Scammer Deliberately Listing in The Wrong eBay Category to Deceive

The following 8 eBay listings are probably from a hijacked account.

They are for A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm) size prints of a few different things, the listings have been deliberately been placed in categories where it looks like you would be bidding on actual items and not prints of items, the high postage costs are probably to make them look like legit listings too.

  • Since these listings were made, some of them have been edited to say that you would be bidding on a A6 print and not an actual item.

Rolex watches…..

Computer Graphics Cards…..


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    I remember seeing on Judge Judy that the lady who did this had to pay $5k, even though the thing he bough was much less.

    • Wait really? For some reason I remember Judge Judy as well when I saw this haha, but I remember the opposite. I think what got them was that ebay automatically put the weight and other specs on it (don't remember if it was a watch or phone). And Judge Judy said the advertisement specs shows it should weigh x grams. This doesn't so you have to refund.

      Maybe there's two episodes where both happen.

    • Haha, yes I can remember seeing something on Judge Judy where they sold a picture of a mobile phone. I just remember it was a mum and daughter defending, they lost.

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    On Feb-01-21 at 19:49:22 PST, seller added the following information:
    Please note, this is a A6 printing and not the actual watch!

    In case you didn't understand, this is a print of the main picture in A6 size!

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    Theres probably more scams on there these days than genuine quality items. Shame was great when it first started

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    This auction is for Nvidia 2080 Ti Founders edition print in A6 size - Brand new.
    One of the leading Gaming & Crypto mining on the market can be now on your desk or any where you like. This A6 print can be placed anywhere you want.

    Even in your computer…just won't do anything lol

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    Report to ebay… obviously someone could mistake this…. could even be money laundering or faking sales to get credit/some other benefit.

  • Since these listings were made, some of them have been edited to say that you would be bidding on a A6 print and not an actual item.

    The seller can't edit the listing once a bid has been received, they can only add to the description. It would have started out as bidding for an A6 print out from the beginning. It's pretty stupid, not sure who'd bid on something like this but apparently it's working (or maybe it's just joke bids for a joke listing)

  • haha it's just so dumb. But they only need one purchase to go through to make it pay off

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      It's money laundering, not actually expecting people to buy it. Private buyers identity makes it clear and this has been common practise for years.

      • How would this be used for money laundering?

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          There's over $12.5k worth of bids across all those items.

          If you've got illegitimate funds that you want to launder, all of a sudden you've got $12.5k (less fees) coming through eBay. I don't know if tax office would look too deeply into it if they see it's from eBay.

          Being prints, it's not far off from being under the banner of art:

          • @tomsco: This explanation doesn't make sense. If the goal is to move money through eBay, why would someone create scam listings instead of literally anything else?

            • @sobes: If they’re criminals and they scam some more people out of cash, why not? Win win.

              • @tomsco: How is the money laundered?

                • @kiitos: Through PayPal by purchasing an easily reproducible item that costs $1 and selling it for thousands.

                  Criminal pays for it with account A (maybe hacked account, who knows), criminal received payment that is viewed as legitimate (ebay sale, paid through PayPal) in account B.

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      Well, people have bid on it. So chances are one, some, or all are going to be on the hook to pay for the item as it is a contract.

      As others have noted, it might be the seller bidding on the item through multiple accounts and jacking up the price slowly. This makes the item seem more legit. Then a real buyer ends up bidding and winning. Scam. Or if they outbid the real buyers, they end up having to sell it to themselves, which means this could be used as a way to cycle "launder" money. Especially handy for tax cheats, or those involved in controlled substances.

  • I'm not sure how auctions work, but I had to jump through hoops to put a buy it now item on for $4k.

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    What a piece of [email protected]#$.

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    A6? They won't even give you an A4 print for $4,000? That is the real crime here.

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      Haha! Shipping from Israel must be expensive!

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    As much as I think eBay should crack down on this, there's something genuinely amusing seeing people bid on this…

  • Great Party town, Eilat.

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    Reported to eBay US

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    Report as a violation of ebay listings in incorrect category. There is a conflict. It says a print but is listed under wristwatches in its category. The auction should be canceled. This happened a few years ago where someone put up a picture of a notebook and tried to walk away with a sale of $4000 for the picture. Needless to say eBay refunded them the money as the listing was deceptive. I’d be careful given that the seller is in Israel and eBay would have buckley’s chance of catching the seller once they have the money.

    Maybe we should all bid and not pay like they did recently with gamestop. Pushed the price of the stock to crazy values to stop the pro traders banking on the price going down. In the wnd the pro traders lost billions because instead of a falling share price it kept going up!

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    Reference Number: 124060
    Case Size: 41mm
    Face Color: Black
    Hour Markers: Luminous
    Case Material: Stainless Steel
    Movement: Automatic
    Band Material: Stainless Steel
    Buckle Type: Folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Rolex Glidelock extension system
    Features: No Date
    Gender: Men’s
    Style: Luxury, Professional, Sport
    Band Color: Silver
    Case Color: Silver
    Display: Analog
    Watch Shape: Round

    With this description, I think the intention for deception is pretty obvious.

    • Thank you for the description… Sounds legit so I got the Rolex!

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    Don't people put these listings to get bots to buy them rather than actual people?

    • wait why would the want to do that?

      • Because the bots actually bid on the listing, so you get to sell a listing to a bot that is aimed at driving prices up . win win. i remember reading about it a while ago.

        • oh that’s scammy af.

  • A6 is a HUGE print!!!!

    I could make a killing a you get 4 per A4…

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      The bigger the A number, the smaller the print. A6 is a quarter of A4.

      • Yeah no kidding…
        He said that; '4 per A4'

  • Notify eBay

  • Report the item

  • I wouldnt mind a rolex print on my wall. A6 is quite good too.

  • I believe a number of these have been put up in an effort to get back at scalpers and their bots - at least in regards to the graphics cards anyway.
    The bots look for the graphics card, auto-bid and then the scalper deals with the headache of temporarily lost money etc.

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    Send him a print of your money for payment?

  • eBay should make it easier to report the scammers like this

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  • I'm in printing and I would print anything anyone wanted for US$500 postage!
    Up to A0 size.