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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB - Mystic Black (AU Stock) - $1499 Delivered @ CellAphone


samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G 256gb
- Australian Model - Exynos 990
-24 month Samsung warranty
- Express Shipping @15(1-2 days)
- Standard Shipping @free(2-3 days)

Our products are backed by 24 months manufacturer warranty unlike other international versions which are available a bit cheaper than our pricing .

Limited stocks available , Happy Purchase

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  • 24 month Samsung warranty

    Our products are backed by 25 months manufacturer warranty

    • Hi CodeXD ,Just Fixed it , Thanks

  • +1

    Just here for the "Ewwww but it's Exynos" comments

    • Here for the "miracles do happen" by telstra plus ;)

    • Ironic youre the only one mentioning exynos

  • Is the dual SIM 1x nano and 1x eSIM? Or is it 2x nano and 1x eSIM?

    • Hi ,
      1 x physical Nano sim
      1 x E-sim

  • Reviews are saying stay away with anything S20. Lots of battery issues I hear.

    • That's interesting. First the FE had issues. Been reading the S21 reviews and haven't really been impressed.
      Is Samsung going on a bad run?

      • It seems to be a money grab, they know a number of people will buy a new phone. The S21 has some issues, but it should be much better than its predecessor. Just avoid the S20s and note20.

        Since all these issues, I've opted out of buying Samsung at launch. I like to wait atleast 4 months to see use reviews, YouTubers are likely paid to downplay the negatives.

        I don't understand why Samsung's latest phones have always had one issue or another.

        • +1

          Maybe Google has then inspired with the range of issues from the Pixel line each year 🤣

        • What is being reported on the S21 line? (honest question)

          • @raphael2012: So far the reviews are mostly decent, but still too early. It's not as bad as the s20

    • For what it's worth, I have this phone, no battery issues at all. Was warned when I bought it that it takes a few weeks for the adaptive battery to learn your habits then get good but honestly no probs. Maybe it was coming from a rubbish battery phone that made it seem good. I actually am not that excited about the camera though which was my main reason to buy this phone. Haven't really stopped to play with the settings much though. My friends iphone takes stunning photos, these might be clear but seem quite meh/washed out and the airbrushing just looks weird. Plus the sticking out camera lens makes me nervous and I still haven't found a protector for it. I also find bixby pretty much pointless, haven't found anything useful that it can do. and I find the on screen finger print sensor really annoying (coming from one on the back) mostly because I have a ridiculously expensive screen protector on which means the sensor doesn't work 98% of the time. Take this all with a grain of salt - like I said, I haven't spent much time playing with it & most of these are samsung not s20 issues. The battery life and size though => both fine

      • If the issues you're having are Samsung trusted then you might as well get a not so well known flagship with similar hardware for half the price.

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    It may be that they purposely leave flaws in the phone, so when the new version launches, you're already so annoyed with your current Samsung phone, and the new one promises to not have the same issue. However, the newer version might have another issue, which would start to get under your skin in a year's time, but by then a new Samsung phone is launched, and it does not have that problem. And perhaps the cycle will continue like that.

    Also, don't get me started on the Google pixel.