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Wanderer Quad Fold Camp Cart $109.99 (Was $159.99) + $14.99 Delivery @ BCF


I haven’t bought one myself so can’t advise on the quality but this might help someone else.

This cart is different to the other popular models from SCA and Kmart as it folds down more compact and neatly into a long rectangular shape. Swipe to the last image so see the video demo. The wheels are also rubberised so it’s quieter on hard surfaces.

157 mostly positive reviews.

Note that it’s marked as a bulky item so best to collect it in store to avoid delivery.

The Wanderer Quad Fold Camp Cart is a must-have when camping, visiting the beach, or even moving things around the yard when gardening. The cart is designed with safety features such as a handle that locks in place, preventing it from collapsing while in use. The intelligent compact design folds down with a telescopic handle, and the detachable wheels can be removed for easy storage. The large wheels make it easier to pull the cart through rough terrain and sand, making it a dream to take with you on holidays.Note: Umbrella not included.

Edit: it appears that click and collect is unavailable from most BCF stores now but as mentioned by a few people, the same deal is available at Macpac (sign up to the Macpac Club membership for free first) which can save you on delivery fees if there’s one near you for click and collect.

Not sure how long Macpac’s deal will remain but it’s likely they are matching BCF’s deal so will expire the same time or soon after.


Thanks for the tip and for everyone else’s feedback on this cart.

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  • +33

    I was ever so jealous on Australia day when I saw people strolling past the beach with their equipment/kids sitting in this thing while I lugged my families belongings like a peasant

    • +3

      Can confirm these are awesome!

    • +1

      That was probably me…

      Lugged a beach tent, two umbrellas, small esky, bag of clothes, two camping chairs…I have the previous model( red in colour) and it has been fantastic.

      Pro tip: use bungie cords to tie down your gear.

      This one is interesting. I do like the wheels on this.

    • On that day I used my first ever beach trolley bought from Rebel for $99 and I lost the folding base pad.
      Called Rebel sports so I can order or buy this part but they just gave me whole unit replaced. ;)

    • Got 3 kids. I god the red one as I carry so many stuff when I go to the beach. beach tent, chairs, bodyboard, fishing gears, esky, etc. Paid about $100 and it was a good purchase.

      • Max capacity of 50kg. This one is 110kg.
        I have the Rebel one, which is 100kg

        Now you might think you'd never get to 50kg and you could be right, but it's more a testament as to what you can throw at it before it starts busting. Plus those Kmart ones have rubbish wheels.

    • +1

      Haha. I hear ya! May we both be the bearers of functional carts soon.

  • +1

    Good post!
    Don’t forget the cash back. ShopBack at 3.5%

  • Really eyeing to buy one. Can anyone comment on the kmart ones?

    • +1

      Work okay on solid surfaces. The wheels at the back aren't at the outer corners, making it easier to tip when going up hills or cornering on soft sand.

    • +2

      I have the kmart. I gave up using it at the beach. And on rough surfaces in general as its easy to tip.

    • +1

      Buy one with thick wheels if you plan on taking it on the beach. The one's with thin wheels get bogged.

  • +2

    Why would you spend $109.99 on these, why you can buy one of those from Kmart and big w for 50, which are essentially the same. Just saying…

    I have one from big w which is great and sturdy!

    • For one, the Kmart only has Maximum weight capacity: 50kg. Where the Wanderer is rated at 110kg.

      That is a whole lot of extra kiddlets / things to carry.

      • +1

        Seriously as if anyone is going to lug 100+ KG in one of these.. like most ppl would struggle to lug 60kg more than 100m .. 50KG is plenty good for $49 vs this

        • I easily carried 80kg two weekends ago using another brand cart. Couldn't have done it with a lower rated one.

          • @bargainshooter: The BigW one is rated for 120 kg.
            However, it should be noted just like the BCF one, this is spread over a large surface area. And realistically this 110/120kg rating is the same as the 50 kg rating from Kmart, I've seen them in-person, structurally they're the same. The Kmart looks to be measured centrally, without a distributed weight, which explains the difference.

            So definitely don't try to stand in any of them if you're an adult (or weigh above 40 kg), but small kids are fine.

        • I pulled 2 slabs of beer, a whole bunch of food and a toddler in this one for maybe 1.5 km.

          Sure, it was a bit of effort, but by far the most convenient way to transport these things that far.

          I'm very happy with it, would buy again.

    • The rest on the market are crap compared to the BCF ones.

      These trifold ones are actually worse than the standard ones for $95.

      • The Rebel one is excellent as well

  • I’ve been eying off one of the Kmart ones after having to make five trips to/from the car the other day for an overnight camp.

    This definitely looks more solid than the Kmart one. Especially the wheels, which had me a bit concerned.

    Thanks for posting!

    • +1

      I got a Kmart one.. its excellent. Very sturdy.. made of good materials. Sure the wheel might not be as good but at the price difference its much better value.

