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DGTEC 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with Netflix $299 + Delivery @ Big W


Seems like a good price for a 55 inch 4k TV, available for home delivery, the delivery fee is $46 dollars

Edit: The delivery fee is cheaper on eBay : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124497928714

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        That's what she said.

    • Good? No.
      Will it work? Yes.

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      c'mon bro you spend $700+ on a PS5, only then connect to a $300 landfill item

  • I have seen these DGTEC TV's on Facebook marketplace going for very cheap and sold as being 1 month old or so……. Perhaps some quality issues with these.

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      What I've seen is that picture quality is good. You definitely need to tweak the default settings, but its pretty damn good. The sound quality of the speakers in the TV itself is pretty bad, though gets a bit better when you turn off the "virtual surround sound" option that is enabled by default. The menus are also a bit weird, so people often get confused with how to set WIFI, etc.

      The recommendation is to buy basically any type of speaker, theyll all be better than the built in ones (sound bar, pc speakers, home theater, etc). Additionally, like all cheap TV's you are better off with some sort of external video system like a chromecast, xbox, PC for things like Netflix. Yes, it has netflix, but the performance of the menus is not particularly impressive.

      These downsides are offset by the cost of under $300. If we were talking the $599 retail price they normally go for, id avoid, but at $300 you wont find anything better unless there is some sort of once-in-a-blue-moon clearance of a particular model at a particular store near you.

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        As Rtings have on their setup guide.

        First turn every option off, then test to see if its better or worse for each input.

      • Did u try gaming on this tv how’s the overall experience with gaming and latency etc?

        • I got my new one of these TV's yesterday, and without any measurement equipment, it does indeed game just fine ([email protected]). I didn't notice any sort of lag between buttons being pressed and rendering on the screen (it's likely there, after all this is not a CRT, but it's just not noticeable).

    • Well you won't find a cheaper 4K. I'd expect some drawbacks

  • The adage, you get what you pay for is truer here than anywhere. Look they have @bigW QLED 50/55/58/60/65” Android TVs all the time for around $500-600. This is a kids bedroom TV at best

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    It's same price but with $35 delivery on eBay. Just grabbed one.

    • Good finding!

      • 10 left on eBay, can’t cancel my big w order because it’s on its way already lol fast delivery though

        • Buy two sell one on gumtree. Profit.

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    I had a $50 sign up credit from eBay plus so it was the first place I checked.

  • Just rolled the dice to replace my several-years-old Sony FHD 55". I have separate streaming devices, amp and speakers and a universal remote so all I care about it picture quality (incl 4K resolution) - fingers crossed it is an upgrade!

    • interested to hear how you go. I'm rocking an 11 year old Samsung fhd 100hz set, interested to hear if bottom end now is better than good brand from awhile ago.

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        I just hooked it up so this is a first impression, but the increased resolution on 4K source material is very noticeable, it is an obvious upgrade in that respect. No immediate regrets!

  • Very tempted to upgrade the old Kogan in the bedroom

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      are you referring to the TV or the Old Mrs?

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        Every inch counts

        • That’s what she claimed

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        Are you insinuating he married a woman named Kogan

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          Are you assuming TightTerry is male?

  • Suitable patio tv? What we reckon about brightness being able to do the job?

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      Brightness: 220NITS

      So no

  • Cheapest way to connect 4 of these together in one picture?

  • Just bought one to upgrade Full HD TV, hopefully I won't regret with ozbargain power buying attraction, lol..

  • Does anyone know the return postage policy for online purchases?

    This is too big for my car so couldn't drive it back to the store if any issues.

    Ebay says return is at buyers cost. From what I could see in the Big W website (https://www.bigw.com.au/returns) it just says "Products that you have purchased on bigw.com.au can be returned either:

    By Post Post the product to the address noted on the returns instructions leaflet in your parcel"

    Does say it's free, doesn't say it's not.

    It would suck to pay $46 for postage, to then recieve something faulty and have to pay for postage, or hire a truck or big uber to send it back…

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      If the item has been sent, you will need to reject delivery and then request for refund, but they will not refund the delivery fee of $46 if you change your mind :(

      • How do you know if it's faulty if you reject delivery? I was talking more about if you have set it up and fix some dead LEDs or something else broken a week after opening etc.

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      This is too big for my car so couldn't drive it back to the store if any issues

      R u sure? I have a small car and I've transported two New TV's (Sony 55" and tcl 55") in the box sitting upright on the back seat. Albeit not at the same time.

      In any event, If you pay using PayPal, they'll cover the return cost up to $45.


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        Was about to say the same - what car cant fit a 55" tv in it?

        • Maybe if they have a car with no rear doors. That could be challenging. But, surely most people will know someone with a suitably sized car.

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      I'd ordered from Big W website and though they took $46 shipping the TV came to my door next business day.

      There was a dead pixel on the left side of it, which I raised through their complain/enquiry portal and got a replay within an hour asking for pictures of the defect and they straight away issued a return confirmation plus initiated the replacement process.

      The new TV arrived before the old one gets picked up. didn't have to put a step out of my building throughout this process. pretty impressive.

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    65" $399

    Low Stock
    Hervey Bay


    • Won't let me click and collect when it says low stock at some of these :(

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    I had a $20 voucher with a coupon code for some reason on ebay. Brought the TV down to $314

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    It's 1am and I have impulse bought two cast iron frying pans and three TVs. Leaving now before it gets bad.

  • Could someone who has one confirm the model no pls & whether it is wall mountable

  • Ordered, see how she looks, upgraded main TV to 75" Samsung Q80t so will see how they compare :-)

    • Now is not a good time to be buying a higher end TV like the Samsung.

    • the Q80 is going to absolutely blow it out of the water - night and day! One is 10 times the price of the other for a reason

  • Ebay coupon $20 off TSS60QWFQL2BRQM

    • Doesnt work for me

  • 4 left on ebay

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    Thank you TOLL

    I referred a friend to this deal….. This is what he received this morning.


    The driver was throwing it around the truck like a rag doll apparently. Surprise surprise.

    • FFS

    • Wow, that's cooked!

    • Did Big W resend the item?

      • No, no left.

  • I have just recieved one of these today. If anyone knows the REMOTE CODE I would really appreciate it.

    Its not as bad as I expected. The picture and sound are ok. I'm just using it to play Xbox, so not using it as a smart tv.

    • what is the remote code for?

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    For those using with Chromecast with Google TV the Chromecast’s remote can be used if the TV is set to Hisense TV. Keep trying the input and volume buttons until it works.

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    Back in stock at $299

  • Resurrecting given this is back in stock - can anyone confirm if this TV is wall mountable? Unable to find a reliable spec easily!

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      Yes it is wall mountable.

  • Noob question, can I hook up a projector and use this as the screen?

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      No that’s not how projectors work

    • To clarify, are you asking whether the following is possible?

      Netflix Servers -> Internet Connection -> TV HDMI Out -> Projector HDMI In -> Image Projected onto wall?

      • Practically all TVs don't have HDMI out.

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    How is the picture quality compared to other cheaper brands like TCL?

    • I am looking for some reviews too.

    • for $299, very happy so far *knocks on wood

  • Thanks - ordered for my son's room, sure he will be happy with it :)

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    Some bad reviews about the remote. What happens if remote stop working outside warranty? easily replaceable with generic one?

  • Got mine up today. Does anyone know how to get the audio set to external?
    The screen seems ok.

    • I just hooked up my amp via the optical out and turned the tv volume down to zero.

  • If anyone wants to offload in melb, will take it

  • Anyone who has seen this one and the eko frameless able to compare image quality?