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Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch i5 512GB (Gold, 2020) - $1549 (Save $300) + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Apple MacBook Air 13-inch i5 512GB

10th Gen i5 but still a decent price.

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    M1 not inside

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    M1 chip definitely worth the extra spend. You'll also likely to fetch a lot more come resale time.

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    Definitely buy M1 variety especially for air product line.

    • For probably every new Mac from now on.

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    JB making stockroom for M1

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    Just get the M1 from the Apple store with free AirPods via student access/account and get it delivered.. no questions asked for student ID or anything .

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      Interesting! Has this always been the case with their online education store? Not the free airpods, the lack of student verification

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        I reckon if you were to buy online with free delivery options they generally would not ask for student verification.. have had bought from them couple of times using the online options with free delivery no questions asked ..I am not sure about the others ..

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          I bought an Air from the education store (paid online and picked up in store). I took my teacher union card however they didn’t ask for any proof. I also used cash rewards and $21.67 tracked (I upgraded AirPods to the pro)

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    Clearing stock for the M1X

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    i5 still makes sense for those that need Bootcamp, VMWare, etc. For everyone else, M1…

    • prot oools too?

      • yes, but surely get yourself a faster computer for that?

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      mmmh It really doesn't. Windows emulation works on M1's and it even outperforms the Microsoft Surface Pro X

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        It really does, for some people. "Insider Preview of Windows 10 ARM that he ran through open source virtualization and machine emulation software QEMU". That's not a release configuration and it is out of reach of most people. Even if it were available, it's Windows on ARM which in turn is running an emulation layer. That won't cover everyones Windows needs, let alone folks who aren't after Windows. Similarly there's software that isn't Big Sur compatible and software that doesn't work through Rosetta 2. M1's great but it's not for absolutely everyone.

      • That's neat, but I'd venture that the Pro X isn't a real computer either.

  • Save your cash for the M1.

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    generic M1 comment

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      Generic comment approving of M1 comment

  • M1 OR DEATH!

  • You'd be daft for not getting the $1,439 + ~$220 free AirPods student offer for 256GB M1 vs this.

    Sure, it's double storage, but you cannot compare a 1.1GHz 4-core Intel i5 versus the M1.

    Essentially nothing in this SKU, at this price, would make this a deal. Yes I'm aware of x86 compatibility.

    • Hi there. Sorry I am new to OzBargain. Can you please suggest which one are you referring to on apple website for $1439 ? If you can share the link that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

      Edit: Got it on the Apple website, please ignore. Thanks

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    Why buy this when you can get the M1 Macbook Air for 1.4k and get free airpods that are worth 250 dollars using the education store (everyone can use the education store)? This deal is almost a scam lol.

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  • Yeah get the m1. People are desperately trying to resell non-M1’s

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  • Will there be a Bootcamp upgrade anytime soon for the M1, i love apple, but love Windows OS.

    • There's been no indication that Microsoft intend to release a version of Windows for Apple silicon, or for use with virtualisation software running under macOS on Apple silicon.

  • Any good cases for APPLE MacBook Air M1 2020 ?

  • Legit question, how come base model Air is $899 US and $1439 AU ? If you convert it with current rates it comes down to 1162.42 AUD

    • US price is no tax (sales tax varies per state, so add 10% GST). Cost of doing business is a lot higher in AU, 3 year free warranty due to ACC protections, in the US they only offer 1 year w/ additional via applecare plans