A4 Laminator $18.99, A4 Laminating Pouches 40 Pack $4.99, Canon Pixma MG3060W All-in-One Wi Fi Printer $39.99 @ ALDI


Aldi selling the A4 laminator and laminating pouches.

I bought the A4 laminator from Aldi a few years back and it is still working. Buy the pouches when they go on sale at Aldi.

Laminating pouches
Canon Pixma MB3060W

The same printer is selling for $49 @ The Good Guys (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/canon-pixma-home-inkjet-mfc-p...)

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  • Printer already in a bigw with same price.

    • Yeah but idiots follow Aldi like it’s a cult on social media, so I’m sure there’ll still be a rush for them at Aldi. Same goes for Kmart - they also have idiot fans.

      If a info commercial style “news” article or a post from an influencer says something is “amazing” or is “flying of the shelf” the readers lap it up.

      • Some people would rather go to Aldi than visiting Big W.

        • Some people would rather go to Aldi than visiting Big W.

          Big W has 'to your car's boot click and collect'. Aldi has crazy crowds.

          Big W has online stock checking. Aldi has "good luck getting stock" mentality.

          Why choose Aldi?

          • @PainToad: if I need to return, Aldi is closer for me and easier parking, and return at cash register instead of going to service desk. Big W have great prices, but my local Big W is more of a drive and in a shopping center so distance to carry stuff if further than from my local Aldi.

            It's not always about price, for some it's logistics.

          • @PainToad: Because it’s good, different 😋

      • yeah i agree, the FOMO game is strong. They have a very good gameplan though. Every few weeks they will have a ripper deal with minimum store allocation to keep ACCC off their backs and then fill the rest with RRP's. It's bloody smart and works well.

        • i was one of those aforementioned idiots / cult members who jumped whenever ALDI said weekly special. then eventually realised they could instead let customers order online, you know, like every other retailer. but their model works so much better by exploiting the FOMO flaw

      • welcome to marketing

    • Laminator too - A4 $20, A3 $30

      Unless you're going to aldi anyway, I wouldn't make a special trip

      • Aldi has the advantage if you are shopping there anyway for groceries.

        • Woolworths and Coles have click and collect, whereas backwards Aldi does not. Hence I haven’t set foot inside an Aldi since Covid. Doubt I ever will again.

    • Incorrect - you're looking at the wrong model. The MG2560 is the same price at Big W but it doesn't have WiFi.

      Big W don't sell the MG3060W.

  • For $29 you can get an a3 laminator


    Which I highly recommend everyone do; even if you're only doing a4.

    Main reason is, the center is much more evenly heated, but more importantly, if you let the laminator 'bite' the sheet crooked, it'll bunch up and damage the job in an a4; in an a3, it'll just feed crooked thanks to the extra room.

    The $10 is worth the mistake-resistant tool.

    • Have owned both. Didn't find an a4 problematic but still totally worth the extra $10.

      • Depends how rapidly you laminate.

        I was doing one a4 sheet worth every 5 seconds or so (between sheets; clearly)

        If you have time to line them up, a4 is still fine; but if an a4 bites crooked, you've just ruined your certificate.

    • thanks for that been thinking of getting an a3

  • a public service annoncement i try to get out;
    remember never laminate anything important - like historical records, birth certificates, photos - only laminate COPIES of these things
    reason is lamination doesn't prevent all deterioration, and once they are sealed in plastic they are impossible to get out again to protect or restore
    home laminators have become a historian's nightmare

    • I am going to print and laminate this comment :p

      I don't think with the legacy I leave behind that anyone will much care if I laminate every bit of paper in my house (except birth certificates). Digital photos ftw.