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Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C $199 + $9.95 Delivery @ Mi-Store


Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C is now $199 only.

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      Come on JV, he/she just joined OzBargain. Not a grandpa like you on Ozb!

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    Was 189.99 at costco Northlakes last december. Not a yellow tag. Not sure if they still have it.

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      Costco sells Xiaomi?

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        Cant say i have ever seen one at Costco Perth, would 100% get one if they did as there return policy is great.

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          They did have them for $189.99 but not sure if it's the same model. The deal was posted here, the title and the ticket never mentioned the 1c part

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      The one sold at Costco is model 1 and this is model 1c. So, little different specs.

      • Costco one was better. One noteworthy difference - more power but less battery life.

    • Nope, they just had once. I had tried a few times but they said they don't know when will they have next time.

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    How do these compare to the various xiaomi V9/V10/V11 models?

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      Was looking at the xiaomi V9 they usually come in Combo sets with carpet heads for $200 ish usually and Xiaomis V9 is comparable to the Dyson V7. Other ozbargains say they have dogs and it works pretty well.

      This usually has a charging problem it seems. Some got replacements that works well some didnt. -See below.

    • V9 has the same power, 120AW
      V10/11 has 140/150AW so much better

      Quality wise should be the same, pretty sure xiaomi partly owns dream so there might be some parts sharing.

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    i have the v9 whats the difference?

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      The tools have a different key way to the V9 for some reason, so say you can't interchanges tools. Also tools like the carpet head appear hard to acquire. The dock has less point to attached tools as well. It is my understanding this is basically the European version of the V9.

      I have one and am happy enough with it. But I would say the V9 is better for the amount of spare parts and tools availible.

      • Yeah, the only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger is the lack of carpet head. This one only handles low profile carpets according to the description

  • Standard delivery and Express delivery are available for Australia worldwide, we do not offer International Shipping.

    Standard shipping option is charged at $9.95 and will be processed from our warehouse within 1 business day. Standard Post delivery times will apply once your parcel dispatched.

    Express shipping option is charged at $14.95 with estimated delivery days after dispatch of 1 - 2 business days depending on your locations.

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    I had a problem with recharging these - took ages and would not charge well. Lost charge very quickly as well.
    Had bought from MobileCity who later offered to replace the chargers.

    But, I chose to return for full refund.

    The vacuum sucks nicely but the stock-charger just sucks!!! :-)

    • Also had the same issue with the original charger, but replacement charger works well now.

    • I have received a new charger without even requesting it. For me, 1C is a good one for the price.,

      • But it's not genuine Xiaomi and I fear it will kaput down the track.

        • Hi Spy and others, please rest assured that we are the Genuine representative of Xiaomi in Australia. We only stock and sell genuine products and they all come with at least a 1 year warranty. Hope this clears up any confusion :)

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      Yeah new charger fixed it. But I tell you my wife didn’t need a reason to hate this “not a dyson” cleaner. The charger debacle did not help matters at all

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        Wait til she receives the MarcBook Air from you for Valentine's Day!

        • Does Marc Jacobs make laptops now? She'll love that!

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        I have expensive dysons, they are overrated, and my wife still doesn't use them ;)

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      Hi all, we've heard your concerns and wanted to clarify a couple of things for you all :)
      Firstly, you can rest assured that we have looked deeper into the problem, turns out it was only 1 batch of stock chargers that were faulty / really slow.

      Secondly, we have replaced all the faulty chargers (free of charge) - sending them out to all customers who bought products with the bad batch. If we missed anyone and yours is having troubles please send us an email at [email protected]

      And thirdly, all current stock has been checked and all products ship with the correct charger.
      Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions :)

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    Thanks, bought one. Also have 2 years warranty as mentioned on the store,

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      Better than mobileciti 1 year warranty and you'll get a genuine charger out of the box here.

  • Does this drive itself? Some harry potter action

  • Does V9 carpet head can fit on this

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    Isn't this the same price as was posted from PCByte on 4 February that received 14 votes? Why is this post getting so many more positive votes?

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      Pc byte is still $2 expensive than this (Shipping cost) :)

    • Yeah though they do add a PayPal surcharge as well. They have the Xiaomi Standing Fan 1x at 99 when compared to 149 on the mi store so ordered both and paid 9.95 shipping total :). Received it within a day as well

  • I realised I don't have deep carpets so I probably don't need the carpet head anyway. Good deal and good OEM warranty. I bought one.

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      That's what she said

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    1C is basically the same as V9. The only difference is the appearance, also it has a smaller wall mount.
    I have this and use a V9 carpet head bought at aliexpress, no problem at all.

  • Bought one thanks OP, but still haven't received confirmation email

    • Me bought, bought 2 hours ago but no confirmation email.

  • Bought one last night - don't forget the 3% cashback through Shopback. Brings it down to $204 delivered :)

    • How long until you got the confirmation email?

      • Still haven't. I even signed up for an account with the same email I used to purchase and says 0 orders…I did do express shipping so we'll see by tomorrow.

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    To all those worrying about confirmation emails, just in:

    Thank you for purchasing from Mi Store and I hope this email finds you well.
    Please be rest assured that your order has already been processed and is awaiting for the update of your tracking number.
    As soon as we are getting an update on your order, we will be notifying you right away.
    Unfortunately, there is a problem with our system and we are unable to send out the order confirmation email to you.
    Kindly refer to the invoice that I have attached below. Please keep it for your own reference and warranty claim in the future.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
    Should you require any further assisting, please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Wouldn't it be better for me to wait for the v9 with carpet head to come back?

    • +3

      I would say so yes.

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      Yep, that’s what I am doing. Used to be here once a month but just not when I need it. Apparently, limited stock.

  • I am on the same boat waiting for good v9 deal with carpet head.

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    What is considered the best vacuum out atm not just great value but great everything from suction to battery life to weight to bin size etc.

    I am deciding to just get the best one or at least a top 3 cordless vacuum and take care of it.

    This way I should really get everything out of my carpets and floors without second guessing if I should have gotten something better.

    So what is the top or top 3 cordless vacuums out today anyone know.

    • +2

      Dreame V11 is one.

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