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[WA] Unlimited Free Deliveries ($20 Minimum Spend, Excludes KFC) @ DoorDash (Perth Metro, Peel, & South West Regions)


In light of Perth's 5 day lockdown, DoorDash are now offering free delivery to the affected regions.

$20 minimum spend applies. Excludes KFC.

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  • Neat, will try it out


    • Not sure if you're just joking, but the covid case had KFC as one of his visited locations. The rest will be fine, this is just cautious marketing.

      • I suspect it's more likely that KFC was able to negotiate away the 30% cut that Doordash would take from a smaller restaurant so if Doordash offered free delivery they wouldn't be making any money.

      • KFC is always excluded from these deals.

    • Because kfc are so bloody slow you wait longer than it takes to eat the meal for the meal.
      If a driver got a couple of kfc deliveries in a row his whole night is done.

      • +1 vote

        Not to mention if they're run by YUM Foods they usually run out of chicken by 7pm because of the focus on reducing wastage, so they just substitute random stuff into your order and hope you don't complain.

        Edit: I always complain.

    • Because its just too much temptation for the driver

  • So is this great or just more likely to get a driver infected then spread it everywhere? Can't decide.

    • Agree with you. Free covid with every order.

    • No difference to any restaurant serving takeaways, grocery shops, or other essential industries serving customers in person.

      • Not true.. It places one person in many more spots.

        • And restaurants/shop accepting people in their store to purchase things is any different? Its the same, either one person to many spot, or many people to one spot and return. If one shop worker is contagious (similar to your concern if the driver is), both cases have risk of spreading contacts

          • @John: No, it's more likely to get out of hand this way.

            In your version, average Joe goes home. If average Joe doesn't pass it to shop staff or other customers, it stops there. If they get checked and isolate.

            If it does pass to shop staff or get left on a surface to infect other customers from the average Joe, yes there's no difference.

            If the delivery person doesn't pass it to the shop staff, they can still pass it to every person they deliver to before they get checked and isolate.

  • Bloody KFC, how dare they not support us West Aussies

  • Hopefully it's not a friend of the driver who was tested positive…

    pretty sure they are all using the same 'pool' of drivers doing ubers/doordash etc.

  • Deliveroo also doing Free Delivery across Perth

  • Funny I tried to order last night and there were no drivers…

  • same with deliveroo, free delivery for this week

  • GWS Giants got into delivery services?

  • Wonder if these guys improved their delivery times since the WA launch. Was bloody woeful at the start and haven’t sued them since.

    • Still terrible, been using them on and off as they have $1 delivery for new users and it takes forever compared to uber eats. Not sure if its cause of the lack of drivers, but definitely takes 20-30 minutes longer.

  • Delivery is free but all the food costs more than buying direct.

  • Does not work today?

    • Looks like the offer has been revoked 1 day early. The banner has been taken down from the home screen as well.