueshift2 (newest) I've also assumed products with bluetooth 5.2 are newer, but so many products to find out what is better

    Tossing up between Sonic, trueshift2 and trueair2.

    Sonic looks like the newest tech, water resistance is a plus if the quality is good enough on the other versions. Looking for something to use while exercising.

    • +1

      If you click on any of the model links in the OP to open the Amazon page, scroll about halfway down and there is a comparison chart with details of the 6 models :).

      • Legend. Will have a look thanks!

    • +1

      By far the biggest difference is the Trueair are open back style (you can hear your surroundings) vs the others being closed back (sound isolating). Open back tend to have less bass.

      When exercising it can be important to hear your surroundings, such as a vehicle coming or people shouting at you.

      Personally I can't stand closed back in ear buds. When exercising I hear my own footsteps and heartbeat, and when eating I can hear the sound of myself chewing.

      The Sonic's have 'game mode' which for bluetooth earbuds can drop the latency down to ~50ms which can be fine for gaming, depending on the person. Bluetooth has around 200ms latency which a lot of phones and computers compensate for when watching media. That's why you have some people say that they can't notice a delay with the audio and what they see on screen, because the device they are using already compensates for it. With gaming there is no compensation.

      • Thanks for the comments on open vs closed backing.

        I'll consider when reviewing the products

  • Fitting is absolutely everything to me - would love some advice on which of these will tick the box.

    I still buy the Panasonic ErgoFit line slavishly; their fit is insanely good and I've been a devotee for over 5 years. Xiaomi Piston's have been the next best in terms of fit. Both are terrific in terms of sound quality (for the price).

    I really do love the 'angled' fit - straight fit seems to fall straight out. So fit is my priority, then sound quality.

    PS: loving some of the other comments in this thread from existing users. Really loving the feedback. Well done guys.

    • +1

      "Fitting" is subjective too though :)

      TrueAir 2 looks to be a very comfortable and natural fit for long usage, it is semi in-ear style though. The Sonics are in-ear style and provide a more snug fit - for me the trade-off is the gains I get in sound quality.

      • Haha, fair call. Fit sure is subjective. Appreciate the advice.

        It looks to me that the TrueAir 2 is closer to the classic wires AirPod style in terms of fit?

        I found AirPods comfortable and lightweight (excellent for Zoom calls) and I'd be happy for something similar except….the reason AirPods don't fall out is because they're super light and I can't imagine TA2's are quite as light?

        I do love the snug fit but would trade off if there was a big difference in sound quality.

        • +1

          If your usage is tilted towards Zoom calls, and other more passive types of listening, I would favour the TrueAir 2. Yes, they look to be AirPod styled at a fraction of the price. I think they look very elegant too! The Sonics - I would favour for more active usage, a more immersive sound experience - higher volume, more bass, less outside noise coming in - and I do like the stated battery life (if we ever do longhaul flights again!). I don't like the button-push required on the Sonics (TrueAir2 is a tap) and there's the query whether they are comfortable for really long usage. (NB: I'm only weighing up these two.)

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: I appreciate the detailed explanation as in this instance I'd actually really want something for more active use (walking, commuting, gym). Sounds like the Sonics might actually have the edge for that purpose. Something that needs adjusting or fall out regularly would drive me nuts.

            Really great detail on both, I'm grateful for your insights. I'm somewhat of tempted to buy both!

            • +1

              @StToffee: All the best with your choice. For ~$40 you can't expect to get everything perfect, so there are trade-offs to be had. For me, it's a question of ranking what features are most important to ME, and then trying to line-up which model performs the best against my criteria.

              I've never had a fitting/comfort problem with in-ear buds. I do like a snug fit that cancels out as much external noise as possible, and sound quality is the #1 criteria for me. And I like the convenience of not having to charge the earbuds every day or second day. I think you can guess which way I went…..

              • +1

                @Charlie Dont Surf: Well, thought I'd better tell you that I went with the TrueAir 2 - the Sonics were sold out! And thanks to Prime, they arrived 18 hours after ordering.

                Tried them out today. Pretty comfortable (7.5/10), pretty good sound (8/10) and the fit was decent (7).

                For the price, my goodness - it's hard to argue. Great value. Thanks for your assistance and details, all the advice was on the money.

                • +1

                  @StToffee: Hope they work out for you. See my post below about third-party silicon tips, they might improve those comfort and fit scores by a point :)

                • +1

                  @StToffee: I've had my Sonics for about a week now. Thought I'd give them some time to get "warm".

                  Sound quality: 13.5/20
                  Fit and comfort: 9/10
                  Build quality: 8/10
                  Aesthetics: 7.5/10

                  Total: 38/50

                  The buds score the lowest on the most important criteria - sound quality. My Soundpeats Q30HD just sound richer and more dynamic across a range of musical genres and really crank. The Sonics need another 1 or 2 presses for volume too.

                  Comfort and fit wise, they are brilliant. Really nice, very stable. The push-button is tactile enough, and the case is excellent. Battery is still going after almost a week!

                  Think I will be recommending the new Q35HD to people on here at the $40 mark, if they are okay with a neck-cord design.

                  • @Charlie Dont Surf: Thanks for checking back in! Great review. Much appreciated. Haven't used my TrueAir's too much since I bought them, I am still just a sucker for the wired headphones I know and love…even thought the days are numbered as a technology. Glad to hear the fit was good on the Sonics, shame the sound quality left plenty to be desired.

