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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (Global Model) $179 + Delivery (Depending on Area) @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Cheapest around :)
True HEPA filter
Shipping varies from $15

Was gonna buy it myself until I was gobsmacked by the idea I don't wanna commit to those things.

nvm bought 2 :(

cancelled orders due to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537256?page=1#comment-8706...

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Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • +24 votes

    How does this work with Google Assistant?

    "Hey Google, give me some clean air…" ???

    • Why was this downvoted? I found it hilarious!

    • "Hey Google, I farted"
      "That stinks. Turning on the air filter."

      Mine is currently "Hey Google, turn on the air filter" but you can easily add that as a custom command/response.

  • +14 votes

    Don't need one. Voted for OP's attitude!

  • This or the pro? I understand main difference is size it can process/filter?

    • Pro is a larger unit that covers bigger rooms, so it'll also take a larger footprint through the house - Like for example for a large living room/kitchen area.

      These are smaller but come with HEPA filter so…better than whta you get with the pro, with comes with EPA filter.

      I was dwindling for a while, this is a solid find as far as I care.

    • +2 votes

      I like my Pro. When air suddently turns smokey (hazard reduciton burns) you want to use the biggest you got.

      But this is pretty cheap. I got my Pro for $260.

  • When I have a house who's doors and windows seal, ill be buying like 4 of these.

    For now, blankets and constant airflow for me.

  • Came to $19 shipping for me.

    I bought the 2H from Kogan last week for $159 delivered. Still waiting for the power cord.

  • Whaaaat! Crazy price, paid $230 just a few weeks ago although I got the AU model

  • I paid $229 at Kogan just 12h ago!

    • Yes! I did that too but cancelled it a few hours afterwards! I was just like, nah nvm just…gonna wait for a better find.

      If only there was a way to get free shipping on DickSmith :(

  • What’s the difference between this and the AU model? I thought they just swapped out the power cords?

    • basically- different plug.
      You're gonna need an adapter / different cord.

    • Judging by my 2H, yes only the power cords.

    • That, and it uses the global app, not the au variant.

    • plug / power cord is not the issue

      CN model has to connect to Mainland China server in the Mi Home app
      While AU model and Global model (this one) can connect to any international servers except Mainland China

      If you do not have any other Xiaomi products that there's no issue for you
      but if you have some XiaoMi devices (such as S50 robot) in different regions
      then you will need to switch the region all the time to control devices

  • How much are filters?

    • $30-$60 depends if you buying genuine or not.

      Should be noted they have a weird RFID chip in the filters that "forces" you to switch filters every now and then, there's different ways around it online tho!

      • Ahh right good to know,

        How often on average you reckon it needs a change? (probably dependent on the individual home but roughly)

        • 180 days or so is 'hard coded'.
          There are ways to trick it though, apparently.

        • HEPA filters in general can be used for 10-18 months, depends on the usage. I don't remember what it said regarding xiaomi's and how often it asked to switch :(

          I'll keep you posted, let ya know in a few months ;D

        • Started using my 3H a week ago. Used for roughly <80 hours (11 hours every day); the estimated lifespan has dropped by 3%, based on the estimates in the MiHome app.

    • Generally $50 for the HEPA ones on eBay.

  • Thanks OP, can you please help confirm if this purchase register as Kogan.com or DickSmith on the creditcard statement? Hoping to get cashback promo. Unfortunately still $229 at Kogan

    • Hey!
      I used PayPal and it says DickSmith, so I'm afraid bank statement would say the same :(

  • Just remember that HEPA filters will remove visible smoke only. It can't remove smoke odour and most of it's toxicity.

    The only thing that'll do that is an activated carbon filter.

  • Hoping this will help reduce dust in my room and inturn leave my PC a little dust free for a bit longer

    • Can confirm this does not work. The biggest thing is airflowbto get these to work well.

      • I'm confused, could you elaborate? I also wanted to tackle dust around working areas and computers :(

        • Can't speak for RI4V4N, but I bought this model recently to reduce the amount of dust in my room. It detected a particle count of between 02 and 04 ppm which is very low (especially since I live in the middle of the CBD), so if I leave it on auto it runs on the lowest setting. This means its not sucking in enough air to filter out all the dust, so dust keeps accumulating on surfaces like it did before.

          I will have to try manually turning it up to a higher fan setting to see how much difference it makes. I'm not sure what the power usage for the high setting is though so it may not be something sustainable over the long term.

