This was posted 11 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine 12-Month Payment Plan from $45/Month (Returned as Credit) + $1 Up-front + Free Post @ Nespresso


This is actually a good deal when you consider you get the value of the monthly subscription back in credit, which can be used on any Nespresso product and accrues up to 18 months. Since you need to be buying Nespresso capsules anyway that means the cost is almost 100% offset.

Delivery is free on the machine, subsequent coffee orders will be subject to a delivery charge. Only applies the Vertuo range of models:

Vertuo Next Solo $45/mth
VertuoPlus Deluxe $50/mth
Vertuo Next + Aeroccino 3 $55/mth
VertuoPlus Deluxe + Aeroccino 3 $60/mth
VertuoPlus + Aeroccino 3 $60/mth

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  • can the accrued credit be used for machine purchase?

    • Nope only for coffee and accessories

  • Wouldn’t it work out better to get a machine outright and just use generics? I will admit I don’t mind Nespresso pods but they’re a bit up there in the price.

    Been looking for a deal for one I can justify having at my desk at work for personal use but haven’t seen a good deal in a while.

    • There's no generics for this one (as far as I'm aware) that use the disc pods

      • Correct. The Vertuo are currently Nexpresso-only as they still have a patent or registered design on the capsule. That's why you only ever saw plastic generics for the previous generation of Classic pods. Once the patent/design registration expired a couple of years ago the third-party makers could start making their own aluminium capsules, and that's why we suddenly started to see all sorts of brands pop up spruiking their 'new' design capsules.

        • +1

          And I'd also say that's probably one of main reasons why Nespresso brought out the Vertuo line. They'd still makes sales on their original capsules but once the patent expires, they lose out on $$.

  • So unless you buy a crazy amount of capsules, you'll have to pay delivery on expensive pods. I guess you can let your credits accumulate and then get free delivery but then, no supply?

      1. Other Conditions:
        (i) Delivery: Free standard delivery is included with the minimum order of 50 Nespresso capsules. A delivery which only contains accessories will attract a standard delivery fee of $6.00.

      Found under the Nespresso Capsule Subscription Service heading

      • My bad, I was reading this on the home page as the subscription page was down. Seems the above is only a special only for subscription.

        FREE DELIVERY with 100 capsules, machines & selected accessories*. *Ends 15/2. T&Cs apply.

  • Anything not vertuo?

    • There are other machines available but not for $1 plus they are all 18-month minimum plans. You still get the monthly credit.

  • *12 TO 18 MONTH MINIMUM TERM. Early termination fees apply. Total minimum cost from $541 to $1,150

    It's like the fine print in a mobile plan. You're not getting an iPhone for a dollar here. Half a G minimum.

    • +1

      The monthly amount you pay turns into credit you use to buy pods. If you have this machine you need to buy pods from nespresso anyway.
      My subscription just expired. I thought it was well worth it, for the vertuo machines anyway.

    • No, that's $541 to $1150 worth of pods you would buy anyway. So the machine is still, in essence, $1

  • I have a Virtuo machine and while it's nice, the pods are expensive. I end up spending $100 for every order.. The machine isn't where they make the money.

    I wished I had gotten a regular Nespresso machine where I can easily get compatible pods.

    • Note that you can always recycle these. Nespresso offer a few different ways to do this: if you're near a Boutique then you can take the capsules there, many florists act as drop-off points around the country, or you can purchase pre-paid mail bags from Nespresso for a minimal price. Aluminium is one substance that's infinitely recyclable so it makes sense to do so, and they use the coffee grounds to make compost. It's actually a really nifty operation that's a home-grown idea, and it's all based in North Nowra on the NSW south coast.

  • +1

    I have a Vertuo on a $50 plan and it's better than the normal standard nespresso. Yes the pods cost more but they're at least 3 times the size in coffee output for some of them which works well if you like a large/tall/grande coffee. For shots or espressos stick with the normal pods.

  • Too bad the original line isn't part of the deal, would love the Creatista (when they first brought out the subscriptions, they were all $1). Great deal for the Vertuo if you're after one though.

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