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WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $129 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Shopping Express are currently running a promo for free shipping on selected WD SSDs.

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    I appreciate that one of the cons for this drive, from Tom's Hardware, is that it's "Not pretty"

    Good deal otherwise

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      If they have to nitpick about an SSD’s looks, then it just proves it has no real cons lol

      • ha ha. yup. well put

      • I dunno, brown noctua, blue ssds, it becomes a bit of a rainbow, lol.

        If only more cases didnt have tempered panels.

        • +1

          I paid extra when i bought parts for my computer to avoid RGB, but some stuff you just can't avoid. I've stuck my computer under my desk with the window facing the wall so at least I don't have to look directly at it.

    • most decent M/Bs have a shroud over the m.2 slot anyway

  • Also, not the best price ever, but the SN750 is also a decent deal.

  • this vs crucial p1?

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      Which ever is cheaper at the time you buy, any difference is generally unoticable during common use.

  • Sure have dropped in price since it’s release. Good price, good performance. Only downside is the seller, with their CC fees.

    • paypal has cc fees?

      • I’m pretty sure shopping express charges fees for everything.

    • Can just use Bank Transfer, I've used them twice last week and they shipped the items end of next business day.

      • Bank transfers don’t have the same consumer protections as PayPal/CC.

  • Can I use this with sintech ssd adapter to upgrade my early 2015 macbook pro?

  • Solid Price

  • Bought 1. Ended up being 130.29 through paypal. Thx

  • No deals for 2TB 😞

  • Just wondering, can I use this for PS4?

    • they haven't announced the list of compatible SSDs yet. I would hold off for now.

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        He is asking about PS4.

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          The PS4 uses 2.5", so not as an internal drive.

          Maybe as an external if he puts it into an enclosure, but then it will be bottlenecked by USB bandwidth, making it pointless.

        • I was actually looking at using it for both ps4 and ps5 as well, so better wait until they release the list?

    • You would be wasting money putting this is a PS4 (if there is even a way to make nvme drives work with PS4 - which I'm not sure there is..)

      Just get any cheap decent sata3 ssd

  • Might be a stupid question… is Shopping Express a "proper" Australian company with REAL Australian warranties? I couldn't find an ABN from a quick look on their website…

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      ABN: 65 146 078 319
      ACN: 146078319

      From their invoice

      • Thanks, matches with what I found on ABN lookup website.

        Looking at their FAQs they do not deal with warranties properly, just tell you to f-off and contact the manufacturer.

        Is this normal practice with retailers like this?

        • +1

          I don't usually find this to be an issue for me. As long as you have proof of purchase, the manufacturers deal with you the same

          • @dainese: honestly, manufacturers tend to be less painful than retailers anyway. Slower sometimes, but less bullshit with trying to get around ACL

            • @smashman42: Yeah agreed. Dealing with retailers - is similar to when you've asked the maccas employee for ketchup and they look like they're providing it out of their own stash.

  • +1

    Just had a look at the 1tb sata3 we blue drive and they have the "was" price at $499 kek what a joke

  • Does this have DRAM?

    • no DRAM, though it is about the fastest DRAMless TLC drive atm, top speeds are comparatively slow for NVMe but on the flipside the bottom speed is higher than many.

  • Bought. I've been wanting a second SSD for my laptop.

  • this or a2000? or the arguement of whatever is cheapest?

    • I argue that i am cheap

    • A2000 should be faster in theory so depends on your prefs and the price gap I guess

      • yeah, and the fact that i can get a2000 from umart just in case of warranty? not sure!!

        • It's $10 more if you're able to pickup which is a no brainer

          If you have to pay post where they'd want like $18 or something silly to post something so small, then yeah makes it tougher

          • @smashman42: this is 130 del
            umart i can pick up, you would go a2000?

  • Anyone able to comment if this SSD would be suitable for laptops, regarding temperatures, power draw, etc?

    • I hope so, because I just ordered one for that purpose…

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        They're theoretically pretty cool running as far as NVMe drives go. Any NVMe drive is hotter than a SATA drive, but being DRAMless this is cooler than the performance units with DRAM, let alone Gen 4 units.

        The Tom's HW review had a fair bit of data that didn't seem like total garbage, I know it had temps not sure about power consumption.

  • can this plug into a m.2 SATA port (B&M key port) ?

    • You'd need a SATA M2 drive, these are NVME protocol.
      B+M (SATA) has the 2 cutouts on the connector, M (NVME) only has 1.

      • NVME only has one but can still plug into B+M port. so if the NVME drive support SATA3 protocol then it should work, right?
        Then the question comes down to if the NVME drive also supports SATA3.

        These days NVME ssd is so much cheaper than a SATA3 ssd…

        • +2

          It ain't the NVMe drive supporting SATA3 cause they never do - the drives support their protocol and that's it, NVME or SATA, not both.

          It is the slot on the board, cause some can go both ways.

          eg: on both my ASRock AMD B450 and Asus Intel Z490, they both have a slot that will run either NVMe or SATA drives - but the AMD second slot is SATA only whereas the Intel second slot is NVMe only.

          • @smashman42: thank you very much! finally clear my doubt

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          M2 is the form factor/connector, NVME or SATA the communications protocols. Drives are either M2 NVME or M2 SATA,
          If your motherboard only supports SATA then these will not work.

          If its going into a laptop you'd also want to know the size that it can accept. The 2280 indicates 22mm wide and 80mm long.

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            @CountDuckula: much appreciated for the explanation! yes the 2nd slot in my laptop supports M2 SATA with 2280 size.

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              @RoyT: No worries :)
              Replying made me look into it more as I didn't think I explained myself very well, went to edit my post but it was too late.

              From my previous so-so understanding and some further reading it looks to be:

              Sockets are either B or M keyed.
              Drives sold today are either M2 NVME (M keyed connector) or M2 SATA (B+M keyed connector so they can fit into B or M key sockets).

              If your device is B keyed it only supports SATA M2 drives that have either B or B+M connector.
              If your device is M keyed it will support NVME M keyed drives and (likely, but not always depending on the device) SATA B+M keyed drives.

  • Can you put these in an external case?

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      I don't see why not as long as the enclosure is suitable for NVMe M.2 drives.