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Refunded Return Shipping Costs (8 Per Year, $45 Max Each, Activation Required) @ PayPal


With TA’s deal being over 6 months old now and having used this a few times in the past few weeks I feel like an OzReminder is due.
Original credit to monstermash.

  1. Activate Refunded Returns. You’ll be eligible for a refund on return shipping costs from your next PayPal purchase.

  2. If you return an eligible purchase, log in to your PayPal account to find the original transaction.

  3. Submit a request with proof of return** within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase. Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days.

I’ve personally had nothing but success using this. Keep in mind though that if you have eBay Plus using that may be easier for items purchased on eBay. This works anywhere you use PayPal though.

They are quite stringent on the proof you can provide so I’d recommend doing a dummy form/application (not submitting it) so you know the information required before sending your item.

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  • Any fee to activate it ?

  • So does it restart on the 1st of January each yr?

  • From memory, the proof required is a photo of the parcel (with the address filled in) and a photo of the postage receipt, including a tracking number.

    I normally wait 1-2 days after I lodge the parcel to register the return with PayPal as they will go in and track the parcel and ensure it's en route before approving the claim.

    • You don't need both, either one is acceptable. I just provide a copy of the shipping label that has the price and seller's address.

    • I tried to claim it once.
      It didn't work. eBay recommended ParcelPoint service to return the item. I paid with PayPal for return label. ParcelPoint generated Australia Post label.

      When I was chatting to PayPal support they said they need "paper invoice" from ParcelPoint (which I didn't have).
      Also they they didn't accept PayPal transaction as a proof of payment for return.
      So the conversation ended up really awkward… I asked if using PayPal for return label was the problem.
      And the guy repeated that PayPal can't honour return shipping refund because I used PayPal to pay for return shipping.
      I even asked his name to put into my notes in case I want to raise a complain…

      But as usual with PayPal… $8 vs hours of online chats, emails and phone calls…
      I just gave up.

      • I had the same issue 2 weeks ago.

        I provided them a Auspost receipt along with a photo of the parcel.

        They asked for proof of purchase which I said was in my PayPal. They asked for screenshot of payment in PayPal and everything went through. Got my refund a day later.

        Next time, I'm will pay Auspost directly and avoid purchasing return postage via eBay.

  • Good reminder. :-)

    Earlier this year, I used this for the first time. Fantastic.

    • Yeah, I concur, I've used it last month, great benefit and pretty easy process as well. BTW, you can refund both shipping you pay for, or difference in refund the seller deducts (as long as you can show it)

  • Does this work for private transactions with Paypal buyer protection?

  • One of the reasons I always choose PayPal when I can

  • Do not activate and boycott PayPal. Why??? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/484156

    • That's profanity. I'd rather ask my bank to do a chargeback if I paid by credit card

      • This is what PayPal told their customers: PayPal has said that anyone who disagrees with any of their new terms is free to close their account.

        They are giving the middle finger to all their customers

    • Wow, thanks for this. I don't sell much on eBay but I use PP all the time for purchases, think I will give them a miss in protest of this.

      • yeh sellers wont be able to pass this on if the buyers is entitled to a refund.

  • I have only recently used this service and BOY are they Picky !
    I didn't realise the refund submittal process until late and luckily I had 3 items that I returned and also purchased within the 150 days.
    Anyway, there is a LOT of work IF you don't have proof initially with the tracking number and emails from the supplier advising they have received the item and processing the refund,etc,etc.
    I've been involved for the last 7 days and the amount of downloaded receipts and copies has been exhausting…There seems to be a couple of guys only in this PayPal Refunded Returns department and they want detailed proof before they give you that return refund.
    I think it would be very simple if you start the process early on as afterwards once you have got the money back from the supplier this return refund is a bit of a nightmare !

  • Would this work with bulky products.. say, couches ?

    • There is a $45 limit to the refund. Technically it would work but I wouldn't imagine $45 to cover the cost of shipping a couch.

      • Thanks. Not sure what I was thinking lol.
        But I guess $45 off the return shipping cost would be better than none

  • I had a lot of trouble trying to claim refund on shipping with paypal and eventually gave up after 3 weeks back and forth.

    You need a photo of EVERYTHING, so the item before being packed, a photo of the package showing the tracking number, a copy of an email from the merchant indicating a return, a copy of the delivery return shipping receipt, copy of correspondence post return, tracking number and your first born child! The only thing I didn't have was a picture of the packaged item.

    Maybe I just had a new or dud paypal staff member?

    • I've done this maybe 10 times now. This is my process (about a 5-10min process):

      • Take item to post office
      • Fill out paperwork and pay for shipping
      • Take a photo of the parcel with the labels filled out
      • Take a photo of the receipt
      • Find my original transaction in Paypal and click it
      • Click 'request return refund*
      • Attach the 2 photos

      Usually I receive the refund in a couple of days.

  • It's thanks to this that I dare buy snowboard boots online — so I can return for free if it doesn't fit.

  • I've used this before. Less painful than I was expecting.

  • Do I need to activate every year?

  • I tried using it last month but the option for refunded return didn't appear on a purchase form catch.com.au

  • I have made use of this, sending a faulty product back to China. Relatively painless.

  • This has been around for years.

  • Why do you have to register? I presumed you had this always

  • Unfortunately this doesn't work if you pay using PayPal issued eBay gift cards.

  • Sports Direct and this go hand in hand!

  • Thank you! First time finding out about this :)

  • If I have activated this offer in the past, do I need to re-activate again from time to time? Or will it stay active as long as the program is on?

    • No need to reactivate. It resets itself on the anniversary of you signing up on this program so they won’t let you go over 8 refunded returns every 12 months.

  • I'd like to remind everyone that return paid postage for refunds is legally required by law in Australia. Paypal plays the "oh its not our problem" card and sellers refuse to do it.

    Our ACCC is so p|ss weak it does nothing about it.

    This law only applies to new items by retailers and manufacturers.

  • Will this work when the store you purchased something from wants you to pay them directly to return something? i.e pay the store itself for shipping costs and they email you the label to stick on the package? (Assuming they provide a receipt).

  • can you add insurance to the tracking, signature on delivery, insurance etc. on the shipping and get it covered as well till the $45?

  • Can someone tell me how does this work. I got a blu ray in post Friday and was in a Padded envelope which most send it not had issues before. But looking it looked weird as if it had been stepped in by someone.
    I open it up and find case is bent cover has some damage and case in various areas, but strange not actually broken,but it's just as bad as is.
    This is not acceptable to me as that's not what I paid for, the item did not have a postage cost it was included in price and contacted seller who I sent pics. He obviously said it was auspost which I believe and said he would offer a refund but I have no interest in a refund as I probably buy it again. So he has agreed to send a replacement which is nice of him and I know he is a bit annoyed as it's no fault of his or mine really. He has not mentioned of wanting this back if he did it would be at his cost as I'm not paying out more for something that arrived damaged.
    I said I could put damaged copy back in envelope and send back as return to sender but does that work? Does he get charged his end to get it or do these items really get returned? But I certainly don't want to pay to return it as it be extra on me. I'm trying to be fair with guy and he could maybe sell the copy again as damaged or do whatever.
    Having found this not sure if this will help using PayPal? As said there been no mention of wanting his damaged copy back.

    Saying that I see this says from your next purchase this returns thing with PayPal so my recent item might not count?

    • The return postage cost is the seller's responsibility in this case. They'll probably just let you keep it rather than them paying for postage that will probably cost as much as the item that they'll probably just toss.

  • just wondering …how stringent is paypal with the 150 day purchase deadline?
    anyone had any success claiming after 150 days?

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