          Long story short - if you have really bad air quality (e.g. you live in China or near a coal mine) or you have really bad allergies then it might be worth it. If your air is already pretty clean then its not going to do that much.

  • Apperently australia has much cleaner air compared to other side of world, then why this product? Just open windows and breath fresh.

    • people with allergies for pet hair and dust
      and the whole bush fire fiasco a few months back

    • Agree that we should be proud of australia having very clean air
      But heavy pollen during spring seasons too
      This air purifier is pretty effective when pollen count is high and causing people issues like asthma

    • The air quality is very good here, but the purifier can help to cut down on dust/pollens/allergens. I still leave the window slightly ajar for fresh air, but I do notice a difference with the purifier.

    • While the good air is OUTSIDE - inside you're getting alot of poor quality air, especially if you breathed it, cooked within it, all the different electronics that circulate your air! :)

      • Why would electronics contribute to poorer air quality?

        Is that part of windmill theory?

        • you ever left toast in a toaster for 20 minutes? that's some poor quality air coming out of electronics. :P (and some poor quality toast to be more specific)

      • Amen to you, my fellow tin-foil brother. Especially if these evil electronics are powered by the insidious 5G signals ;P /s

      • This is incorrect in most cases.

        If you owned this device you would see that the average house has enough ventilation that things clear up after cooking etc quite quickly.

        That is in terms of pm2.5 air quality anyway.

  • good deal, paid $225 for it last month :(

  • Just bought 2H for $159 with $25 Amex cashback from Kogan last night but this 3h is tempting

    • The 3H comes with a way better filter, the HEPA in comparison to the 2H that comes with EPA!
      Just the filter alone is abour $50!

      So consider that you're also getting a better filter for virtually 'free'?

      Tho! Keep in mind! The HEPA filters can also fit in the 2H :)

      • Its way better but really depends what you need the filter for
        If you just need to filter pollens for example
        then EPA 11 filter (which comes with the the 2S and Pro) should be enough

        If you need to filter bacteria
        then HEPA 13 (comes with 2H and 3H) would be more effective

      • The 3H comes with a way better filter, the HEPA in comparison to the 2H that comes with EPA!

        That's incorrect. The 2H comes with HEPA filter. I'd bet that's what the H stands for LOL.

  • can we use a wifi plug to operate these via google assist? I mean it is a simple switch on and switch off for commonly used mode?

    • This one has inbuilt wifi so once connected to Wifi, you can create automation using Xioami Home app and then add Xiaomi Home account to Google Home app and there you go! It was super easy to configure.

      • I used ur steps previously for Xiaomi's buld, Light Strip, wifi plugs, Vaccum cleaner Gen 2. was not sure if purifier works. thx for the tip

  • great models, they will come in handy for the summer bushfire season

  • Thanks OP, bought 1 !

  • I suffer from dust allergy really bad and always wake up with swollen eyes/ face. Can someone with similar allergy please comment about this?

    • I don't have this purifier but I've got a Dyson one. I've noticed less dust build-up on furniture and when I check the filter its always full of dust. So personal experience will help at removing some dust from the air.

    • It will help a bit, it's not magic though. You still have to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter, wipe everything down with damp cloths, seal up the house and choose where and when you let in outside air if it's dusty, etc.

  • Good deal

  • this is a really good price!
    just paid $230ish last month
    and keep in mind this is the "international/AU" version, so you can not connect it to the Chinese server, which most of the Xiaomi products will be sticking with.

    so if you have no other Xiaomi product then it is all good, but if you have other xiaomi product that using the Chinese server then skip this one and go for the 3(without H)

    it is really annoying for so many of their products locked to Chinese server only but not even tell you anything about it.

    Also, if you don't have any allergic disease, you DO NOT need this.

    • I had this problem when I bought a AU model robovac.

      Instead of switching from AU to China servers constantly, I ended up downloading an app Cloner app and use a second instance of the Mi Home app so I can quickly get into the robovac

    • My temporary solution to this is to have one phone always on the AU server
      and another phone always on CN server

      Luckily most AU / Global server devices are supported by Google assistant
      so I can also start those machine via the google home app

    • Do I need to connect to a server to use this?

      • No no :)
        Only if you want to use its 'smart' features , it works regularly without connecting to anything 'smart'

    • Same, bought 2 @ 239 plus extra 2 filters at 50each. Still a fantastic investment

  • will this cover weed smell incase I smoke in a 2 car sized garage?