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Desktop PC with 10700F CPU, RX Gigabyte RTX3070, Z490 MOBO, 16GB 3200MHz RAM $1899 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Awesome deal if you don't mind the colour of the PC case.


CPU: Intel i7-10700F Processor (** +$49 upgrade to 10700K)
Cooler: Deepcool GAMMAXX GT A-RGB CPU Cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490 UD AC ATX Motherboard
Graphic Card: Gigabyte RTX3070 VISION OC 8GB Video Card
Ram: 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz RGB Memory
Stroage Drive: Optional
Case: Fantech CG80 Sakura Edition Computer Case
Fan: 4x 120mm RGB Fan included
Power Supply: 750W 80Plus Gold Modular PSU
Operating System: Optional
WIFI: Built in

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  • +11

    Lol to the case

    • +22

      BPC tech= Big Pink Case

      • +8


    • +4

      I thought it was a doll house

  • +6

    omg that colour……

    • +72

      I know, it's so pretty

  • +2

    if you don't mind the color

    Reminds me of TastyPC.

  • +5

    Waiting patiently for a deal on 3080 …

    • +4

      Hate to break it to you, but 3080's are around $1900 now up from low to mid $1000 a few months ago. They went up $300 in the last two weeks alone.

      • They’ve never been $1000. One retailer (PLE) used to sell one model at $1170 but even people who ordered on launch day still haven’t got them 5 months later.

        • I ordered mine the morning after launch night and got mine in Dec. Only cost me about $1250 or thereabouts from memory.

  • +10

    Now where's that can of black spray paint I used recently…

    • +2

      No need for it if you have an all black desk and gear. Pink would match up well and provide some contrast.

  • Ok a valentine gift for your girlfriend :)

    • +11

      more like for myself

    • +1

      You old romantic victor…. ;)

  • +1

    I think this is one is better though:


    Black case with i7-k

    • +1

      You can even upgrade to 3080 if you've got an additional $750 to burn

    • +1

      That one doesn't have a z490 board though. So you can't utilise the 10700K. Really wish this had more case options because the pink is a bit much.

    • +3

      that only have 'Gigabyte B460M GAMING HD Micro-ATX Motherboard' compared to 'Gigabyte Z490 UD AC ATX Motherboard'. The deal posted can be upgraded to 10700K for $49.

  • +7

    This is my favourite color and most of my set up is pink… I was looking to buy a more intensive PC but this is so tempting!

  • @budgetpc Any chance for case alternatives?

    • +1

      Just got an email reply from them and they won't change the case.

    • +1

      They'd sell a few with black cases, or including an option for a tin of Matt Black paint from Bunnings.

  • +4

    I7K with B460 and I7F with Z490? Whats wrong with these guys?

  • $170 for windows 10 home lol.

  • +1

    Is this better than techfast's AMD ryzen5 3600, rtx3070, b550 mobo, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz ram for approx $1500?

    • +3

      Better CPU, motherboard, cooler and RGBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

      • +3

        Also better colour😋

    • +1

      Tbh I am inclined to say Techfasts one, especially for gaming as it’s better value. This one does seem to have a slightly better cpu and the cpu upgrade also seems almost worth it for future, but than also not.

      Eventually (for gaming) gpu is what matters and they are the same, this one has a nice gigabyte OC version guaranteed which might be attractive.

      It also has a better psu and (in my opinion nicer, more original looking) case so really depends on what you are looking for.

      But I guess Techfasts one is gone, and does this. So maybe a moot point.

  • Still waiting on my Dell 8940 3070

    • Really? I got mine in like 10 days

    • +1

      The deal from Nov/Dec?? If so I got mine just before Xmas.

  • +6

    Wonder how long it took for the trainee that ordered 100 pink cases - to get the sack

  • +8

    when you turn this pc on, there is an audible "hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy" coming from the speakers

  • -3

    omg girls will love this

  • +7

    This will be my new work PC.

    • +1

      You do you and Rock it mate.

  • -1

    I believe that's the base price and you gotta add stuff on top of it. I'm getting it at more than $2k.

    • How are you getting more thank $2k?

      • add a hard drive, update the main drive, change anything really

  • +6

    I would pay extra for this colour.

  • +5

    Glad to see you guys like our new valentine's day series PC :)

  • +2

    if you don't mind the colour of the PC case

    Which gamer doesn't like a pink case?

    • +1

      I'd rock it. So much value to be had.

  • +1

    Am I overlooking where it says what boot drive is included?

  • +2

    I'd rock a pink PC no worries. In fact once I spray painted my PC pink.

  • WiFi?
    Under specifications it says 'In-Build' but looks like the MB doesn't support it…

  • -2

    Plus $15 for a black spray can.

  • +4

    It's not Pink it's Salmon.

  • I’m the 69th person to like this.

  • +3

    Is this D.Va's computer?

  • That case is $89.99 on eBay if you want to build your own …

  • +1

    Oh dear god.. MY EYES!!.. the goggels do NOTHING!!

  • +3

    Fun fact: a hundred years ago, pink was a boys' colour (and blue for girls).

    Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink#Gender

  • +1

    I love how the passive aggressive homophobes post their idea of smart things about gender stereotypes because something is a set COLOUR. They are probably too stupid to know their history that pink was always associated with masculinity for hundreds of years, up until the mid 19th century. You want to hear sheep bleat? Colour something pink and the poor little lambs will not be silenced. Do you hear them Clarice?

    It's just a colour. The majority of times the PC will sit under a desk.. who gives a (profanity) what colour the case is - especially when PC parts are so hard to get a hold of at the moment.

