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Refunded Return Shipping Costs (8 Per Year, $45 Max Each, Activation Required) @ PayPal (AliExpress now Accepts PayPal)


Great time to re-post this deal as AliExpress now accepts PayPal payments. Previous posts are linked below and each is over the 6-month dupe exception rule. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • (1) Activate Refunded Returns. You’ll be eligible for a refund on return shipping costs from your next PayPal purchase.
  • (2) If you return an eligible purchase, log in to your PayPal account to find the original transaction.
  • (3) Submit a request with proof of return within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase. Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days.

Previous posts here, here, here, here.

22/11 Note: Thanks to Tigerhacker who reported: "This triggers a cash advance surcharge via Bankwest CC ($4)"

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  • Well, I had no idea Ali took Paypal, so fanks.

    • Then you probably missed this deal too. Go nuts! 🤪


      well you're not wrong; they usually take AliPay

      • Where does it say they accept paypal for all transactions…I just added an item to a cart and there is no Paypal option for payment…Paypal only seems to be available on limited sellers (very limited!)

        • Same I just bought 10 things and I didn't see an option for PayPal. Maybe it's only certain sellers but this is awesome, will look for it next time

  • I activated long time ago, do we need to regularly activated?

    • Also not sure

      • Looks like you activate by accepting the terms of service. So I guess only activate once, if unsure, try activate again.

        PS, I tried to activate again, it said already activated.

    • Apparently not.

      I don't remember activating, but when I went to the deal it said something like "you're already eligible for free refunds".

  • Is it calendar year or 12 months from when we activate?

    • Good question

      • Found it.

        "How many refunds can I request?

        You’re eligible for up to eight refunds per PayPal account per calendar year. If you return multiple packages containing items from the same transaction, we will refund your return shipping costs for up to three of the packages."

  • Great time to re-post this deal as AliExpress now accepts PayPal payments.

    Wow. Post this as a separate deal imo or a forum post. That is new.

  • Always good seeing this deal come up on my feed as I tend to forget about it. Thanks TA

  • Pretty sure activation is one and done, though it's good to have this pop up every now and then for those who haven't activated yet, PayPal on AliExpress should make disputes easier.

  • Just remember you need to take a photo of the package with the address on it, as well as the receipt

  • re Aliexpress and PayPal


    Why I cannot pay through PayPal?

    Paypal can only be used when seller has activated Paypal account for his/her store, and, meanwhile, the order will be shipped to below countries(in alphabetical order):

    French, Germany, Italy, Israel, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emiratesd

    Note: Paypal will automatically be displayed among the payment methods if it is available. When it is not available, please use other payment methods.

    • Weird that Australia isn't listed, I tried a couple of items and I saw the PayPal option.

      • I ordered something yesterday and used it…

        Tried today but it was under $1.50 which it said was the minimum though

    • You've linked an outdated page. PayPal has been an option for most of those countries listed for many years (e.g. UK) but only very recently have they added Australia for all stores.

      • Interesting…PayPal has never appeared as an option since it was originally dropped by Ali, way back.

        • PayPal dropped them not the other way round. They were selling counterfeit products and sellers were not reliable. Was years ago

        • It did appear as an option for those countries listed for years. Only very very recently (couple of weeks) has it shown for Australia.

  • I submitted the request of shipping cost refund on 20/10, approved on 21/10, PayPal told me it would go to my account within 5 business days. But I haven’t received it yet :(

    • mine was approved and from 22/10 as well, normally they will send exactly 1 week but not this time

    • I have also been waiting for more than 5 business days. I recently got this reply from PayPal:

      "Kindly note that we are doing our best to resolve the technical difficulties we are currently experiencing, so you can receive the funds as soon as possible."

  • Cheers..TA

  • When using Paypal with Aliexpress, make sure the card you are using does not charge fees for international transactions. I bought something using Paypal on Aliexpress in AUD but then got charge a foreign transaction fee from my credit card as it was processed with Paypal Singapore…

  • Probably most stupid question but I don't really understand how this works. Why do we have to activate it when it's free and is it eligible with anything we buy from a shop where if we need to return due to some issue, PayPal will pay for it (8 times a year, 45$ Max postage, each!?)

  • Thanks, this is excellent. Paypal enables another line of defense, and postage refund is a great find.

  • Beware of random cash advance fee, I'm not the only one that experienced this problem.

  • I am using it for the first time, need to photograph item, and addressed package, and receipt.

  • Do you have to pay return shipping via PayPal to do this? What about of you return ship via aus post?

  • I've had aliexpress say my order was delivered when tracking says it's clearly not delivered. Package never arrived was denied refund.
    Another time Aliexpress said my return was returned successfully then tell me it wasn't delivered and never got a refund for returned product.

    I would imagine if someone were to get a refund through PayPal they would ban your account much like they did if you do a chargeback through your bank?

    • I have never had that issue with aliexpress, always had a refund.