  • Cheers OP - picked one up but had to post as wasn't showing in all the WA stores I checked
    Agree - most definitely looks a lot more solid than the Kmart version…

  • Does anybody own a cart-a-lot? Any feedback?

  • +1

    I have one. Bought this as wheels are one of the biggest I've seen on a camping/beach cart. Build is solid.

    • You have this bcf one? The wheels looks a bit small to me.. Maybe it's the photo

    • The camping and beach carts have different wheels. The beach cart wheels (red) appear to be much thicker. Which do you have?

  • Macpac also selling the same price if you want to click & collect (2.5% cashrewards) or buy in store. BCF show no stock everywhere in Victoria.


  • So this is actually $130.
    No stock in store for pick up anywhere near Melbourne (haven't checked elsewhere) and not eligible for free shipping as bulky item…

  • +1
  • This is the one to get if you are planning on using it at the beach. It has much wider wheels than the others. It's still not fun hauling it through the sand, but it's much harder to get bogged.

    • Pretty sure this is for the camping. The red one which has the wider wheels are for the beach.

      • The video for the blue one shows it in sand, but yeah I'm a bit sceptical as to how easy it'll be to lug around in thick, soft sand.

      • The red one is the old model that they cleared out. This is the new model. Wheels are better on solid surfaces. The wheel locking mechanism is so much better. My red one had these tiny paperclip looking things that held the wheel on. Talk about a single point of failure. When one broke I went to get a replacement and was told they don’t sell the red ones any more. The blue one is smaller, folds up much smaller, wheels are rubberised, sturdier handle.

  • +5

    Bought this recently and the quality is solid, it fold up very compact too. I would also recommend getting the clear cover https://www.bcf.com.au/p/wanderer-clear-wagon-cover/579916.h...

    • Did you get this mesh floor one (camp cart) or the hard floor version with thicker wheels (beach cart)? The clear top appears to be made for the beach cart?

      • The cover is designed to suit both the Camp Cart and the Rugged Cart.

        Looks like works for both

      • I have the red one. It has a mesh floor to let sand through and a foldable solid infill as well.

        • Just picked up the camp cart. It also has a mesh floor and a solid infill. The infill wraps around the outside of the cart when packed up. Amazing piece of equipment and love how small it packs away. I have an older beach cart with very wide wheels which is ok but it doesn't collalse into such a small package making it a headache to take on trips.

  • +1

    If you don't need the folding functionality, for the price plus shipping, get a Gorilla Cart.

    • For the stated purpose, I think you would need folding though. it needs to fit in the back of the Tesla.

    • Wow those Gorilla ones have mad wheels. Mesh would be great for sandy stuff if I had a van or ute to fit it into

      • +1

        The red Wanderer cart has a mesh floor as well.

    • +1

      Those are made for gardening, not camping or trecks to the beach. The whole point is it should be compact for travelling which the Gorilla Cart is not

      • I was at Dee Why beach last week and couldn't help noticing one and also these varieties.

        If you can fit it in your boot, then needing just one for gardening and beach purposes makes sense.

  • I scored one of these for $69 in the sales last year. Ran out of the red one so they upgraded it.
    Can confirm they’re amazing.
    Carries my 3 & 2 yo no worries and very handy gettin to the beach and back.

  • Thanks OP

  • TIP!
    The vuly version is readily availale on gumtree/marketplace due to them being given away as a bonus to anyone who bought a vuly product towards the end of last year

    • +1

      They are closer to the Kmart quality . Ratty on bumpy surfaces

    • +1

      At that price.. poo

  • Thanks, got one from Macpac.
    No stock at BCF near me.

  • +3

    I use an old baby pram instead of this😂

    • I use this for twins rather then a pram. They have both just turned 1 though.

  • How is this, compared to the $79 delux wagon with canopy at Kmart?

    • +1

      Have a look at how this one folds down. It's tiny in comparison.

      • I meant apart from folding.

  • Get the red one with bigger wheels. Better for sand. The thinner wheels will get bogged

    • This is better for camping and folds down to a 1/3 the size…

    • I've had no issues using this in soft white sand, the wheels are quite wide. Plus, as they have rubber on them, they're great on pavement or other harder surfaces.

  • +3

    The one from Anaconda is $99 and it's larger wheels look more suited to sand.


    • That one looks great. Nice wide wheels

  • +1

    Got one of these about 5-6 months ago and its been great. Remember to rinse the sucker out with fresh water and dry it after a stint at the beach.

    Only gripe is that the bearings aren't sealed and get gross really quickly.. have had to take back one wheel already for replacement.
    Edit, this one is more sturdy than the Kmart and Anaconda one

    • Reckon the bearings could be easily replaced with sealed bearings? Bearings themselves are quite cheap.

      • Definitely, the bearings in there are rubbish. WIll have a look at it this weekend

  • Thanks OP, have friends with this one and they swear by it

  • I bought one online that isn't great, it's bulky and heavy to haul through thick sand but we do load it up a bit.

