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Grinders Coffee Crema/Espresso/Rich Espresso 1kg $19.99 ($17.99 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Some good discounts on Grinders Coffee including pods.


Rich Espresso

Nespresso compatible Pods also on discount: $23.99 for a pack of 60 ($21.59 with S&S). That's less than 40c each.


Enjoy Responsibly!!

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    Don't know what the equivalent of Foodland/ IGA is interstate… as they have 1kg of Grinders coffee this week for $18 in SA…. Bezos has enough cash $$

    • sure have. a cheaper alternative is always better bezos or not!

    • I was going to say, for any Adelaideans this bloke does 1kg of coffee for $20 pickup all year around: https://coffeebyross.com.au/

  • Which one is good for aeropress?

    • -1

      These are beans… so… doesn't matter?

      You grind the beans to suit.

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        Not strictly true. Although you can grind any bean variety or blend to suit the type of coffee you’re making (espresso, drip filter, French press, stovetop, etc), some have flavours that lend themselves better to the style than others. Something with a high acidity might be better for a milk-based espresso coffee where the milk helps to balance and smooth the flavours. A low acid coffee might be better for a press as a lot of people tend to drink it black, so you want the earthy or fruity flavours to come forward. To answer the question above, the Crema or Rich Espresso both mention ‘balanced acidity’ so they might be good for an Aeropress. My personal palate would likely favour the Crema, based on the tasting notes, but coffee can be so individual it’s hard to make a recommendation.

        Since Grinders blend for supermarkets they’re going to be making an ‘Everyman’ blend as they don’t know what buyers will be using it for, thus you may find all of these will be suitable. If you can get them at $18/kg that’s nearly $10 off what Grinders sell direct so why not try a couple of them?

    • Crema

      • +1 on the Crema bought this week at Coles for $20/kg. Very creamy and nice.

        • Yes, been using for a while, I like it

  • +1

    Good timing thanks for posting!

  • Any idea how fresh these would be?

    • Owned by Coca-Cola, I doubt fresh.

    • +1

      You are associated with Grinders yet don't know how fresh they are?

  • Yeah do they have the roasting date on packet? Anyone tried the organic?

  • I believe Costco is selling this too. Can't recall how much they cost. Anyone knows?

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