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[PC] Backup4all Standard 7 Backup Software Free (Full Price $39.99) @ Shareware on Sale


Backup4all Standard allows you to easily backup to multiple destinations,

Local – back-up to the local HDD or to DVD, CD, Blu-ray/HD-DVD.
External – back-up to external HDDs (USB/Firewire enclosures) or removable media (i.e. USB drives).
Network – back-up to network destinations (including mapped network drives)

My personal favorite backup program. I use it in mirror mode, with an update deleting, adding, or changing files individually. And all files are stored as they are on the local disk, so if you have a file you accidentally deleted, it's easy to find it on your backup.

There is also normal backup modes, with or without compression. So it ticks the boxes for most home users.

Anyway, it's free for the next 23h or so. It's rare that SharewareOnSale has good programs, but this is one of them, so worthy of a post.

Note, it's not that different from their free version named Fbackup, but their are some minor additional features, which some may like. It is also version 7, which is an older version to their updated 8 version. But from what I could see, there really isn't anything in 8 standard, that isn't in 7 standard.


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  • Can it back up to one drive?

  • i find that the windows 10 backup is more than enough? it can do all the different destinations,etc. which you can trigger manually anyway. (including a system boot restore option)
    plus you can do onedrive backup of your user profile folders (desktop,documents,pictures folders) natively as well.

    so i don't see the draw of this?

    • I've found the built-in option to be awful. I would also say that some people want more options.

  • Not sure if the key is unique? Here is the key I received.. (Have just masked some letters/digits with "X".)


    Can anyone confirm.

    • Pretty sure it would dynamically generate a license based on the unique email address you register it with, that's been a standard thing for decades… I can confirm that I used a disposable email address to generate a key and it is different to the one you posted.