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Refunded Return Shipping Costs (8 Per Year, $45 Max Each, Activation Required) @ PayPal (Also Free Pre-Trip Cancellation Cover)


This deal is over 12 months old and deserves a re-post as a reminder. Enjoy :)

  • (1) Activate Refunded Returns. You’ll be eligible for a refund on return shipping costs from your next PayPal purchase.
  • (2) If you return an eligible purchase, log in to your PayPal account to find the original transaction.
  • (3) Submit a request with proof of return within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase. Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days.

Added this deal to the title as well. PayPal link here. Thanks to first in line for the reminder.

Benefit from complimentary Pre-Trip Cancellation Cover when you pay for your trip with PayPal. If something goes wrong unexpectedly and you need to cancel, you can claim up to $500 back on pre-paid non-refundable transport and accommodation costs for 1 trip per year.

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  • At risk of the pitch fork brigade, eBay Plus managed returns are easier than having to claim back money from PayPal.

    • PayPal returns works on anything you purchase with PayPal, not just eBay purchases.

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        I once returned not so happy socks all the way to Sweden. PayPal paid back in full. No ebay involved.

    • I have used both, and I agree with this comment. The eBay one was very streamlined. It even makes up a shipping label for you, don't need to pay a cent. And there are these other parcel point places (think that's what it was called?) that you could drop it off to, instead of Auspost. There was a chemist just down the road from me that was a parcel point so I just dropped it there and was all sorted out very quickly. However, I still would not pay for ebay plus, this was during my trial.

  • Wow Thx that's quite good tip.

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    Just a reminder, when you send it in at Aus post, you need to take a picture of the box along with the shipping address visible.

    Failure to do so will result in claims not being processed.

  • Ta TA

  • TA with the goods, as usual

  • This works, had a crap experience with edison on ebay/PP and they where REAL difficult to deal with, thanks ebay/PP for getting the return, pre-paid organised and full refund

  • You can also get refund for trip cancellation when you pay with paypal.

    • PayPal is very customer friendly in my experience.

    • It worked very well. I was worried the first time I used it because I didn't have a photo of the packed item with the address of the seller on it, but in the end they didn't request one.

      It's fairly easy actually:
      1) make sure you have a receipt/invoice for the postage amount
      2) make sure you either have a tracking number or a photo of the item with an address label for the seller you're returning to

      My claims always have been approved and usually a lot quicker than expected (I believe they say 1 week from submitting a claim).

      • I used this service too but I was never asked a photo of the item. I had just uploaded the receipt of return shipment.

  • they should stick a "Plus" at the end of PayPal and make it a subscription service :p lol

  • Make sure you take a photo of parcel before shipping. If label does not show address they will not refund you unless you show photo of parcel with address

    • I forgot to take a pic of my last return parcel. Gave them a pic of receipt + screenshot of matching tracking number & postcode from Auspost tracking logs and it went ok.
      But definitely pic of the parcel is easier.

  • Used this recently. Sent a large item via registered post, got it all back. Can't complain about the service.

  • So does this renew on the first day of a new year each year?

  • does this work with seller? eg seller ask buyer to return goods for inspection if buyer did not activate this service but seller has.

  • I don’t understand how this refund shipping cost and pre-trip cancellation can be a deal. Could someone be kind enough to pm me links or hints?

  • I have recently had to use this service and it was very useful. I had an order from banggood where they sent the wrong item and I went through a week of messaging banggood customer service who messed me around endlessly, just copy/pasting the same message to send photos (which I did 3 times over). Anyways, I had to open a dispute in PayPal, banggood never responded. So PayPal said I had to return the item to get the refund. They didn't mention about this free returns policy until I complained to PayPal over the phone. When I saw it covered up to $45 I used express postage back to China which took about 4 days and cost $30.15. The funny part is the order in dispute was only $10.54. Why PayPal didn't just fork over the $10.54 instead of 3 x as much for the return postage I don't know. I warned them it would cost more to return the order than the refund was for. Anyways, it was pretty streamlined service. I had to provide photos of the return package with the banggood address on it, as well as a photo of the receipt. After sending that through I had the postage cost returned to my account in less than a week. Please be aware that you NEED TO ACTIVATE THIS SERVICE BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT! So you must activate it by the link BEFORE PAYING FOR RETURN POSTAGE. Otherwise I doubt they will honour it. So it is definitely worth activitating as it does not cost anything.

  • Existing users don't need to reactivate free returns, but you have to activate again for complentary insurance for 1 more year. So maybe we should have a yearly reminder. Thanks ta

    • RemindMe! 1 year
      If only the Reddit RemindMe bot worked in OzB

      • Click 'reminder' under the deal description, then choose the date 1 year from when you activate it.

      • Hi! I will now remind you to activate complimentary PayPal subscription everyday for one year.

        Reminder! Please activate your complimentary PayPal subscription for shipping returns!

        Thank you for using the OzBargain community reminder service.

  • I brought a pair of dress shoes from a reputed seller and made the payment using Paypal. Return it on the following day for an exchange(size). Sent it through Aus post registered. Seller won't reply to my email and no one there to pick the phone. Is there a way I could dispute a claim through Paypal and request a refund? Anyone tried it?

    • Did you buy on ebay? Keep all your correspondence? You should've put the return through PayPal (who would've paid for returns). I suspect you won't be getting that postage money back…

  • Is this for buyer shipping refunds? I have bought few things couple years can this refund over payment for shipping?

  • Great Service.. as I already use them twice in last 3 years… No Hassle…

  • So is this a free benefit if we activate?


    Why the hell wasn't i told about this earlier?


  • I used it twice and no issue at all.

  • Would it be safe to say if you bought a travel deal from groupon paying via PayPal, then you wouldn't be covered?

  • Domino's accept Paypal. If you don't like it send it back via express courier?

  • Oops forgot about this.

    Anyone with experience trying to get shipping cost refunded from PayPal after more than 2 months has lapsed? How strict are they with the 30 days limit?

  • Thanks for the info

  • Nice! Did not know.

  • Good refresher to have, thanks!

  • Turned out I already have it but completely forgot about it. Coincidentally returned something last week which I will now claim back. Thank you.

  • I clicked on the "Go to deal" link above and logged into Paypal. I think it signed me up immediately. How can I check whether I signed up?
    Didn't get an email. Will there be an $8 debit somewhere??

  • Hi all,

    where in paypal account you have to activate this?


  • What's the point in PayPal forcing people to activate this… as opposed to just offering it as part of their service?

    • Costs PayPal far less than doing it for everyone, and forces acceptance of T&C.

  • What's better way of paying for your trips? Paypal that offers cancellation refund for up to $500 or your credit card that may have free travel insurance along with car hire excess included?

  • hopefully AON policy doesnt auto renew

  • Just be warned if you are a seller, paypal will not return fees from 6th May 2019 according to the new policy. I do not think I will keep using ebay to sell when this comes into place, as every time a buyer changes their mind you will be paying fees (not low either) for nothing. Paypal is terrible for sellers.

  • Oh dear I activated last year but forgot to claim for a return.

  • I would add to the deal description, that if you are with PayPal business account the claim process is different. Even PayPal support people are not aware of it. Business account holders have to fill out the form on this page - https://www.paypal-returns.com/hc/en-au/requests/new

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