                    • +1

                      @StToffee: I think there will always be a market for wired headphones over the near future. Bluetooth has a bit to go before it is true uncompressed sound.

  • +1

    i have the Samsung 1st gen earbuds, they are great, i bought some xiaomi wireless earbuds, they have a static noise when nothing is playing like in a movie when no one is talking u do hear static white noise very noticeable, i hate it, so i have stopped using my xiaomi. i would not be surprised if these have it too..

  • Do any of these have ANC?

    • couldn't see it listed in the feature matrix… so prob no.

  • Got a True Engine 3 SE. I hope it's good.
    Thanks OP!

  • I bought truengine 3 SE last sale and they have been good. Sound good, fit is good- try the correct ear tips included for best fit. No one has complaint so far on voice calls yet.

  • Bloody hell this was a hard choice, ended up going with the Sonics, here's hoping!

    • What got the Sonics over the line? I am tossing up between the true engine 3SE and sonics.

      • +1

        I looked closely at the 3SE because of the deeper discount, but went with Sonics because of the better fit (based on reviews), longer battery time per charge, and Bluetooth 5.2. Newer technology overall. Aesthetics fractionally nicer, totally subjective. But for pure sound quality and nothing else matters, then it is likely to be the 3SE.

        • Thanks. Sonic it is!

  • Does anyone know if the Sonic can be used with just the left or right bud?

    Edit: nvm. Description says yes.

  • Bravo, great deals, fantastic value.

  • The TrueAir2 or the SoundLiberty 53 Pro In-Ear Wireless Headphones [2020 Upgrade] for the same cost?

  • cmon why is sonic unavailable

  • finshed 10 mins before time… thanks

  • ahh expired already, why do i always just miss these :(

  • I just missed this, is it too late to get the deal now?

  • +1

    My brain hurt looking at all the options and I didn't buy any of them lol.

  • Ordered Q35HD still available for $32.99 which has better IPX8 rating and 14 Hours Playtime (comparable price but better features than Q30HD).

    • +1

      lol i ended up with the same after going through so many options, cant wait for it test it out. i went through 2 backbeat fits and they all died after 1 year

      • this review looks really good

        • +1

          just got it, sounds wise pretty good actually for 32 bux earphone. i gave a quick test just now, the size of the magnetic tips are pretty big actually, so it looks pretty weird sticking out of my ear but liking it that you can stick them together when you are not using it so it's like weird necklace

          interesting the review says its not good idea to wear it while swimming because it's an ipx8. having said that bluetooth wont work underwater anyway lol

          overall happy with it, cant wait to test it at the gym tomorrow

    • I have the earlier model, really nice sounding earbuds, comfortable and stable fit for active users. Have found the cord to "stick" in these recent hot months, can be a bit restrictive. But I reckon you will be happy with your purchase.

  • Thanks OP and others for your feedback etc. Picked up 2 pairs of the trueair2 last night. Arrived this morning and trying them out this afternoon….

    So far for the price these are excellent! Sure they are not air pods but to me are not that far off and less than a 6th of the price.

    • As you bought two pairs, how does one differentiate when pairing to devices i.e. if one was yours and the other say your Missus. What stops your device picking up hers as there it doesn't show any unique ID.

      • I changed the name of my pair via the phone. Hopefully there are no issues with the pair for the Mrs. So far so good but have not really tested it out close together.

  • Got TrueAir2 delivered today. It was really fast. Sound is good, calls as well. But I doubt I will be able to use it for long time. Ears are sore after wearing for some time. It really hurts the ear, esp the side. It doesn't have any soft material/silicone anywhere. Hard as rock. :(

    Used for half an hour and both ears feel like on fire.

    Anyone knows if a silicon cover is available?


    • Too small for my ears and barely stay in. Wish there was a way to make them bigger. Strange its one size fits all.

      • yes, noway to adjust like the rubber tips that comes with in-ear earphones.

        Is it possible to return? Just planning to check with Rep if he has a solution.

        • But covers would make them even tighter so not sure it would help you if your ears are sore after 30mins?

      • Too small for my ears and barely stay in

        I have no problem, it will feel going to fell off but truth me it won't

    • +1

      There's a recent YouTube review of the TrueAir2 that I've seen where the guy has bought silicon tips (for AirPods) and fitted them to his TA2s. He was glowing about the results. The only downside (and it is pretty significant IMO) is that the tips need to be removed for charging in the case. Very fiddly. I'd have a look on AliExpress, bound to be a lot of tips for $2-$3 per packet. Just need the cut-outs to be right.

      • Thanks. As you noted, it sounds like an awful lot of trouble. In my case might grab some in ear ones during next sales (have a current pair of different brand but getting old). These can be spares as the do work but a tad looser than I would like in the right ear.

    • That's unlucky. I used for 3 hours straight with no real discomfort.

      • Same no problem, a lot better than in ear.

        • Fit and comfort is such a subjective thing. Even moreso than sound quality!

  • I just received the TrueAir2, I am getting a lot of static noise, and pretty often drop out (milliseconds drop out), is this normal? I have not done a full charge yet.

    • I have not done a full charge yet.

      That is not normal, fully charge it first before you use it.

  • Got the Sonic's and the Ms is reporting they are lasting a full work day without charge, thank god. Definitely not 15hrs long, but a normal work day with some charge left. Finally. Sound quality isnt amazing but value wise cant complain. Tried a few other brands that were supposed to have long battery life but wouldnt go past 5-6hrs and had to keep returning them.

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