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$50 Bonus for New Complete Freedom Accounts ($500 Deposit Required, New Customers) @ Bank of Melbourne / St Georges / BankSA


Looks like this deal is back again.

Similar offers at St George’s and BankSA


Get $50 with a new Complete Freedom everyday bank account when you apply by 31st March 2021 and deposit $500 within 30 days. New transaction account customers only. Exclusions, T&Cs apply*

$50 Offer: Fees and charges apply. Read the terms and conditions available at bankofmelbourne.com.au before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you. To be eligible for the $50 offer you must: open a new Complete Freedom account between 20/01/2021 and 31/03/2021, and deposit $500 within 30 days of account opening. If eligible you will receive $50 into your Complete Freedom account within 45 days of opening. Customers that open a new Complete Freedom account via a third party Mortgage Broker are ineligible. All account holders on the new Complete Freedom account must not hold or have held a Bank of Melbourne, St.George Bank or BankSA transaction account, or received this offer at any time to be eligible. Offer is limited to one eligible account and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • Was a St George customer 10yrs back with their transaction account. Does this make me ineligible?

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    tried multiple options and couldn't verify my identity, never had that problem in quite a long time, waste of time, have to go into a branch now

  • Just created an account within less than 15 minutes. Deposited, now waiting.

  • Do I need to keep the $500 in the account for 30 days or can I withdraw immediately?

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      If eligible you will receive $50 into your Complete Freedom account within 45 days of opening.

      • That doesn't answer his question at all haha. I would also like to know this.

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    Terrible signup process. Didn't work in Firefox - just reset the form every time I tried to send the sms verification text.

    Tried in Chrome where it worked, but I can't activate online internet banking. Just says your last transaction may not have been processed.

    Haven't received an email with any further information either.

    Not going to bother any more. This is stupid

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      I was able to sign up in Firefox, but couldn't activate internet banking either. I also got 'last transaction may not have been processed' (using security code through SMS).

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    Tried multiple forms of identity, failed to verify every time, no branches where I live.

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    Thanks OP for the heads up.

    Don't forget to cycle $2000 through the bank account monthly or the $5 account service fee will be charged.

    • it states in the main page that - We’ve removed our monthly account fee for all our customers, so there’s no need to make a minimum deposit each month.

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        it states in the main page that - We’ve removed our monthly account fee for all our customers, so there’s no need to make a minimum deposit each month.

        That's confusing then because on the St George website it lists that condition.


        edit: so basically don't sign up via the St George or BankSA links as it seems they have different conditions, although it looks like signing up through BoM leads to some issues

        • my apologies… it appears that BoM doesnt have the $5 fee

  • Westpac seems to have a similar thing but requires a deposit and 5 transactions within 30 days of opening.
    Good time for those wanting the 3% interest rate.

  • Basically this is once in a life time offer. Cant be repeated

    • From memory I think you can have one in your name and one in a joint name so technically between you and another person you could have $150

  • tried this before with bank of melbourne and they never gave the $50 :(

    • Did you ask them why?

      • no … it was like 7 months later when i realised i didn't get the money, and i didn't keep any evidence of the offer so i didn't bother

  • +1

    I signed up and did everything they asked for last time this “offer” came up and I had to fight to get my $50….in other words just another complete BS con by the banks….stick with the neos unless it’s 86 400 who have sold out to NAB which just shows they were only in it for the money (pardon the pun).

  • I got twice $50 already from opening freedom account years ago so thanks Mr George. Can't do this anymore I guess they knew what is ozb

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    What's the downside of opening too many bank accounts?

    • What's the downside of opening too many bank accounts?

      No significant downsides when you open an account through Bank of Melbourne. No monthly fees and no hoops to jump through (eg. do x number of transactions) to maintain the account.

      Do NOT sign up via the St George or BankSA links as they have a monthly fee unless you cycle $2K though them monthly. Yep, despite being the same product, they have different terms and conditions.

      Although the sign up process through BoM is far from ideal - I had issues registering for internet banking (which is a separate process from actually signing up to open an account)

      • +1

        Signed up to BoM and net banking surprisingly was fairly straight forward. Also deposited $500, now to just wait and see if I get the bonus.

        • Did you get the bonus mate?

          • @JoeBogan: I did get the bonus… but was it worth the effort? No

            • @umoddbro: Haha I'm wondering the same thing. Glad you got your bonus.

              Did you leave the $500 deposit in there the whole time or?

  • Can you get $50 x 3 if you open all 3?

    edit: Ok i see only get once

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    So after almost 2 weeks of opening my account they send me an email asking me to verify my identity… click on the link and it goes to an error form. If it wasn't for the bonus wouldn't trust this bank with my money.

  • What a mistake to sign up to this bank, they pretty much locked my account can't transfer out unless I verify in branch.

  • Just got an alert text (which you have to setup for your account) saying the $50 bonus was paid to my BoM account.

    Deposited the required $500 on 4/2 so just on a month before the bonus was paid.

    Stoked it actually all worked out :)

    • Did you have to leave $500 in there the whole time?

      • I did but it's really not required as per the T&Cs.

        Didn't miss out on much though as my other bank is only paying 1.20% interest anyhow.

    • +1

      Same here received my $50 a few days ago, curious did you ever receive your debit card?

      • Yes I did receive the debit card - it's a Visa

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