    • -2

      I was just thinking to myself how angry most liberal people are at the world. This is a perfect example. Anger and using some type of 'phobe' word all in one go. You didn't get the trifecta unfortunately as you didn't use an 'ist' word in your rant.

      • -2

        Just thinking? that seems a stretch. Probably mad because of the 10% of the population who are total selfish morons and cannot think for themselves (embrace conformity!! you are all individuals), that wreck things for the majority who don't decide to intentionally act like dicks and just get on with their lives while letting others do the same.

        • +1

          Ouch. What a passionate burn. Waste your life staying angry creating division. I'll be happy enjoying life accepting people / pc cases for who/ what they are (as I do agree with the well masked underlying message of your over the to outburst). Try smiling once in a while.

    • Can you explain why an intelligent person would resort to ad hominems?

      Further, while I agree that a male owning a Pink PC case is not wong intrinsically, I would argue that modern society classes pink as a feminine colour making it holistically wrong.

      • -1

        I would say someone making an ad hominem attack after various posters have made public remarks making masculine/feminine slurs and one user at least having their account disabled for their overt homophobic comment is fair to call out the posts where people have displayed their character flaws openly just to 'fit in with the boys'. If only they had followed up with the gold chestnut of 'it's only a joke!' then that would have made it all ok, correct?

        Saying society views pink as a solely feminine colour is incorrect, let alone saying it is holistically wrong - I think the word you were possibly meaning was 'mostly' or 'mainly' as well as it 'mainly' applying to modern Western society. Holistically is entirely used incorrectly.

        Basing an idea of self (let alone sexuality) on a colour is of such shallowness and insecurity that I cannot comprehend it.. no wait, I can… sports teams and colours and being part of the same (coloured) tribe.

        • +1

          In the context of society, the word holism refers to how a person is shaped not only by his genes, but also by his environment and culture [1]. This means holism is not focused on the individual but instead the social system [2].

          Further, DisabledUser3633 seems to be an outlier because only his account has been disabled. Besides, without actually reading his/her comment we can only assume the comment was homophobic.

          On the topic of sexual discrimination did you just assume other people's genders when you stated they are trying to:

          "fit in with the boys"?

          If so I find that very offensive.

          Lastly, this thread is about a Pink PC Case and not how Storm Fans are Soy Boys.

          https://bit.ly/3tXYJwI [1]
          https://bit.ly/3rSqBk0 [2]

          Further Reading:

          • -1

            @BlameTheCat: Your statement of pink not being for males is still intrinsically incorrect even if the majority gender association for pink by western society has changed in the past 150+ years. Many hospitals and jails utilise pink on ther walls for it's calming properties, pink is often worn by males in positions of power (especially in business) and pink if often seen on males during weddings. By referencing Focault I can see where your Marxist conformity ideals stem from and individualism not being a consideration for moving oneself from the 'class' they were born into.

            The disabled user's comment was most definitely homphobic, hence why it was removed (using the 3 letter word which also means happy).

            On the topic of sexual discrimination and you finding it offensive… As someone with a trans person in our family (or you know.. just a PERSON. The only people who their gender seems to affect is themselves (being happier) and others who don't know them (make some of them angry)) and having heard that insincere reply many times first hand as well as seen online - I find it exceeding difficult to believe you are offended and instead were using that common straw man reply sarcastically. Especially with your follow up post regarding Soy Boys, two unrelated straw man arguments in the one post? Bravo.

            • +1

              @gizmomelb: Before providing my response to your comments, I will state that this will be my last post made to you on this topic.

              Following that announcement, I'll move on by stating that a more predominant use of colour psychology than those you listed is gender marketing.

              In terms of particular relevance to your point is that products marketed to girls tend to be pink while the products marketed to boys tend to be blue.

              This would suggest that pink is a Girl's colour in marketing.

              Now I'll move on to point in which you imply I'm a socialist.

              The problem with socialism is that it is good system until you run out of other people's money.

              Granted, I'm a keynesian so I am more left in my views than some other people.

              Next, I will agree with you that xenophobia and the bigotry towards LGBT people needs to stop. Sadly, this has little to do with this argument.

              Lastly, pointing out straw mans in satire
              is just foolishness.

    • +1

      I personally see the colour pink and think of fairy floss or strawberry icecream but thats just me.

      • I think of kinky boots (is that just me?).

        • I thought they were red, just like sports cars? :)

          • +1

            @gizmomelb: Fluoro pink for me, every time.

      • @Jugganautx Then you have perfectly normal colour association for foodstuffs, which has been well and truly programmed into us by supermarkets and food processors. If we see foods of a certain colour we have an expectation of how they will taste and/or how fresh they are. We have been taught by supermarkets that meat that looks red is fresher (so meat often has red colouring added or is displayed under a red light or on a red background). Fruit and vegetables will often be placed on green. Colours are used on processed food so the buyer has a visual indicator of what the flavour will be (that bag of mixed jellies could easily not have colours added, but a bag of greyish coloured lumps are not visually appealing.. even if they smell delicious). There have been lots of experiments where normal foodstuffs were coloured with edible dyes and then subjects rate the food's look, smell and taste.. even when they all came from the same batch. People were not keen to eat say brown coloured mashed potatoes, or purple peas, or orange spinach.

  • Its $2,199 right now or is there another option?

    • +1

      Yeah seems the price went up again. It's $2199 now

  • was just about to pull the trigger

    any other builds dropping @budgetpc

    • Please link.

    • Hi Matt,

      what kind of build are you looking at :) and whats your budget.

      BPC Sales Team

      • cheers for the response mate

        mid-range gaming, $1800ish. If I have to teach from home again.. I'll need something to pass the time as my old gaming laptop fried itself the other day

        • preferably with a 3070

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