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Fisher & Paykel 10kg Washing Machine $979 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Model is WH1060P1 (the ones ending F1 are the 'better' ones)

Fits in a standard space, so take the 10 kg capacity with a grain of salt. It says on the F&P site it has 'Choice of cold only or hot and cold water inlets' which I presume means it has both, but you can choose which way you connect it. Which means you can connect both to use solar heated hot water (not many have that option). Decent power and water rating, 1200rpm spin (personally I'd go for a 1400rpm machine).

I have no idea of the quality of F&P. It seems every brand has some cheap models and people that have good and bad experiences of them.

I recently looked for one with both hoses and larger load than my 8.5kg Samsung. Ended up with an LG 12 kg, but the drum is only a very little bit bigger. There's a limit to how much drum size can fit in a standard sized cabinet. Once you get to about 10kg you really need to get a physically bigger machine to get a drum size that can take that capacity of washing.

I would actually go for a 9kg machine with 1400rpm spin. Likely very little drum size difference and easier to dry.


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    Why would someone desire 'both hoses'?


    Might have hot and cold hoses so can use solar heated hot water (not many have that option).


      If you only have the cold hose the machine heats the water, so you'll pay grid rates for the power (if you're washing out of solar production time). Given how long front loaders can take, in winter you might like to run it early morning so you can get maximum time drying it on the line.

      In my case Peak power rate is from 7-10am and 4-9pm weekdays, so I thought it best to do a load timed to finish before 7am (this is in winter). That way you're doing it on Off Peak rates and having the hot water hose means you're using solar heated hot water.

      If you start a load at 10am (to get Off Peak) and it finishes at midday, it's not going to dry in the few hours left in winter.


    Received an email from TGG (weekend clearance) selling it $995


      Yes I got that email and started to post it, then looked and found it for less at HN, but mixed up the last 2 numbers (fixed now). May be able to get it for less as it's a clearance.


    Where is it made? China??


      Can't see where its made.

      Fisher & Paykel was a NZ company but is now a subsidiary/ owned of Chinese multinational company Haier.

      So I presume its made in China


      Yea china

      Made by haier


    Lucky enough to have scored this great deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/508802) back in Dec 2019. We’ve been happy with the machine.


      Blimey. Good price. Is that a P1 or F1 version?

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      Talking about luck. Ours broke recently and were looking to get another one ASAP. Looking, looking, looking, then, got this 8.5kg https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488990 for free off gumtree. Less than 1.5 years old in almost perfect condition. Should start playing lotto.


    Ive owned this washing machine since 2019. Def recommend. Has not missed a beat! Besides the one time the wifes knickers got caught in the overflow :(

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      Tell her to stop leaning against it on the spin cycle.


    F1 are the 'better' ones

    The F1 models are the FabricSmart models. They have a couple of extra wash modes, including a ‘1hr soak feature’ and a Wool mode. There is also an interior light.

    Other than that these is almost no difference between this P1 model and the F1 model.

    As an owner of an F1 model, I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing this at the right price.


      how's the noise level of this F&P washing machine?