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[NSW] Free Entry Tickets to Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney @ ANMM Eventbrite


Free Maritime museum entry, be fast as limited tickets available.

Includes entry to:

Permanent galleries, A Mile In My Shoes, Beach Couture and Miraw Minaral
Top decks of Duyfken, HMB Endeavour and HMAS Vampire

Dates 05 Feb to 1 March

Normal prices: $27 Adult and $65 Family (2 adults and up to 3 children aged 4-15)

Ticket sold out? Select a different day and try again.

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    Awesome deal thanks. I used this link - the one you provided didn't let me select a date. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/free-february-family-friends...

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    It's not 100% clear but looks like a family includes 2 adults and up to 3 children aged 4-15.

    • Yeah had to dig around to see how many members were actually included and by the time I found that information, all the adult tickets were gone (wanted to grab tickets for the inlaws too) for next Saturday. Luckily they still had availability on the following Saturday.

  • Awesome! Thanks a lot OP!

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    Thanks, it says adult is sold out so I'm assuming ordering family tickets would be enough? I mean, free is free?

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      Should take some kids with you to make it really worth the free tickets - even if they're not yours.

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        Ok, I'll pick some up from the shops before hand :D

        • Let me know where you find these kids, I booked a family ticket for me and my girlfriend.
          Honestly tho, might be good to help baby sit some friends kids?

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          Local park has some free range ones.

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      For every family ticket booked by "an adult", a whole family misses out

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        And what about adults without "a family"?

        They would like to go to museums too.

        • -2

          Did you even go to the site? There are free slots for adults, and also for family tickets. Bit of a d*** move to start grabbing family pass for just an adult.

  • Tickets says 10:30am but it's probably fine to enter later right

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      Most likely. They say their trading hours are now 10:30am - 5:00pm, so hence that time. Doesn't mention anything about sessions.

  • Looks like adult and family is sold out

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    Thanks heaps OP. Just for those who might miss out on tickets, you are still able to go for free into the museum and see lots of the museum, but not all of it. It is a bit confusing as they don't seem to advertise that very clearly. We went there the other day and it was good fun.

    Also- there is free entry to the whole of the museum for Defence Force Personnel https://www.sea.museum/visit/tickets/free-entry-for-defence-...
    And also free entry for teachers during school holidays https://www.sea.museum/learn/school-excursions/teacher-resou...

    • Nothing like selective discrimination. Wooo 2021

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    I live only 5min walk from here, and have been meaning to go. Awesome! Thanks OP

  • got one, thanks

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    FYI Some weekends now have available tickets, maybe they’re adding more spots

  • all weekends sold out! :-(

  • didn't the maritime museum used to be free?

  • Thanks Op :)

  • Weekends all gone not much of a freebie now

  • meh, sold out for weekends

  • The Museum has made additional tickets available. There is now plenty of availability for weekends in Feb.

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    Went there today, I don't recommend it, and I'm negvoting it for the following reasons

    1. The queue to get in was 45 minutes - normally there is no queue. I did note the queue disappeared after about 1pm.

    2. The volunteers are stressed and rude in stark contrast to when I last visited 10 years ago, getting abused for bringing kids and lacked the positive conversant tone I remember from the previous time I visited.

    3. All three of the highlights I remember from the last time I went were closed - climbing the ladders and shuffling through the manholes of the submarine (this time the sub was closed totally) , exploring the endeavour where a volunteer would tell stories (no stories, no going under the deck this time) and exploring the captain's chambers of the destroyer (closed off this time - stay on the boring deck that you can see better from Pyrmont bridge anyway!)

    4. It wasn't worth the $10 donation they ask for, it wasn't worth it for free after you consider the other costs of going into the city, the wait times, eating out (most of the good restaurants and that are still understaffed or closed). Just being on the decks isn't really fun without the exploring and the guides.

    • It is money saved but like you said too many things were closed. Not fun at all. For $27 I would expect a lot than this.

      The queue still there till 3 pm right before they closed. Maybe weekdays gonna be a lot better

    • What $10 donation? Isn't it free entry?

      • There is no entry fee, neither a compulsion to pay 10$

    • @simon Yeah, i havent gone cos of these closures. I don’t even understand why they are closed. Theres no Covid issue there that cant be mitigated easily enough (plus who has covid in aus anyway?)

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    Well, I visited this today and enjoyed my outing. The volunteers were nice, explained stuff when questions were asked. Loved their passion!

    Crowd was a bit on the higher side for a weekday - which was expected due to freebie. 4 vessels were open for public - I was very excited to be on those vessels.

    Hope it helps anyone planning a visit to the museum. Cheers!