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Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor $349 (RRP $499) Delivered @ Cubo


Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is on a flash sale at $100 off, which is on top of the $50 sale they already had. Use the code CUBOFLASH.

I had two referral links in here from places I found online (in case you miss out on the above sale), but they've been removed. You can find codes easily enough online that will give you $40 off, but they won't stack with this deal.

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  • How does this fare over other monitors?

    • I've got one myself, would recommend.

    • This, the Miku and the Nanit seem to be the highest rated from what I could find.

      Reviews say they're excellent with a best in class camera (especially the night mode). The biggest difference seems to be that it doesn't have breathing detection like the Miku, instead they take a more proactive approach alerting you if your baby's face is covered.

      • Looking to purchase the Miku or Nanit for a friend, but couldn't see an easy way to purchase the Miku in Aus?

        Also one of the comments on this video suggests that the Miku won't work in Australia (without saying why…)

        Does anyone here have a Miku up and running?

        • +3

          Yep, I have the Miku here in Australia. I'm not that impressed by it as a first generation product. I bought my Miku from Goo & Co in Australia - they appear to be it's distributors.

          It's breathing monitoring is good, I have no real issues with that - it's really nice not to need to put anything else on him for it to work. That said, since our boy is still under 6 months, and in our room, we've discovered a number of times that even though the camera is only looking into his cot, it measures my wife's breathing on our bed next to his cot - we know because it starts tracking breathing when she is the only one in the room, having a nap. It doesn't seem to be very focussed and spills a fair way beyond the sight of the camera. In all honesty, we have no idea at night if it's measuring him or my wife, or both, or all 3 of us somehow. Support hasn't been very helpful in clarifying this.

          I have issues with the video disconnecting though and despite asking their support a few times, didn't get a straight answer on whether the breathing monitor is working even if the video feed disconnects.

          Also, unlike the Nanit units, the Miku unit itself doesn't sound an alarm when no breathing is detected, it's left to the app on your phone. I've found it too easy on my Android to accidentally leave the phone on silent overnight, and also when the volume is up, I get other notifications coming through that actually wake my little boy up. I've tried to tweak notifications to varying success, but it's irritating having to do a whole stack of config. iPhones have something called "Critical alerts" which might work better than Android in this regard - but the iPhone app reviews on the app store aren't great.

          We now just have a spare phone running the Miku app, so we don't worry about other notifications going off and waking him up.

          I've never been able to get two way talk to work - although, not a feature I care too much about admittedly. I click the microphone on the app to try to soothe him when he's fussy, and the voice never comes through the Miku speakers - although their white noise sounds do, so the speaker definitely works.

          The app eats my battery, so we went away over Christmas, and I uninstalled the app as we didn't take the Miku with us (attached to the wall and we don't have the floor stand). Reinstalled the app when we got home, could no connect to the Miku again. It took a week of troubleshooting on and off, and a support ticket with Miku to make the damn app reconnect.

          We've honestly lost confidence in the product, and bought it on the good reviews of a number of baby product reviewers out there, but I wonder how many of them have really given it an extended run for it's money. Once I started having issues, I started to find a fair number of people online also complaining about video disconnections, alert issues, false positives alerts (such as that the baby isn't moving when the baby has been gone from the cot for an hour) etc. App store reviews in both Google Play and Apple have some fairly common themes of issues and challenges.

          I think it has the potential to be a great product, but I've just had a few too many issues with mine to recommend it. I've said to my wife it would be fine for when he moves to his own room after 6 months+, but by then, the SIDS risk has plummeted anyway.

          For breathing monitoring, if that's what you're after, I wish I'd bought a Nanit Plus to be honest. It's app seems to have less issues, the company has had a few iterations of their product, it will only monitor breathing of the person wearing it's pattern-wear (and not spill over to measuring the parents).

          Hope that helps your decision-making.

  • Reviews for this say there are major connectivity issues. Eek.

    Buyer beware I guess.

    • You'll read reviews like that on every single baby monitor that relies on Wifi. Reviewers have suggested the Cubo is one of the most stable of the major baby monitors but it's definitely something to look into if someone's worried. The physical tablet style baby monitors seem to be the most reliable.

      Also keep in mind that link is for the older model, the one for sale here is the new AI Plus model.

    • The first version was pretty flakey for a while (including an extended outage) - eventually they released an update which stabilised it. The newer one has been more consistently solid in my experience.

  • We have the previous version of the Cubo and love it. We'd like the new AI version but can't justify the pricetag for few additional features.

  • +2

    Bought this in preparation for our first bub who's a little under 2 weeks old. Was easy to setup and for our setup seems very responsive. We have connected all the household apple devices and you can hear the alerts going around. We haven't had a no connectivity issue to date (touch wood). The main thing we bought it for is for the face cover alerts which has woken us up a few times when he covers his face or even when he gets too close to the side of the bassinet (little bugger is getting stronger and finicky!)

    Have a read up about it to see if it suits - the face cover alerts was the main one for us. One thing I will note is don't get it if you want random smile/nice photos being taken - most of the time we get photos or videos of us changing him whilst he's crying. Speaking of which, crying alerts are very good, even when not in frame.

  • I remember they had $150 off either on Black Friday or boxing day sale, got one and it's pretty good.

    • Flipside, they might have upgraded to another version soon.

  • Very good monitor. Love it.

  • Thanks. Just bought one.

  • So I get these need wifi but what happens if your internet connection goes down, can you still view the feed/use the app as long as you're on the same network as the cubo? Or does it just stop working?

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