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One Way Airfare between Melbourne & Sydney (March Flights Only) - Economy from $49, Business from $199 @ Virgin Australia


Just found this deal to match Rex, plus extra benefits!

Book now for March - Sydney <> Melbourne $49 each way for Getaway economy, or Business Class Saver $199

Getaway Syd <> Melb = 5 status points
Business Class Saver Syd <> Melb = 50 status points

PLUS, double Velocity Points if you activate offer here: https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/offer?promo_cod...

Also: Any booking made by April 31, 2021 will have a flexible booking policy which waives change and cancellation fees for travel up the end of January 2022.

Found deal here first: https://7news.com.au/travel/air-aviation/virgin-australia-la...

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  • Yep. I just cancelled my booking, and rebooked same flights for the cheaper fare

    • Can you do that??? No fees to cancel?

    • I Cancelled existing booking more than an hour ago and tried to rebook the same flights. It says 'Duplicate booking exists. Try to modify your search' and didn't let me proceed with payment. Did you encounter the same thing?

      • I ended up rebooking but with different dates/flights. I had to submit the online cancellation form which I would imagine is far from instant!

        • I spent more than an hour before giving up and did almost the same - same day but different time. I think I should have just left it…

      • The first time I cancelled and re-booked it was fine (maybe because I used incognito mode). The 2nd time I tried I got this error I put an extra letter in my name. But then cancelled that because I wanted the bonus points offer and changed 1 flight in the booking to get it to go through.

        Promotion code CRV59 worked with sale flights (I didn't book Sydney though) and travel bank for anyone curious

  • Also, a great way to earn some extra status credits for the cheapest prices I've ever seen from Virgin on this route.

  • Great that competition is back…

  • +14 votes

    Great prices but still not going to fly just yet!

    Don’t want to be locked out of my State if an outbreak happens and I can’t get home.

    The Fed needs to come up with a nationwide program to manage covid so we’re not opening and closing like an endless revolving door. But given their track record in managing (or not managing and leaving everything up to the States) covid they’ll probably just take a back seat again. (What are we paying these Fed pollies to do again? Run the country, nah, that’s all too hard. Let’s just go to Hawaii…

    • Bang on.

      I've never seen a lazier PM in my life. Morrison cares more about a photo than doing any work.

      • Except borders are a state issue, and we have state premiers playing politics with this virus because they have seen that being tough is a vote winner. So being extra tough must be an even bigger vote winner.

        So give Chairman Dan a call, or the Qld and WA premiers.

        • The role of the PM is diplomacy and speaking to the Premiers to come to sensible arrangements. But I guess you prefer to be tribal about these things judging by the ‘Chairman Dan’ comment.

          • @Optimusprimetime: The only tribal people are the premiers who are putting their re election prospects ahead of everything else.

            THAT is the disgusting part.

            As for Chairman Dan, good you are supporting someone responsible for 800 deaths and who lies blatantly and repeatedly about it. The man is a complete disgrace.

            • @Foxxster: Only natural for politicians to be tribal seeing as political parties are tribal to begin with. And no - I don’t support Dan Andrews. I align myself with traditional conservative values. But I don’t resort to childish names like Chairman Dan either, or make sensationalist hyperbolic statements like him being responsible for 800 deaths (yes he was indirectly responsible, amongst 20 other groups or events indirectly responsible). It’s important to be open-minded, objective and unbiased, rather than to resort to the same old name calling and mud throwing as what you’ll find from millions of other politicos, right or left.

              PS you taking my original criticism as an assumption that I’m on the opposite side of the political spectrum tells me all I need to know

            • @Foxxster: And Morrison is responsible for numerous aged care deaths and the Ruby Princess fiasco but you won't find your beloved conservative crack pot news bang on about that.

            • @Foxxster: You should put your Rupert media outlet of choice down, mate.

        • Spot on.

          Some state Premiers decided to go their own way (there's a surprise) and in the spirit of 'we're all in this together' and appearing cohesive he let them run, rather than arguing over this national emergency.

          While I'm not a Morrison fan and his decisions on Covid haven't always been the best, it's unreasonable to try to blame him for Premier independence. Just look at QLD and WA, the most reactionary, nobody's telling them what to do. In any negotiation you have to compromise which is what happened.

        • Borders wouldn't be an issue if the Commonwealth managed quarantine (as per its constitutional responsibilities) properly.

          It's an issue because State governments are doing both borders and the quarantine system..

        • The aged care deaths were due to Federal government facilities. 0 deaths in Vic state facilities.

      • That’s why there is “Scotty from marketing” on twitter. Haha.

        Mind you as soon as I can safely travel overseas I will. I have an uncle in his 90s and was going to go in March last year when covid hit…😞

    • Saying its a state thing is just not correct. The Constitution which over rides every other policy clearly states that under NO circumstances are state borders to be closed and free travel between borders must remain under the federation.
      Please dont state that its because an emergency has been called. It says under NO circumstances.

      So what the states are doing is constitutionally illegal!

