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[PC] Free - Rage 2 @ Epic Games


Next week’s freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 3am AEDT.

RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter – to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.

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    big if true

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      It is true! Epic..

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    It's true, it's listed on the store for next week.

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    Straight up thought this game was bad, like the first. My opinion anyway.

    • +4

      First was enjoyable, but I can’t say it was good.
      Will try rage 2 in a week.

    • -1


      I get my 'Happy but crazy" Mad Max world from Borderlands…

      • +3

        The actual Mad Max game wasn't bad either, although the scrap collection got tedious and the world is a little bland. Also made by Avalanche as well, so basically Rage with the focus entirely on the car.

    • +1

      I completed it on Game Pass and it was somewhere between OK and meh for me. I probably would have been disappointed if I was looking forward to it and paid money. It's a bit of mindless fun if you are just giving it a go for free.

    • First game felt like a tech demo for id Tech 5 (which was fine in 2011). Showed off the shiny stuff pretty well, wasn't really a very good game. Should have only ever cost $10.

      Second game they handed off expecting some kind of mix of Just Cause 3 and Mad Max, instead got something more like Just Cause 4. Don't understand why they did that at all.

      Something went really wrong at Avalanche over that couple of year period, they're supposedly working on some new AAA game at the moment, hopefully they fix up whatever their issues are.

      • +1

        Agree with all your points. My feelings exactly re mad Max and rage 2, there is nothing "in between" locations. Feels like a boundary between levels rather than a fully explorable world.

        And shooting is average imho.

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    I liked the game over all. It had some issues, but felt some of the areas presented a fairly fast paced and Doom like experience.

    • If those issues were bugs/glitches, then hopefully they are sorted out with updates.

    • I remember playing the first one and thinking it was id’s next big thing. It wasn’t. 7 years sooner it might have been, maybe.

  • underrated game

  • +7

    Don't forget to grab the current free game:

  • +5

    At this point I have never paid for a game on Epic but have more games than I could ever get through.

      • +20

        True like Borderlands, Ark, Civ VI, Jurassic World, GTA 5, Kingdom Come, Star Wars, Subnautica, Torchlight, Overcooked and more.
        Absolute and total thrash and throwaway games!😂😂😂😂

  • +2

    wonder when would that fortnite money would run out epic games?

    • when it does, they'll come out with a new game - weeknite

  • +5

    Nice! add it to the pile of games I'll download but never actually open.

    • Same. Dont think ive played a game on epic yet… but have all the freebies

  • Bought this from EB when it was like… $5 or something but never bothered to install it. Might give it a go though now.

    • Same but still unredeemed in the box. And for Steam, so I am hoping a Steam "preferrer" will buy it for $9.95 (which is what I paid for it when I bought it.) and put his/her money where their mouth is. ;-)

  • Nice, this game made me change from xb1x to pc, might go do another play through tonight

  • won't lie, i was thinking about getting Rage 2 on PS4 back at the EBGames Buy 1, get 1 free Deal a month back. I'll glady accept Free

  • +4

    It's a shit game compared to Rage 1.

  • The only ID game i don't enjoy

    • It isn't id really

  • Nice. The Xbox version still runs at a pretty low res. Wish we got an update.

  • This hasn't gone live yet but the next free game from Prime Gaming is Adventures of Chris.

    Credit to Billbil-kun.

  • +1

    I came here looking for Free Range eggs… dissapoint.

  • +1

    This game can have all the bad reviews you can throw at me,

    ITS FREE!!!!

  • I paid full price for this piece of junk, still angry now.

    But if it was free, then it will be an enjoyable exp.

  • +2

    I’m not sure about this feedback. I loved rage 2 on PS5.

    A Doom style shooter with great weapons and power ups and pretty to look at. I enjoyed more than I’m enjoying borderlands 3 which is similar but less intuitive IMO.

    And for free?! Play and decide for yourself.

  • Won’t let me buy.

    • +2

      Happened to me too, had to restart Epic and it worked second time.

      • Thanks. Worked.

  • RRP $99 now free! And it's from id Software……….hmmm developer of my favourite game Quake series

    Very nice…

    • id should hire back John Romero. And give him someone who knows how to manage him day to day.

  • Here's the link for Absolute Drift - also free right now as mentioned above


  • One day I'll have enough time to do all my free Udemy courses and play all my free Epic Games

  • Jesse Pinkman's favourite game

  • Just tried playing but experiencing terrible mouse lag. I don't have v-sync on and there's no option to change mouse smoothing/acceleration in the menu.

    Is anyone else having this problem? It's unplayable for me as is.

    • Probably need a stable 100+ FPS with vsync off to get good mouse performance, like Source games

      • +1

        Turned out to be that the resolution setting wasn't sticking after a change, leaving it in 1080p while on a 1440p monitor. I didn't notice due to FidelityFX sharpening. I got it to stick to 1440p, turned off FidelityFX and that did the trick.

  • Another AAA game. Nice!

  • My game crashes as soon as I try to launch, have reinstalled twice. Anyone else having this issue?

  • No issues with mine, played 30 mins so far and quite like it. Kinda felt a bit like gears of war in the first few minutes, think I'm hooked.

  • The game was a lot of fun. I got 99% through until a bug that prevents the last mission from triggering properly stopped me from finishing. Thanks Bethesda!

  • Cheers!

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