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[eBay Plus] TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100 Twin Kit $27.20 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay


[eBay Plus] TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100 Twin Kit $27.20 Delivered @ The Good Guys eBay

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  • Good deal, got a couple of these and work flawlessly in Google Home. Use them for turning on the electric blanket in winter.

    • Are yours noisy? I got a 2 a few weeks ago and they are so noisy they're unusable.

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        No, I hear a click when they turn on and off, but that's it

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        Yeps, clicks is what I only hear as well when they activate/deactivate.

        • Thanks mate. Mine are definitely faulty then. I hear the clicks too when activating/deactivating, but there is a constant (loud) static noise emitted from them as well.

          • @bataleon: I had this with a smart power board - I don't know if it's stopped, or the fact that I sleep and work next to it for 18 hours a day has made me immune…

          • @bataleon: Probably caused by a capacitor. I heard some PS5 units are having the same buzzing/whirring sound caused by a capacitor from the power supply.

      • I have the HS110 and its not noisy at all.

    • turning on the electric blanket in winter.

      No concerns about trusting this thing with a appliance that could burn down the house? Seems completely crazy to me.

  • I bought a couple of these a while back when they were on sale at Amazon. In the last few months they've started to reboot themselves randomly when turned off. This causes the power to come on for a split second while that happens, so the lamp will flash and the fan will start spinning, sometimes it happens every 5-10mins. Firmware is all up to date. Went through TP-Link customer help online, they suggested it could be my wifi and having beamforming turned on, until I told them I use TP-Link Deco for wifi… in the end they couldn't help. These are an old model now so I don't think they'll be issuing an update to firmware.

    • Was about to buy until I read this. I too use Tp-Link Deco. It's a pass from me dawg

    • That is odd - I have five of these as well as TP-Link Deco and have not had this issue with any of them (fingers crossed).

    • i had the same problem, but from the aldi ones(they all share same/similar components). so its not usable on devices that needed continues supply of electricity(like tv, fridge, medical devices).. ppl may not realise it because it may not be noticeable.

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    I have a heap of these and vouch they gave been perfect.
    Need to look into the new slimmer model which doesn't take up 2 power points though.

    • I have some of these older ones and also a couple of the newer ones (with the power monitoring). They all seem to work well - no ambient noises, no random power cycles - maybe I got lucky ? I've generally been pretty happy with TP Link products - they are generally good value and seem to be made to a standard well above the generic brands.

      • Absolutely same experience.
        I've seen complaints but I have maybe 6 of these and 3 of the powerboards (3 port) and all have been absolutely flawless.

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    seems like out of stock…."must enter quantity lower than 1"….

  • Better buy HS110. It has power consumption monitoring. It was around $20 few months ago.

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      new slim model at TGG Commerical, @ $22 each free pickup or $8 delivery!

      • 10% Price beat @ Bunnings

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        That's the biggest downside to the HS100 i reckon, the fact that they're so fat

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    A way better option would be

    Does not take up 1 1/2 slots ­čśü

  • These make a lot of noise both on and off.

    • Yes,I have both hs100 and hs110, all high frequency whistle´╝înot suitable for desktop and bedroom.

    • Mine make no noise at all on and off

  • i have hs100 and hs110, highly recommend
    Controlling by google home nest

  • The better HS110 with energy monitor is only $27 at Officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/tp-link-sm...

    But imho you are better off going with the even cheaper plugs that work with Tuya/SmartLife.

  • how much does it cost to keep it plugged in all the time? I can't find it on the TP link tech specs.

  • Does anyone know how accurate these are? I have no proof but I feel that it's undercounting the power draw of my PC with a 3080.

  • These are $33.99 from Amazon for 2 or $19.54 for 1. They have power monitoring capabilities.

  • These are quite wide. Blocks the socket next to it.

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