        • but it says "risk of injury". If im not sick then there is no grounds to make a claim of risk. The Federal Bio-Security Act states people are deemed healthy unless proven otherwise.

          • @Matwin23: What else does the constitution say on border closure?
            Constitutional law experts contacted by Fact Check said that while section 117 is relevant to the legality of state border closures, section 92 of the constitution is the more applicable provision.

            Section 92 says that "trade, commerce, and intercourse among the states, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free."

            George Williams from the University of NSW told Fact Check the key word is "intercourse", which refers to movement and travel.

            James Stellios from ANU College of Law told Fact Check that despite section 92's term of "absolute freedom", the High Court has recognised that the protection is not absolute, and that states can impose certain limits for certain purposes. Professor Stellios said it's likely that preventing the spread of COVID-19 would count as a legitimate reason "for regulating the free movement of people and, depending on the science of how it spreads, perhaps interstate trade and commerce".

            Cheryl Saunders from the University of Melbourne Law School said neither section 117 nor section 92 "contains an absolute prohibition" on state border closures.

            "Both are read by reference to purpose," Professor Saunders said.

            "They have never been tested in circumstances like the present, obviously, but as long as the restrictions are limited to the life of the emergency, tailored to protecting public health, and do not single out interstateness without good reason, I would expect them to be able to operate consistently with the constitution."

            At first blush the laws enacted by several of the States and Territories in light of the COVID-19 pandemic would appear to clearly offend section 92, in that they obstruct the free movement of people across borders (subject to limited exceptions). There is no "freedom" of interstate passage.

            However, in a string of decisions since Cole the High Court has held that States and Territories may still prevent entry if the goods or people coming in are likely to injure the citizens of the State.

            For example, in 1992 Justice Brennan said in Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Wills that where the true character of a law:

            …is to protect the State or its residents from injury, a law which prohibits or impedes movement of the apprehended source of injury across the border into the State may yet be valid.4 (emphasis added)

            In light of that the Court now would likely consider the severity of the restrictions and assess whether they are needed to ensure the protection intended by the State Governments. If the States can show that the restrictions are:

            in place to protect the health of the public;
            appropriate to achieving that purpose without being unduly restrictive; and
            apply only for so long as the crisis persists,
            then it is likely that the High Court will uphold the laws.

            The medical evidence relied upon by the State Governments when the laws were enacted will likely prove critical if the States are to succeed.

    • I'm not sure there's much of a better answer to opening/closing borders, limiting travel makes a huge difference to containing the virus, I think of it as being the same as having watertight bulkheads in a ship, nobody would ever design a ship such that the whole hull could flood. But definitely agree that the biggest gap at the moment is the risk of being locked out of your home state, there does need to be more consistency around how people can get home - even strict arrangements can be workable if people can plan for it, the problem is that nobody has any idea what the policy will be tomorrow

  • Melbourne Fashion Festival https://melbournefashionfestival.com.au/ is on 11-20 March if you're looking for a reason…

  • bring on cheap sydney to byron bay flights.

  • Cheers for the cheap flights! Glad i forgot to book flights on the weekend.

  • Got 41$ one way from Melbourne to sydney on jetstar two days ago, was literally the first price that came up on Google so didn't bother making a post for it 😂

  • Isn’t the Holiday Inn disease-ridden hotel in Melbourne right across the road from the airport terminal?

    • Nope. Directly outside the front of the Airport is the Parkroyal Melbourne Airport (Hotel), a very nice hotel (used to be the Hilton) the Holiday Inn is an old cheap hotel that can't be seen from the front of the airport without walking all the way around behind the Parkroyal and then some (maybe a 10 to 15 min walk).
      If you Google it you'll see what I mean :)

  • Tempted to bite as I have some leave to use but this covid/border situation makes travel a little risky.

  • I mean it's a good price but Jetstar is like consistently $40.

  • Bought the ticket.
    Any recommendation for hotel deal or is Airbnb the best way?

    • Accommodation where Syd or Melb?

      • Melbourne

        • Any hotel that has not hosted quarantine guests may be your best bet. The issue with all hotels is that the air conditioning systems were not designed fo filter viruses and most recycle the air. Unless there is a hepa filter which helps - if one person in the hotel is ill with covid then it can spread through the aircon system. Most epidemiologists recognise that aerosols (floating droplets in the air) can hang around suspended for hours. All you need to do is walk into these droplets and inhale them through breathing normally to be impacted. The aerosols are recycled through aircon systems meaning that the virus is recycled. Ventilation with outside air is important to flush the virus outside.

          With airbnb it may be a better option if you can open windows on a property to ensure airflow, but I am still concerned about those who put cameras in their homes and also how clean they are from a covid perspective and whether they are in a covid hotspot.

  • I'll be happier when they get back to $29 & $19 :)

  • If I booked with an online agency, in this case StudentExchange (part of Flight Centre), would I still be eligible for the free cancellation?

  • Would you need to pay a fare difference if you were to change tickets?

  • News in… Melbourne has plans drawn up for another snap 5 day lockdown. Depends how many cases they get in the next day or two.