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[NSW] Free Entry to Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney This February (No Booking Required)


I visited the Maritime Museum yesterday using the booked Eventbrite tickets, however found that the tickets weren’t even necessary! The museum is FREE every day for the rest of February!

This includes access to the ships docked outside.


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Australian National Maritime Museum
Australian National Maritime Museum

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  • I'd imagine a lot of people booked and didn't turn up so they decided to make it free and open for all. Good move.

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      The might still refuse you entry if they hit a capacity limit. Not sure if this applies to ticket holders.

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  • Good stuff. Will visit sometime during the week, too many people on weekends.

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    Just called them and yes can confirm you can just turn up, no need to book conline.

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    I think the Onslow (the submarine) will still be closed due to it being a confined space during COVID. The other vessels should be accessible unless closed for maintenance. Best to call before if the vessels are the main reason for visiting. :)

    • Yes submarine is closed unfortunately, 3 ships are open

  • Yea i booked as im going with kids, hate to turn and be turned away if at capacity.

  • Is this place pram friendly?

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      Not too friendly. The indoor areas allows pram with no issue - and there are lift to move between the floors.

      None of the boats allow prams. All boats have very narrow gangway which your pram will never get across.

      Before entering - you will be asked to leave the pram outside the boat (they do have a keeping bay) and depends on which boat - you may be asked to put your bags into the locker area (free - they provide the key).

      Also some of the boats have height limits - kids under 90cm won't be allowed in, and I saw some parents were advised to not carry your kids in (this was on the destroyer where the ship ceiling is quite low, and chance of you hitting your head + your kids on your arm is quite high).

      • Thanks was thinking of taking my son
        Really helps

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    Can personally confirm the OP’s statement. Had exactly same conversation with staff at the museum yesterday. Just show up and free to explore the museum.
    PS: last ship entry is at 3:10 pm. There are 3 of them, come early to see them all. Submarine is closed

  • To someone who has recently been - are weekends crazy crowded?

    • No, not at all.

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      The line was long, but suggest going the back entrance to line up. Otherwise you can get good photos and go through the museum and boats without too much issue. They space enough distance between entry of people on the boats.

  • Good for those families couldn't book weekend ones

  • Went today around 11. Queue was massive. Aborted and took the kids on the ferry instead

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      I guess they have a limit of patrons due to Covid-19. Probably free because of lack of people visiting but now overcrowded due to freebie

    • Crazy, I went there on Saturday afternoon and it was deserted

    • Went on Sat 20 Feb at 2pm and there was only a few people in the queue!

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    Surprised #koalakiller hasn’t replaced it with a block of flats

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    The Australian museum is also currently free, except a couple of paid halls.

    Went yesterday

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      Is the the one on College St opposite Hyde Park? If so, that’s well worth it just to see the regular collection. I went a couple years ago and paid full price for myself and Mrs C, and I still felt it was great value.

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        Yeah that's the one. Our 4yo only wanted to see the dinosaurs so going while free was well worth it.

        A short walk from the domain carpark.

        Also if anyone wants to try Sri Lankan food there is "Lankan filling station" 5 min walk away :)

  • I've booked to go in on Friday (day off work to run errands, figured given I'm in the city I might as well go have a look!). Hopefully it won't be crazy busy given it's a weekday.

  • Anyone can confirm it definitely doesn't require booking because all Weekends are booked out!

    • I believe that the reason the bookings are there is so that the museum can give that extra layer of safety (?) even though NSW hasn't had a new community COVID transmission for some time.

      Like anything on OzBargain though, what tends to be free, people get but sometimes don't turn up* for whatever reason, so there MAY be a buffer for drop-ins. Give the museum a buzz if unsure. :)

    • Can confirm that you definitely do not need a booking. I went on 20/2/21 with no prior booking. Just show up.

      • How long is the queue and do you need to get there much early than its opening time?

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