    What are you guys carrying on the beach as I'm VERY fit and in anything other than firm sand, they're a struggle to get/keep moving.

    Tempted to see if I can get a return on mine and try this out but I'm not going to bother if it's much in the same result.

    • Beach tent, mats, esky, beach chair/s.. And if you have kids then throw in at least two bags of clothes/towels, beach toys.. Definitely need a wagon lol

    • The only cart that will pull through easily in thick beach sand is one with large bmx bicycle type wheels or immensely fat wheels. I have a similar cart to the BCF one and there is no way that any of these will pull through thick beach sand with normal amount of weight in them.

      • The only cart that will pull through easily in thick beach sand is one with large bmx bicycle type wheels or immensely fat wheels

        Any recommendations?

        • +1

          Have not found any to date and am contemplating manufacturing my own 'click in' monster fat wheels to replace the standard ones. Should be easy enough. I went to the Gold Coast with one of these carts and it was impossible to roll the cart in the soft sand so I had to drag it for around 100M while everyone around was watching me and my struggle. I couldn't even reach my destination without having a heart attack so I just stopped somewhere and said 'that's it, we found our spot' It was terrible. On the other hand picnics in the park are fabulous…. this cart with standard wheels is best for hard ground/ grassy areas.

          • @Logical: Replaceable wheels sounds like a winner! One set for camping another for sand. You may get orders… :) I have a beach cart from another manufacturer and the wheels are huge - about 15cm and not removeable - so it's relatively easy to pull along the sand, but not so good on footpaths.

      • My thoughts exactly/confirmed. I've had other people tell me one is better than the other as if to discredit what I bought, but no amount of understanding the laws of physics tells me you can overcome thick sand with model A over B.

        I think I'll stick with what I've got. 👍

  • Bought this from Macpac 2 weeks ago. Best investment ever! Every second person on the beach was commenting on it. Game changer. Folds up nicely when not in use.

    • They have the red one for the beach and the wheels look different to the blue one.

      Does the blue one pull easily on soft sand?

  • highly recommended, you want the big wheels on this one for the sand. Kmart ones with small wheels sink in the sand and you have to put more effort dragging it

  • +1

    I wanted the kmart cart but no stock anywhere near me and no delivery available. I nearly bought the BCF one but ended up getting the one from Rebel Sport. $99 with 15 or 20% cashback.

    A lot more positive reviews and similar weight capacity.

    So far so happy.


    • This one looks good also. Can anyone else comment on quality? Thanks

    • The one on Rebel Sport doesn't appear to be in the same league, not worth the minimal savings.

      • maybe not in the Wanderer league but i couldn't find stock at any local BCF for either the red or blue Wanderer carts and not worth the $15 extra shipping. Does what it needs to do for me :)

      • +1

        It looks identical to the Wanderer beach version. Has the same velcro straps for a beach umbrella and wheels.

        • frame is different to the Wanderer but like i said im happy with my purchase :)

          yes sale finished yesterday.

          my brother in law has a costco one with a 50-60kg limit i think. that works fine too but i thought i'd pay a bit extra for a bigger weight capacity

          • +2

            @tmntz2018: I know this is an older thread now, but don't compare this version to the Rebel one. Wanderer make two; a blue and red cart. The red one is the "beach" version:


            And you can see that it's identical to the Rebel version:


            Same folding, same wheels.

            This version is more of a "camp cart" meaning the wheels aren't as chunky with the tread so you're better off with the other version or the Rebel one if your use case is for the beach, primarily.

            • @beatsntoons: Not sure if the Rebel one has the mesh base like the red Wanderer though.

              • +2

                @CVonC: yeah it does :) I've got the Rebel version.
                It's got a mesh base with a single fold piece that goes on top when you want to add weighted items.

                • +1

                  @beatsntoons: awesome! hopefully it goes back down to $99 and stacked with cashback!

                  • @CVonC: good luck!

                    • @beatsntoons: Back to $99 but no upsized cashback! Hopefully there'll be one before the price goes up on 28/02!

                • +1

                  @beatsntoons: do you think the clear wanderer cover will fit our Rebel Cart?


                  • @tmntz2018: Great idea :)
                    It should definitely fit. From that product page:

                    Fits carts up to: L90cm x W50cm

                    (height is irrelevant)

                    From the Rebel product page:

                    Unfolded dimensions 90cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 57cm (H)

                    We're in luck! I'm going to get one, thanks for the suggestion.

                    • +1

                      @beatsntoons: no thank you for pointing out that the red wanderer cart was similar. i didn't even bother to compare the frames lol

                      im grabbing one too!

                      happy carting! haha

            • @beatsntoons: My apologies i was comparing to the blue wanderer 😀
              Thanks for pointing that out 👌

    • How is it in thick, soft sand?

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