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Perkisboby M858 Condenser USB Microphone $30.50 Delivered @ Perkisboby-AU via Amazon AU


【Plug and Play】No additional driver software or external devices required.Simply plug the USB cable to your desktop computer or laptop for record music,singing,podcast,gaming, streaming, skype, voice-over, YouTube video, etc.

【High Quality Sound 】It come with additional volume knob itself,Instead of adjusting the level in the computer control panel or in your recording software,you can mute or adjust gain easily and quickly according to your needs.The ability to receive sound from different angles and to fully incorporate the sound of the whole environment,100% restore your voice without any distortion.

【Foldable and Portable】Ultra-compact design for maximum portability.Premium construction design podcasting microphone with a stable tripod stand is convenient when you are doing voice overs or live streams.180-degree flexible design allows you the adjust any angle as you want.

【Excellent Choice】Brand new USB-powered design condenser microphone.The wide dynamic range provides excellent voice pick-up, ideal for recording more softer and subtle aspects of the audio. The user voice could be heard clear enough when gaming or voice recording.

【Easy to install & compatible】Simply attach the microphone to the mic mounting ring, then it can be plug and play.It can fully compatible with Windows,macOS,Linux etc.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is there a model number so I can search for microphone samples on youtube?

    It looks like a newer design than the cheap USB condenser microphones of the past, and if it sounds decent it could be a good buy.

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      One of the pictures shows M858 but I don't get anything returned in a search for that.

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        It kind of looks like a razer siren knockoff. In the past the cheap condenser microphones have actually been quite decent, although they needed a separate XLR to USB cable.

        If this microphone sounds as good as them then for $30 I'd buy one.

        Found a sample here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1BPipgMGFs

        To me it sounds great for $30, will upvote now. It even has audio monitoring through a 3.5mm headphones jack. I'm going to buy this and sell my Blue Yeti, as this sounds good enough to me and also has audio monitoring.

        I had a quick scan of Ali Express and eBay and this listing for $30 delivered comes close to the cheapest.

        Reviews on Amazon US are very positive: https://www.amazon.com/Upgraded-Microphone-LiveStreaming-Rec...

        • The YouTube review one comes with a tripod and a desk mount, assuming this one does not? Really need a desk mountable arm atm :(

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        Try searching "bm 858 microphone".

  • Is this a good microphone for better audio for when I have meetings working from home?

    • I posted a link to a video with audio samples in an above post. Check it out.

  • Will this plug into an iPad?

  • Mine arrived today, but for me the mute button is in the top and the design of the mute button is different to the one in the image. Other than this, everything else is the same. It says it has anti-noise technology, may I know how I can test it, thanks

    • I got mine too and also mute is at the top. Also, it's different from the one in the advertised picture.

  • Is this any good? I want to start streaming with a budget.

  • When does this deal expire, I don't get paid til Friday.

  • +1

    Tried a few recording apps/calls etc and there is some shuttering of the recording. This is on both phone and computer.

    Most likely not the BM858 mic but the BM620


    Looks exactly like the XTUGA USB Condenser Microphone

    • I'm having this problem too. When it's close to my mouth there is no problem, but more than 15cm away and it starts to cut in/out.

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        I am having the same issue. The mic doesn't pick up 15 cm away from the mouth. My laptop mic pic better than this mic at 15 cm away. I am thinking to return it.

        • I've already started the return process. There's no reason to keep it if it can't work when it's at a reasonable distance away.

  • Can we still get this deal?

  • +1

    I got mine delivered a few hours ago and have played around with it for a bit.

    When it's very close to my mouth it sounds nearly as good as my Blue Yeti. The audio monitoring is great and it is also a USB DAC so you can plug headphones in and get both system audio and microphone monitoring - great!

    Both microphone and USB amplifier come up as 'M-01' in Windows drivers.

    However when it's more than 15cm away (which it will always need to be even with a boom arm) the microphone pickup cuts in and out. It's almost like there is noise cancelling happening on my voice when it's more than 15cm away.

    This makes it unusable for me. The Blue Yeti still sounds great when it's on a boom arm and out of camera frame. This microphone stops picking up my voice if it's that far away.

    Also the microphone delivered looks a little bit different that the photos. The mute button is up top (which has no LED but was pictures to have one), then echo, then volume with the headphone jack being on the bottom.

    I'm hoping I can find a solution soon, otherwise I will have to return (which is no problem due to Prime). I had hoped that this would replace the Yeti and I could sell the Yeti for $100+, but it's not looking likely.

  • Agreed with the other comments - the pickup levels aren't great even when close but the quality isn't bad, but it just refuses to pick up anything when it's 20+ cm away, which is a pity as I'm not going to be shoving the microphone in my mouth when it's on a tiny desk stand. It definitely isn't a (B)M858 as in all the picture descriptions as the buttons are indeed moved like Uraha has said, also the light for mute is a weak light behind the solid button (so it only vaguely shows around it).

    It's going back unfortunately.

  • Code now makes it $29.70

    Thank you! Needed one for this blasted 3.0 lockdown

    • +1

      Everyone in this thread is returning theirs due to it not working when it's more than 10-15cm away.

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