Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H (Global Version) $189 + Delivery (Extra $20 off for New Email Subscribers) @ Matt Blatt / Kogan


I just ordered this model for 180.99 delivered to 3122 by using $20 credit from new subscribers registration (just use your new email address).

Note: The global version means that Australian plugs would be sent out separately (mostly same-day delivery).

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Matt Blatt (Kogan)
Matt Blatt (Kogan)


  • wait wtf.. Matt Blatt is another Kogan owned business?

    • Sadly yes

      • I wonder who’s next ?

        So far we’ve got:

        • Matt Blatt
        • Dick Smith
        • Old Harvey will probably have to die before Kogan gets a chance at the HN stores

        • Probably some companies are going down due to COVID?

          • @plank89: Kogans acquisition is so random tho like Matt Blatt was a furniture store.. now it’s selling Xiaomi products as I first came across it

            • @skido: I think this is a good time for them to acquire smaller businesses to strengthen their popular products. In this case, Matt Blatt is a reliable source of supply for Kogan's furniture products like Ovela, Shangri-la, and Trafalgar.

        • With that extensive list of companies, it could be anyone!

        • So far we’ve got:

          Matt Blatt
          Dick Smith

          They also purchased Mighty Ape last month.

          "Kogan.com Subsidiaries
          Mighty Ape
          Dick Smith IP Holdings Pty Ltd
          Matt Blatt Pty Ltd
          Kogan Operations Holdings Pty Ltd."

  • How DAREEE you go for my throne?!


    Great find!

  • Can these help to prevent dust from building up on tables, shelves, display items etc.?

  • removes 99.97% of smoke, household dust, pet danger,

    Pet dander. Unless it removes Pit Bulls.

  • Does anyone like the Xiaomi 3H? I want to sell mine on gumtree. The power cord is short like 1 metre long. Even under clean air environment , the filter usage is around 30% in a month.

    • Filter usage means nothing. It is simply a countdown timer that resets when it detects a new RFID tag on the bottom of the filter. Just FYI.

      • thanks. so it’s a timer based on hours of use? not by cleanliness of filter?
        wonder there is a way to bypass.

        • I have the 2s, so can only speak for that model.
          I'm not even sure how they would go about monitoring the actual filter cleanliness.
          The unit still works once the timer runs out, it just shows a 0% warning on the screen.

    • Duh why didn't say before I bought 3h….

  • does the 20 dollar email voucher work for other stuff?

    • How do we get the new member signup ?
      Nothing popped up for me to say “sign up here and get voucher “
      So I just signed up to their newsletter…and got a listing email instead… no voucher ?

      • Don’t sign up for the new member. You need sign up for the newsletter.

        As I encountered last night, when I switched from my phone to my pc, the pop-up voucher system disappeared. Finally, it popped up again when I tried with my phone and my ipad. I reckon there was probably a small glitch in this system.

    • Yes. It works for other stuff too. Just be sure that your order plus delivery is higher than $200, and you are good to go. Imo, the best way to use this voucher is finding the “our cheapest price”, so you can bring it even lower by using the voucher.

  • Boycott

  • Strange Kogan is selling at $194 + shipping . Are they somehow still different?

  • Better off buying the ones from bunnings for $20- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/599272

    • I was really tempted to buy two of those cheap boys. However, after quick research, anything below HEPA standard (like HEPA-type, similar to HEPA, etc.) isn’t worth the money.

      The reason is the reusability of this type of products is also nearly zero, when you can’t find suitable filters to replace the old one. They will go to landfill after 6 months without helping you in getting better health by filtering out 0.3 micron particles that are scientifically proved as adverse effects on your health.

  • Incredibly good at removing my neighbour's cigarette smell.

  • Does a great job at filtering out all the farts in my home office.

  • Damn I just found out that Matt Blatt storefronts shut and are now owned by that dodgy ACA infomercial muppet.

  • Thanks OP! Beat me to posting! I bought one a couple days ago and it said shipping ETA yesterday but it still hasn't shipped. Hoping it would help with pet dander and was hoping to get it ASAP. Haven't bought from Matt Blatt before so unsure of their actual shipping performance. Fingers crossed it'll get shipped soon.

  • damn bought at 194

  • Hello! Sorry if I'm a bit dense, but I can't find where it says that the AU power cable will be sent separately. Where is this written? Thanks!

    • dont worry you get it just order now before sold out

    • No worries at all. I bought some Xiaomi products from Kogan and they all did come with separate power cables (besides their original power cables).

    • sydney south west here just got a postie came in through rain to deliver small package of AU cable.. seriously mr kogan think of efficiency ???
      the purif is not yet delivered.

      • LoL. I just had the same experience here in Mel. To Kogan, profit is significantly higher than efficiency.

  • Whats best place to get replacement filter? And which filter?