      • I can confirm AliExpress can be crap. Last year I was sent the wrong item. It was a previous version without the feature I needed. They denied my claim saying it was close enough. I had made hundreds of purchases on AliExpress and was a good customer.

        Thankfully it was pretty straightforward to do a chargeback via my bank. The item was refunded, as well as all other items that were batched in the same order. I haven't used AliExpress since.

  • the paypal refund works slightly differently in other countries.

    for example, in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Portugal it is max €30 (~AU$50) refund, 12x per year. (I only checked these, but it could be more countries)
    for Germany, Austria, it is €25 max, 12x per year.
    for the UK, it is £15 max, 12x per year.
    for Switzerland, it is 32 CHF, 12x per year.
    for Sweden, it is 250 kr, 12x per year.

    These should work australian purchases. i've been using my australian account to refund purchases made in europe, sent to and from europe. however, they do convert the refund back to AU$ and you take a paypal conversion fee loss.

    it might be better for lower value postage costs to use an european account that allows more frequent returns (or you could have a second australian account. works either way).


  • I used this the other week, I completely forgot it existed for ages. Made an order from Newegg USA and realised I wanted more so just placed another order and returned the original one. PayPal approved the return to problems!

  • Only thing I dislike about AliExpress is the delivery timeframe at a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks. Too slow.

    • What does that have to do with AliExpress?

      Its a marketplace so you can have any delivery service you like if you ask the seller.

    • You can upgrade postage to ems or dhl which is faster

      But probably not worth it for really cheap stuff

  • Kinda had enough of Ali Express lately.
    Twice recently have placed orders and been told by seller "the price was artificially low by mistake and due to Covid shipping cost has gone up - please will you pay us some more?"
    Both times I cancelled as couldn't be bothered to get into a pointless argument

  • This reminds me, it must be time to repost the PPSR check 'deal'.

  • Can this be backdated?

  • Is it ever worth the hassle & cost to try & send back to China & hope you will get reimbursed?
    I guess for expensive items….

  • Can't see any options to pay by PayPal on Aliexpress website.

    • Good news. PayPal has now appeared on Aliexpress.I was able to use it.

      • Bankwest charged a cash advance fee for it though

        Wonder how many other banks might be similar

  • Does it include warranty based returns?

  • Ended up getting cash advance fees for aliexpress paypal purchase, using bankwest platinum
    No idea why it would class it as gambling etc to be triggering a cash advance fee

    Got refunded the few bucks but
    - "the merchant type shows as 'financial institution', which attracts cash advance"

    So any bankwest users, I would avoid paypal on aliexpress
    Need to see if others get the same cash advance issue on other cards

    • Same i have multiple Cash advance fee of $4 for Bankwest Platinum Zero.
      Worst part i bought items less than the cash advance fee.
      Spoke to bank and the will waive 2 of the $4 charges. Will have 2 more once the transaction completes.
      The cash advance fees are instant after the charges switches from authorisation only to posted
      Wont be using paypal for AE

      • Yeah, just discoverd this as well, I had to contact Bankwest to get it reversed but its pretty striaght forwards

        We've had a large amount of customers come through in regards to this recently as this transaction is actually marked as a cash withdrawal by another bank by the merchant:

        This is something that is categorised by the merchant so you may wish to contact the merchant to see why they mark it as a cash withdrawal.

        In the meantime, I can refund the two fees for you if you make a payment of $XX.XX into the account to cover the amounts of those particular transactions.

        Strangely, I had 3 transactions but only racked up 2x fees

  • meh…. for the months it takes for anything from AliExpress to arrive in Australia, I'd rather pay a little more and go elsewhere.

    Plus, I'm not sure if coincidence but last time I bought something off AliExpress I had to cancel my credit card due to unauthorised transactions a few weeks later. Not entirely sure the platform is secure. Only time its ever happened, and never happened since. Only thing different to my regular purchasing was that transaction.

  • I returned three items in three seperate packages with three receipts as per ""If you return multiple packages containing items from the same transaction, we will refund your return shipping costs for up to three of the packages."

    So far they are refusing to refund more than one item. It's not how I interpret the terms.

    Be careful.

  • Does anyone have experience with returning items where the returns is paid through the business's Australia Post returns portal (Myer).

    Will PayPal approve this?

    • Did you ever find out the answer to this? Also want to know before I order shoes I'm not 100% sure of the size for (and can't try because they're specific tennis shoes that nobody stocks in store).

      • Yes! I claimed a return through Myer (upfront payment of $12.20 for the return through their system) and it was approved and reimbursed.

        • Great, thanks! Did you just upload a receipt from purchasing the return label + the receipt you get from the post office?

          • @bolt: I just uploaded the email receipt for the returns paid from Myer. It has the tracking number on it. I didn't have to upload any receipt from the post office as I just passed it over the counter. I assume PayPal tracked the parcel and found it it was delivered and Myer also issued a refund back to that transaction.

  • Dont use this. This ends up with cash advance fees and interest if you use a CC.