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[PC] Command & Conquer Remastered Collection $14.97 @ Steam


This deal is back again. 50% off the price for Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

According to OzB history this might match the cheapest it's been on Steam. Has been slightly cheaper on Fanatical and once was under $10 on Humble Bundle (Origin launcher).

Was A$ 29.95
Now A$14.97

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    Welcome back, Commander!

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      Conscript reporting.

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    Construction complete!

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      Mission accomplished!

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    Kirov reporting…

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    Silos needed

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    I'm a mechanical man

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    Steam you will get the cash in a flash.

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    I played it for a short time. Was only good for some initial sentiment and went down hill

    • yeah - game remakes generally only pique interest for an hour or two.

      Bought THPS1/2 on the XB1

      Played for a few hours and felt times were simpler in 2000 when I spent an embarrassing amount of time accumulating S-K-A-T-E

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    Fight, Win, Prevail

  • That was left handed.

  • Building!

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    Thank you for the new shoes!

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    unable to comply building in progress

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    It's uncanny I can hear all these comments playing in my head lol

  • We build for China

    Wait, wrong game!

  • A Blast from the past but the mechanics is now old.

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    wow, haven't played this in years! and was only thinking about it a few weeks ago. they don't make them like this anymore

  • Sorry if this sounds ignorant but is this good value for $14? Or wait until it gets cheaper down the line.