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Prima Taste Singapore Laksa / Curry La Mian 178g $3.70 Ea (Was $4.50) @ Woolworths


Top tier insta noods hands down, but also a price tag to match. Curry La Mian also available, but the Laksa is where it's at.

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    Can attest to this being amazing. Can easily pass off as restaurant quality tbh.

    • Are these really spicy?

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        that would depend on my spice tolerance Vs your spice tolerance. totally subjective, but to answer your question, NO

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        Medium, not crazy spicy. They are a good size, serves 2.

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          They are a good size, serves 2.

          Or 1 hungry OzBargainer…

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            @jv: I often put one of these away as a nice entree, before heading to KFC for my 20 piece feed and zinger burger.

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        Not too spicy.

        • Thanks guys really tempted to try these…I have like the worst spice tolerance :) and was just about to head to Woolies so thought I’d ask :)

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            @Low Budget: Just put in a little of the spice packet and taste. Repeat until you reach your peak tolerance.

      • I would say slightly spicy compared to restaurant quality, but not many Australians like spicy and I often request sambal sauce on the side.

      • I've got the worst spice tolerance and I'm fine with this!

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      They are very good. Best Laksa instant noodles you can find in AU I guess.
      Just try to add some stuff as suggested from other restaurants, like add puffed tofu, some vegetables, etc.

      • I think this is the best Laksa instant noodle anywhere in the world. It is made in Singapore and also the best instant Laksa there.

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      Agree totally. When I can‘t visit my usual Laksa joint, I eat this to get my fix. The wholegrain noodle one sold at Asian grocery shops is even better.

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    Tried this last time it was on special.

    It was OK I guess, nothing to write home about though. It has a funny after taste.

    I much prefer the Mamee Chef Curry laksa…

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      Perhaps you're a cheap date :P

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        With good taste…

        Have your tried them?

        • I've not tried either, will give both a go.

          • +4


            will give both a go.

            If you like laksa, you won't regret trying this.

            Sometimes I even buy it at full price…

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              @jv: SACRILEGE

            • @jv: hand back your ozbargain license.

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                @ltwo: Why do you think I was in the penalty box…

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              @jv: Cheap $5 trip to Asia. This will do for now until we can leave this island :/

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                @m9: Looking forward to your side-by-side taste test…

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      I have had that brand and agree it is quite good, especially on sale price. Haven't tried this one but tried the Singapore curry from Prima taste (in a box and more a meal for 2-4) and it is really good so have high hopes for this.

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      These are bloody good for a cup noodle, especially at the sub $2 price point

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    Not necessarily a bargain at $3.60. Always around $3.50 at most Asian grocers.
    Best packet Laksa out though!

    • Best packet Laksa out though!


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        Agreed, it's not the best but above average IMO. I had high expectations before eating them but its soup is lacking of depths in flavours.

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          Did you add too much water? Maybe adding a little coconut milk in it might help.

        • What are some good packet noodles that satisfy your flavour depth?

        • Both fchis and jv, recommendations please. Haven't seen any packet Laksas that have come close to taste and convenience as this.

    • Agreed. I prefer this over the Mamee Laksa.

  • I got charged $4 for a pack of 4 at some asian grocer last month. Good times.

    • where

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        Probably one of those expired soon sales at Asian grocery shops. It's never $1 a pack.

        • No it was not. Please read my other comment.

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        Tarniet Gardens asian store. No it wasn't going to expire. The sign said $16. I had the Curry Soup pack of 4 and Laksa pack of 4. She scanned the Curry Soup one, showed up as $4 and then she just x2 without scanning the other one so I made out with 4 curry soup 4 laksa for $8. Not bad.

        • Okay, got it. Cheers

  • My favourite noodles, although my Woolies doesn't stock it.
    There's an Asian grocer's next door that sometimes sells it cheaper though.

  • Tried it and felt that it's too creamy. So go slow when adding the coconut milk powder.

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    Yeah it's that good. It's consistently ranked as the best instant ramen.

    Don't follow the instruction on its packet directly and please DO NOT FORGET TO BOIL THE SEASONING, particularly the instant coconut milk. And please don't boil the noodle in the boiling laksa soup, as instructed by the packet.

    Boiling the noodle in the laksa soup will make it too creamy and too thick. In restaurants, they boil the noodle and the soup separately as well.

    Here's IMHO for the best result :

    1. Boil the noodle in a pan and cook it to your preferred chewiness. (3-4 minutes)

    2. Boil both seasoning in other pan using much fewer water than instructed. Bring it to boil, then add water slowly until you are satisfied with the taste. I myself always add salt, pepper, chicken/beef/vegetable stock, and msg to the soup so that I can use more water.

    3. Pour the soup into a bowl. Drain the noodle, and put it into the bowl

    Add boiling egg, meatball/fishball, scallions, boiling prawn, meat slices (particularly asian meat slices), etc.

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    I've had one before and it seems like all they did was make the soup more milky.

    On a side note, the koreans have been knocking it out of the park lately with their Buldak cheese ramen, I like the pink spicy cheese carbonaraone. The rest tastes like fire in my mouf.

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      I’ve tried the cheese ramen they kind of have a Kraft cheesy taste to it with the heat slowly creeping up quite tasty.

  • Yeh these are legit good

  • pfft…amateurs…
    + coconut cream
    + milk
    + favourite noodles
    + blanched vegetables, seafood, meats

    • +1

      Thanks mate, ingredients list is amazingly clean. I never tried Laksa but will give this one a go!

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    These are pretty good… which probably means they are over doing it with chemicals and what not.

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    This is made much better by stirring through a teaspoon of -…

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    Love a good laksa but seems this is only available in stores/areas with a high Asian population, 4 stores closest to me 'unavailable'

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    But this is cheaper and you get 5 packets


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      It not same thing and that half the weight per pack…

  • Never seen this in Perth, it's hard enough to get Maggi Mee Laksa here :(

    • If you're SOR, Yee Seng in Myaree normally stock it.

    • I live SOR and most oriental stores have it…Typically between $3.50-$4.00.

  • -1

    is it worth the money?

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